Can You Take Night Vision Goggles On a Plane? 2024

Night vision goggles have almost the same regulations as binoculars but for international flights some types or high end night vision goggles -especially those used for military purposes- have some restrictions.

Generally you can take night vision goggles on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage in domestic flights, traveling with high end military night vision goggles outside the US is not allowed without a permission.

Keep reading to know more about traveling with night vision goggles in both domestic and international flights.

Let’s dive right in.

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Take Night Vision Goggles Through The TSA Security Checkpoint

The TSA ( transportation security administration ) stated on its website that night vision goggles are permitted through the security checkpoint without any restrictions and you don’t need to take them out from your bag.

They do not consider them as dangerous items.

Here is what they stated on their website.

Even though there are so many different types of Night vision goggles they do not have any technology that may interfere with the airplane system, therefore; they are permitted on most airplanes.

Other types of night vision devices like those that can be attached with a ruffle may raise the eyebrows at the airport security, not because of the items themselves but because some states do not allow hunting using night vision devices. 

Take Night Vision Goggles In Checked Baggage

You can fly with most night vision items in checked luggage.

But if you are traveling with some expensive ones it is better to place them in your carry on bag to minimize the risk of losing them.

Checked baggage is more likely to be missed even if it is not a connecting flight.

Besides losing items, checked baggage may not be handled carefully, so it is better to place your precious goggles inside your carry on if possible.

you can just place your goggles inside your suitcase, add some extra cushion to it and you are good to go.

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Take Night Vision Goggles On International Flights

When you are flying international you don’t only need to consider the airport security rules, you should also know what are the customs regulations of of your destination country.

You can bring night vision goggles on most International flights and to other countries even though most countries do not mention them on their websites.

But I don’t see any reason the goggles will not get permitted as long as yore taking them for personal use.

Just like binoculars you won’t have any problem using them for fun, not for hunting or for any other purposes.

Ergun asked the TSA about taking night vision goggles on his international flight. The TSA customer service replied that night vision goggles are allowed on flights departing from the US in both carry on and checked baggage.

Regular night vision goggles are allowed to be transported within and out of the US, but military devices like night vision and thermal optics are against the US law to take them out of the country unless you have an approved permit from the US state department.

Final Thoughts

If you are bringing personal night vision goggles on both domestic flights, you won’t face any issues. 

You cannot take high end and military night vision devices outside the US without permission.

Consider placing any expensive items inside your carry on bag instead of checked baggage.

If you can find the items in your destination with an affordable price, it is better to travel light and avoid the hassle of the airport security questions.

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