Is AirBaltic Strict With Hand Luggage? 2024

Like most airlines, AirBaltic has specific policies regarding hand luggage.

These policies are designed to ensure safety of the airplane and passengers, they can sometimes be confusing, and travelers may be unsure of what they can bring on board.

So how strict is AirBaltic with luggage allowance? and what is Airbaltic baggage allowance?

So in this post we look on how strict is AirBaltic with luggage allowance? and what is AirBaltic baggage allowance? in addition on some tips for packing your hand luggage to ensure compliance.

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How strict is AirBaltic with hand luggage allowance?

Airbaltic baggage allowance is very lenient with hand luggage:

for Economy class Guests they are allowed to carry on board the airplane 1 cabin bag with the following dimensions (55x40x23 cm) plus 1 personal item thta must not exceed (30x40x10 cm) for free in total weight of 8 kilograms unless they have upgraded their cabin baggage allowance up to 12 kilograms.  

What is Airbaltic hand luggage Restrictions

  • Each Business class and airBaltic Club VIP passenger is allowed to carry 2 cabin bags (55x40x23 cm each) + 1 personal item (30x40x10 cm) on board.
  • airBaltic Club Executive and VIP members are entitled for Heavy cabin baggage free of charge.
  • Cabin baggage must be stowed under the seat in front of you or in the locker above your seat.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility are allowed to bring auxiliary devices into the aircraft cabin, provided that safety rules are not violated.
  • If you are unsure about the size and/or weight of your cabin baggage, please contact the baggage drop-off desk before going through security. If your cabin baggage is found to exceed the limits, you will be required to check it in for a 60 EUR fee.
  • Extra/oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate or, where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for a fee of 60 EUR.
  • On connecting flights where one flight is operated by another airline, please study the cabin baggage weight and size restrictions of both airlines and follow the strictest policy.
  • If your trip includes a stopover in Riga exceeding 24 hours, the Heavy cabin baggage fee will be applied to each flight separately.
  • Upon a request of an airport agent, passengers are required to place their bag inside the baggage gauge unit to verify the conformity of weight and dimensions. Bag has to completely and smoothly fit into the sizer without the use of force and it’s weight cannot exceed the maximum limits, otherwise the bag has exceeded our baggage allowances and it must be checked in for an additional fee.
  • Personal items are as follows: handbag, laptop bag, tax-free shopping bag, camera bag, umbrella.
  • Please note that personal item (tax-free bag included) is considered as your cabin baggage and its weight combined with your cabin bag cannot exceed the maximum weight limits.
  • All baggage fees are non-refundable.

What is liquids Restrictions on board Airbaltic?

The following restrictions apply to the quantity of liquids:

  • Liquids may only be carried in containers no greater than 100ml;
  • These containers must be brought to the airport contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which itself must not exceed 1 liter in capacity (approximately 20cm x 20cm). The contents of the plastic bag must fit comfortably and the bag must be sealed;
  • Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids. The bag must be presented for examination.

Liquids that cannot be placed inside the re-sealable bag must be packed into checked baggage. Liquids of any amount can still be carried in luggage checked into the aircraft hold.

How strict is AirBaltic with Checked baggage allowance?

Airbaltic have a maximum weight of 20 kg for one piece of checked baggage and the maximum dimensions of the bag are 100x50x80 cm.

BUSINESS class guests are allowed to check in    2 bags with a joint weight of up to 40 kg free of charge.

PREMIUM class guests are allowed to check in 1 bag (max. 20 kg) free of charge.

BASIC – from 19.99 EUR per bag per one way journey while booking tickets on Checked baggage fees can vary depending on the selected route and flight duration.

How much is Airbaltic checked baggage price?

Airbaltic Checked baggage fees per bag per one way journey:

booking tickets on airBaltic website 19.99 EUR / 22.39 USD
travel agencies or airBaltic ticket offices 30 EUR / 33.59 USD
at the airport check-in desk 60 EUR / 67.19 USD
at the gate if the cabin bag is found to exceed the size and/or weight restrictions and has to be checked in 60 EUR / 67.19 USD
ticket via Manage my booking or during online check-in 30 EUR / 33.59 USD

Special Baggage

if you would like to take your guitar with you or any other bulky items the following special baggage allowance applies:

Cellos, guitars, other musical instruments and fragile items Cellos, guitars, other musical instruments and fragile items are accepted for carriage in the cabin if a special ticket has been purchased for their transportation. The items will be placed on the seat next to of you. The maximum weight of each item may not exceed 32 kg and the overall dimensions are limited to:
cello and guitar: 35x50x150 cm (Boeing flights, Airbus A220-300 flights) or 35x40x135 cm (Bombardier Q400 flights);
other items: 43x45x95 cm (Boeing flights, Airbus A220-300 flights) or 42x43x85 cm (Bombardier Q400 flights).
Extra hand luggage

