Does TSA Allow Packing Cubes?

So does the TSA allow packing cubes? and are packing cubes banned?

Packing cubes are handy accessories for keeping clothes organized, and they’re a great option for keeping your carry-on items arranged and contained, especially on a small suitcase.

But it is not just about cramming some packing cubes in a suitcase and heading to the airport, there are various things to consider especially the airport security like the TSA, the weight and the size of your bag.

And if you are worried about taking packing cubes through the TSA checkpoint keep reading we have compiled everything you need to know.

In this post I will answer all your questions about packing cubes, if packing cubes are TSA approved, and why they are popular among travelers.

Let’s dive right in.

Are Packing Cubes TSA Approved?

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The TSA does not have any problems when travelers are using packing cubes, in fact the TSA prefers an organized and well packed suitcase, that will help them know what is inside instantly and make the screening process effortless.

The only thing you need to consider is the items inside your packing cubes, how you pack them and if they are allowed in either carry-on or checked luggage.

Also know the items that you have to remove from your bag and place them in a separated bin, so you can make them accessible and easy to reach.

Does The TSA Will Inspect Your Packing Cubes?

Most of the time you don’t need to take out your packing cubes from your suitcase unless the security officer asks you to do so.

But for a smooth and easy screening process it is always better to already know what you have to take out.

It is also preferred to separate those items so you can reach them easily.

Your toiletry bag is the first item that you need to make handy, and when you are at the security checkpoint you will need to remove it from your suitcase and place it in a separate bin for additional screening, also powders that are 12 oz. / 350 ml must be placed in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

Electronics like tablets, small computers, game consoles and cameras (in general any electronics that are larger than a cell phone) must be removed from your carry-on bag also.

Checked luggage are more prone to be opened without your presence if they need to do more inspection, and most of the time the TSA will leave a notice if they opened your bag.

Just make sure that everything is well sealed and packed, the security officers will place back any item they inspected in its original state they found it.

There will be some situations when travelers find their luggage not as they check in it and it is not  handled properly. Even some of their items are damaged, but it does not happen all the time.

Are Packing Cubes Good For Carry-on?

Does TSA allow packing cubes

Most suitcases have roomy compartments, however figuring out how to organize it is the key.

And if you are planning to travel with only a carry-on then how you pack is hugely important.

And most people who use packing cubes or travel organizers , will agree that the best way to keep your suitcase organized, neat and roomy is by using packing cubes.

Here are some of the benefits and the advantages of using packing cubes in both carry-on and checked luggage.

It makes the packing process easy: It is easy to pack your items when you already know where to place each one of them, and if it will fit in a certain cube, when you finish you can rearrange the cubes until you get the right arrangement.

Take more items and save space: using packing cubes will help you take more than you think, because you will be able to fit additional items inside any cube and still maintain its shape.

Avoid wrinkles: You don’t want to wear wrinkled clothes on your journey right!! and if used correctly packing cubes will prevent clothes from getting wrinkled, just make sure that you choose the right packing cubes, so the clothes do not move inside or they are not overstuffed.

Find things easily on the go: if you are at the airport and you need a specific item, you already know where it is located, just reach out to your suitcase, pick the wanted cube and voila, you don’t need to empty all your suitcase in front of the world to find your thing.

Avoid oversized and overweight luggage fees: you don’t need to squeeze your suitcase to zip it when you are using packing cubes,they will already fit perfectly, and they will limit the capacity of the suitcase to avoid any last minute charges at the airport.

Separate your clothes: Another reason why packing cubes is worth it is, they will help you separate your clothes. If you have a sweater or a trouser that you are not motivated to clean until you get to your destination, you can just separate from the rest of your items or clothes.

keep things grouped when the suitcase burst open during transit: it may happened that zippers will cheat us when suitcases are not handled carefully, especially checked luggage, and packing cubes will help keep the items grouped until we receive our suitcase, however it is always better to secure with luggage straps, if you are not that confident about your suitcase zipper.

Can You Take Liquids Inside Packing Cubes?

You are good to place toiletries or any other liquids inside your packing cubes, in both carry-on and checked luggage, however you will need to respect the liquids limits, especially in carry-on luggage.

Only 3.4 oz / 100 ml of liquids are allowed for each container in carry on luggage, in a single quart sized bag.

If you have containers more than 3.4 oz / 100ml you can send them in your checked bag without even worrying about the size limits.

How To use Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes will make your trip much easier, they are easy to use, and if you are using a suitcase then you will need more than one packing cube.

You can fold your clothes and place them inside the cube and then zip them, however; it is better to roll light clothes like t-shirts and sweaters rather than folding them, you will always notice that they consume less space inside the cube.

Heavy pieces like jeans and pants, can be folded neatly, but they should be placed first in the bottom of the cube.

Check out the video for more tips on how to pack and travel with packing cubes.

Final Thoughts

The TSA or any airport security in general do not enforce or have any specific packing requirements, so there will be no issue using packing cubes when going through the security checkpoint.

In fact, the TSA always recommends coming to the airport with a neat and well packed suitcase that can be inspected and screened easily.

So using those pouches will pretty much help do that, they will organize and separate things perfectly, and if you are required to take out certain items from your suitcase, it will be easy to find it.

So yeah that’s all about traveling with packing cubes.

Now I want you to kick off that beautiful trip.

We hope this helps.