Can You Take Drumsticks On A Plane? 2024

You can take drumsticks on a plane in domestic and International flights but you will need to carefully pack them so they don’t get damaged.

All types of drumsticks (Marching Band Drum Sticks, Brushes, Brooms and Swizzles) are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage, however; they will be subject for additional screening or manual inspection at the security checkpoint.

Some other types that are unusual or large may not be permitted in carry-on if they can be used as weapons or hurt someone.

This article will cover all that you need to know about traveling with drumsticks and how to pack them in both domestic and international flights.

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Drum Sticks Set
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Drumsticks In Carry On Luggage

According to the TSA, drumsticks are allowed through the security checkpoint and in carry-on baggage.

It doesn’t matter what type of drumstick you have or if you are traveling with a set of sticks.

All types of drumsticks are permitted without any restrictions, even though these items will require additional inspections.

Here is what the TSA has to say on its website.

The TSA rules about drumsticks
the TSA Website

Please note that even if an item is allowed on the TSA website the final decision is for the security agent at the security checkpoint to decide whether an item is permitted or not.

I checked Twitter for more information and to find about other items.

Michael wanted to bring these 5a drumsticks on a flight.

ASKTSA answer for traveling with drumsticks
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The TSA customer service replied that drumsticks are allowed in carry-on and checked bags.

Drum pads are also allowed in carry-on baggage.

ASKTSA answer for traveling with drumsticks and drum pad

Bass drum mallets are not specifically prohibited with the TSA but it is preferable if placed in checked baggage, to avoid any inconvenience.

ASKTSA answer for traveling with drum mallets
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Cymbals are also permitted in cabin baggage according to the TSA.

Drumsticks and cymbals
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Drumsticks In Checked Luggage

As we mentioned above, In the United States drumsticks are permitted in carry on and checked baggage. However, the TSA states that they will need additional or physical inspection when going through security.

Even though drumsticks are not quite similar to rolling pins that can be used to harm someone, there is a better chance that the TSA officer will ask you some questions.

Place your drumsticks and any other musical instruments in checked baggage, if you don’t want to get bothered with the TSA or airport security questions.

Final Thoughts on taking drumsticks on a plane.

You can safely pack drumsticks in your carry on or checked bag, most of the time you won’t face any problem.

Careful packing and padding will increase the chance of your drumsticks to survive the flight, especially inside a checked bag.

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