How Strict Is Latam Airlines With Carry-on Baggage? 2024

So you are planning to fly with Latam Airlines but you are not sure if they are strict about their luggage policies.

Do not worry because we did a little research about Latam luggage rules.

In general you will need to take a compliant suitcases with Latam Airlines luggage rules, becsaue there is more chance the airline staff will check your luggage size, and if you carry on baggage didn’t meet their size requirements it will end up in the luggage hold.

Keep reading to know more about Latam luggage size and weight restrictions.


How strict is Latam airlines with carry-on baggage on board?

Latam airlines are entitled for one on board its airplanes one personal item.

Promo, Light, Plus or Top fares also include one free carry-on bag.  The Basic fare does not allow carry-on bags (only if you purchase a Latam seat or if you’re a Platinum, Black or Black Signature member). please note that your carry on baggage must fit the standard size and weight baggage allowance for Latam Airlines.

Is Latam strict about carry on weight

  • You can take one carry-on bag with you, free of charge that must fit the overhead bin compartment.
  • The maximum weight
    • Economy: 8 kilos (17 lb)
    • Premium or Premium Business :16 kilos (35 lb)  Nevertheless, if you are flying to or from Brazil, the maximum weight is 10 kilos.
  • The maximum dimensions are 21 in (55 cm) x 13 in (35 cm) x 9 in (25 cm) (height, depth and width), including the pockets, wheels and handle.

Personal item

  • It can be a purse, a laptop bag or a diaper bag.
  • You should place this item under the seat in front of you. Except if your seat is in the first row or an exit row.
  • It’s important that your item always be under your care and responsibility.
  • The maximum dimensions of your personal item are 18 in (45 cm) x 14 in (35 cm) x 8 (20 cm) (height, length and width), including the pockets, wheels, handle, etc.

Additional items you can bring on board free of charge

  • A jacket or coat.
  • A pocket umbrella, but not a parasol or large umbrella.
  • A duty-free bag that complies with maximum size allowance of a personal item.
  • A comfort or entertainment item such as a travel pillow, small waist bag (like a fanny pack), headphones, or reading material.

How strict is Latam airlines with checked baggage


Checked baggage with Latam airlines depends on your route, cabin and fare you chose when purchasing your ticket; you can check different types of baggage in the hold of the airplane for free.

Maximum permitted dimensions and weight per bag:

Allowed weight:

  • Up to 23 kg.

Allowed size:

  • 158 linear cm (length + width + height).

Remember that checked baggage must:

  • Comply with dimension and weight restrictions. 
  • Not contain restricted articles or prohibited items. 
  • Be checked at the Latam check-in counters at the airport. If otherwise, you will be charged an additional fee at the time of boarding.

How strict is Latam airlines with excess baggage?

You can check more luggage with Latam airlines by paying additional fees of excess baggage. but the airline will allow that only if there is space available.

the fees that will apply on your excess baggage depends on whether it is overweight or oversized, the number of additional bags and the baggage allowance on the ticket you purchased.

Latam restricted and prohibited items

Prohibited to be taken in the hold and in the cabin of the aircraft

Animals, plants or their derivatives

With the aim of preventing the introduction of plagues and animal agents carrying diseases, the state institutions restrict the entry of animals, plants, seeds, herbicides and certain foods; these items will not be allowed on board without the proper authorization for importing them and the required health and phytosanitary certification.

Hazardous items/prohibited

In order to ensure the safety of the flight, the following items are prohibited:

  • Flammable liquids
  • Bleach or paint thinners
  • Explosive materials
  • Poisons
  • Acids
  • Compressed gas
  • Electric skateboards (hoverboards, solo wheels, air wheels, mini-segways, balance wheels) powered by lithium-ion batteries.
  • Cigarette lighters, if traveling to or through the United States.

Items not permitted to carry on board?

  • Any type of fire arms (including replicas and toy guns)
  • liquids
  • gels
  • aerosols
  • pepper spray
  • sharp objects, such as: knifes, nail files, nail clippers, shavers, handheld tools or pliers, baseball bats and pool cues. These can only be carried in the airplane hold.


It is better to always respect any airline luggage policies.

Make sure that your luggage do not exceed the airline luggage size or weight, and even if it does ensure that it’s just few inches, that way you can still talk nicely with the airline staff and they will understand the situation.

On the other hand if you want to take more staff with you you can just take a checked bag, and avoid risking your main carry on to be gate checked.

we hope this helps

happy travels

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