How Strict Is Air Austral Baggage Allowance? 2024

So how strict is Air Austral with baggage allowance?

Before start packing your bags or even booking your flight it is important to know what to expect at the airport and how much luggage you can take on Air Austral.

We did a little research about the airline rules and here is what we have found.


How strict is Air Austral with carry on baggage allowance?

Your Air austral carry on baggage allowance depends on your booking ticket with the airline.

Air Austral maximum free hand-baggage allowance plus your personal item must not exceed 10 kg in total.

Cartons and boxes are not considered as “baggage”.

You can travel with:

  • only one carry-on baggage which fits the following requirements :
    • length max. : 55cm
    • height max. : 45cm
    • width max. : 20cm
  • one personal item : laptop-sized bag, handbag or briefcase…

How strict is Air Austral with checked baggage allowance

Air Austral has no importance in the number of pieces you have as checked baggage; only the total weight is what matters( as described in the table bellow). and your free checked baggage will mentioned in your ticket.

Your checked baggage must not exceed the following dimensions : 180 x 80 x 40 cm.

Cabin Maximum weight – kg
Loisirs 25
Confort 35
Club Austral40


flightclasschecked baggage pieces checked baggage weight
Reunion-Paris Loisirs 2 pieces12 kg +13 kg

Luggage tips

  • label your bag outside and inside with your : full name and surname, cell number, plus your address at destination, email
  • Check in as many items as possible in your checked-baggage and keep in your hand-baggage only what you absolutely need for your comfort during the flight;
  • Pack in your hand-baggage the valuable items, important documents, jewels and money : travel documents, keys, cameras,…;
  • Keep medication and medication orders
  • Do not take under your responsibility any baggage of unknown person.

Light fare: Do you need a hold baggage?

if you want t to take more luggage with Air Austral, the hold baggage allowance allows you to buy your first hold baggage under the following conditions :

– 1 piece of baggage up to 25 kg ( that must respect the maximum dimensions )
– Up to 24 hours before flight departure time: 50 euros per leg
– At the airport, day of departure: 70 euros per leg in Air Austral agencies and our call center.

Air Austral Agencies and our Air Austral call center : 0825013012

Free checked baggage allowance on regional flights

CabinMaximum weight – kg
Club Austral40

Flight Saint-Denis< > Rodrigues : 15 kg – due to operational reasons

Tips for your checked baggage

  • please Remove all bag tags from previous flights from your checked-baggage before you travel
  • Label your bag outside and inside with your : full name and surname, cell number, plus your address at destination, email
  • Pack the most things as you can in your checked-baggage and keep the only necessary ones with you for your personal comfort
  • Carry in your checked-baggage your liquids : pack them carefully. These are prohibited items in cabin
  • Lock you check-baggage
  • For safety reasons, declare any dangerous good that you could transport.

At check-in, Air Austral agents will give you one baggage tag receipt per bag : keep it safely.


There i a good chance that the airline will checked your luggage size and weight before boarding the airplane.

So it is recommend to stay with the airline luggage limit and avoid any inconvenience and issues.

We hope this helps

happy travels

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