Small fragile items and musical instruments that do not require an extra seat may be allowed on board as extra hand luggage for a fee of 60 EUR when paid via the online payment form or at airport ticket offices, per one way journey. A maximum of 1 extra piece of hand luggage per guest is allowed. The weight of each item may not exceed 8 kg and the overall dimensions are limited to 55x40x23 cm (with the only exception of a musical instrument or sports equipment – the maximum allowed case length is 80 cm). If the dimensions of the musical intsrument or sports equipment exceed 55x40x23 cm, the extra hand luggage fee is charged even if it is the only piece of hand luggage you carry.
Check-in agents reserve the right to limit hand luggage to a minimum even if you have paid for extra hand luggage to be taken on board.
Wheelchair A wheelchair is transported without any additional charge if it is required for the mobility of a guest. airBaltic requires guests to report the use of a wheelchair at least 48 hours before departure.
Get more information in section Physically challenged passengers
Prams If the reservation includes an infant or a child, one fully collapsible pram or stroller, a carrycot or an infant car type seat can be transported free of charge.
Restricted items Before flying airBaltic request its guests to consult the information on Baggage restrictions – transportation of dangerous goods and restricted articles.

Restricted Items

For your safety and safety of all Airbaltic guests; the airline have some restrictions for ceratin items.

please check the table below to know more about some items that you may or may not carry on board ore check in with your baggage .

Items Checked baggage Hand baggage Carrier’s approval required
Portable electronic devices with lithium batteriesyesyesno
Lithium battery-powered e-cigarettesnoyesno
Lithium battery-powered electronic devicesyesyesyes
Smart Luggage with integrated lithium batteries and Electronicsnoyesyes
Spare lithium batteriesnoyesyes
Flammable liquids and solidsnono
Fire lighters, lighter fuel, paints, thinnersno no
Poisons, arsenic, cyanide, weed killer no no
Radioactive materials, acids, corrosives, alkalis, caustic soda no no
Hoverboards, self-balancing single or multi-wheels, mini segways no no
Smoke canisters and smoke cartridges no no
Explosives, ammunition, detonators and related equipment no no
Vehicle fuel system components which have contained fuel no no
Creosote, quicklime, oiled paper no no
Matches no no

please Before you continue with check-in it is necessary to make sure that:

  • No one has interfered with your baggage since you packed it;
  • No one has given anything to you to take on board your flight;
  • You did not pack any sharp or dangerous items in your hand and/or checked baggage.

AirBaltic Baggage Allowance FAQ

What is the standard size of cabin luggage with Airbaltic?

The maximum dimensions of one carry on bag are (55 height x40 lenght x23 cm width).
In addition to the free baggage allowance, each passenger may carry one of the following personal items (max. 30x40x10 cm) on board:
Ladies’ purse;
Laptop bag;
Tax-free shopping bag;
Camera bag;
The total combined weight of the cabin bag and the personal item cannot exceed 8 kg for travellers holding Basic or Premium tickets.

What is the cabin baggage allowance for each guest on Airbaltic flights?

Each passenger (except infants) is allowed:
1 cabin bag and one personal item with a Basic or a Premium ticket.
2 cabin bags and one personal item with a Business ticket or with airBaltic Club VIP membership.

Can I take my guitar as hand luggage with Airbaltic?

Unfortunately No, the dimensions of the guitar exceed the max. dimensions of cabin baggage (55x40x23 cm), so it cannot be carried on board as cabin baggage.
If you wish to transport your guitar in the cabin, you need a special ticket that can be purchased at airBaltic ticket offices tourist agencies, with an adult ticket. The guitar with a ticket booked online will not be accepted for carriage.

What are the dimensions and weight of a checked bag with airbaltic?

each piece of checked baggage must not exceed  20 kg, and the maximum dimensions of the bag are 100x50x80 cm. Please note that the given norms are applicable if all flights in your itinerary are operated by airBaltic.

What if the weight of the checked bag exceeds 20 kg?

If any piece of checked baggage exceeds the weight allowance of 20 kg per bag, the passenger will be charged a 50 EUR heavy baggage fee. This charge is applied per bag not per kg, and it is collected only at airports.
The maximum weight of one checked bag is 32 kg. If your checked baggage exceeds both the number of pieces and the weight allowed, both fees will be applied simultaneously.

What if the dimensions of the checked bag exceed 100x50x80 cm?

If any piece of checked baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions of 100x50x80 cm, a bulky baggage fee in the amount of 60 EUR will be charged per one way journey. This fixed charge is applied to a bag that weighs up to 20 kg.
Bulky baggage that weighs between 21 and 32 kg will incur a 110 EUR charge per bag per one way journey. This fee comprises a 60 EUR bulky baggage fee and a 50 EUR heavy baggage fee.

What if the baggage is lost, delayed or damaged?

Delayed or damaged baggage should be reported immediately after the flight to the Lost&Found office at the airport of arrival. Airbaltic have to know about the delay of your baggage as soon as possible, but no later than 21 days after arrival, and, in case of damaged baggage – no later than 7 days after arrival. If your baggage is not located within 21 days of arrival, please make sure to  file a claim for compensation here.


AirBaltic has a clear hand luggage policy that you need to follow and adhere to.

The AirBaltic do enforce these dimensions and weight, so ensure that you stay within their luggage limits to avoid any inconvenience and issues at the airport.

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