What Is Caribbean Airlines baggage? 2024

Caribbean Airlines is one of the popular budget airlines.

But what abut there luggage allowance, and what is the rules of their about the luggage size an weight.

Keep reading to know everything about Caribbean Airlines baggage allowance policies.


Caribbean Airlines Carry-on luggage?

You are allowed to carry with you on board one carry on bag and one personal item as carry on.

For checked baggage The route ( Domestic or International ) and type of the fare( Economy Non-Flexible, Economy Semi-Flexible, Economy Flexible and Business Class ) you book determines how many complimentary checked bags you will have. 

As a Caribbean airline guest you are entitled to carry on board the air crafts as cabin baggage the following carry on:

  • one (1) carry-on bag
  • one (1) personal item, that can be like:
    • handbag
    • backpack
    • briefcase
    • laptop bag

one (1) carry-on bag and one (1) personal item (such as a handbag, backpack, briefcase OR laptop bag)on all Caribbean Airlines flights

what is Caribbean airlines Lap Infants baggage allowance?

Guests traveling with infants are allowed to carry a collapsible stroller, an infant-carrying basket or an infant car seat in the cabin, subject to space availability. In addition, lap Infants are also allowed one (1) carry-on bag up to 10kg.

What is Caribbean airlines baggage allowance for guests with Special Needs ?

Passengers who require the use of wheelchairs, crutches, walkers or other special equipment will be allowed these mobility aids in addition to carry-on baggage, subject to space availability.

Liquids & Gels

Non-flammable liquids or gels not exceeding 100ml (3.4 ounces) are allowed with your carry-on baggage. Respective containers may not exceed 100ml.

Powders as carry on

Powder-like substances 12oz (350ml) or larger are prohibited in your carry-on baggage. *The following exceptions apply:

  • Medically prescribed powder-like substances for the traveling passenger’s use as evidenced by a copy of the prescription
  • Baby Formula – For use by infants/toddlers traveling with their parent(s)/ guardian(s)
  • Human Remains

*These items 12oz (350ml) or larger maybe transported in your carry-on baggage provided they have not been altered and that the contents are consistent with the container/packaging.

Note: Other approved powder-like substances of any quantity may be placed in checked baggage and transported in the baggage hold area of the aircraft.

Drones as carry on

Passengers may transport drones in their carry-on luggage only (luggage must conform to weight and size allowances).

Note: Passengers should ensure they are familiar with the laws regarding use of drones in the country they are entering.

Caribbean Airlines Checked baggage Allowance

The route and type of fare you book determines how many complimentary checked bags you will receive. 

You checked baggage allowance depends on your booking ticket with Caribbean airlines:

  • Routes: Domestic and International
  • *Fare Types: Economy Non-Flexible, Economy Semi-Flexible, Economy Flexible and Business Class

please make sure that all checked baggage meets our weight and dimension requirements as described in the image bellow.

Caribbean airlines baggage limit and restrictions

Please be advised that there are currently baggage limitations on the following routes:

  • To/from Caracas
  • To/from Grenada and North America (USA and Canada)

What is Caribbean airlines Overweight and Oversized Baggage?

Caribbean airlines may accept baggage in excess of 23kg but less than 32kg subject to space availability.

and the airline may accept baggage in excess of 157cm linear dimensions (L + W + H) but less than 292cm linear dimensions subject to space availability.


  • Overweight and oversized baggage fees do not include other checked bag fees 
  • Bags in excess of 32kg and/or 292cm linear dimensions will not be accepted as checked baggage

Domestic Travel / between Trinidad and Tobago

Caribbean airlines checked baggage fee

Checked BaggageEconomy
1st BagFree
2nd BagTTD 3.00/kg
3rd BagTTD 3.00/kg
4th BagTTD 3.00/kg
Overweight BagTTD 3.00/kg

Caribbean airlines lost baggage and damaged items

If you lost your baggage with Caribbean airlines or has been damaged; please make sure to contact an airline representative before leaving the airport and a Property Irregularity Report will be issued to you. If you have already left the airport, a written claim must be submitted within 7 days of receiving your baggage.

When filing a Baggage Claim, you are required to submit your Property Irregularity Report (PIR), completed Claim Form, Boarding Pass Stubs and Bag Tags. Additionally, please submit clear copies of receipts, invoices and other proofs of purchase.

If your bag is inspected by Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a written notification will be placed inside your baggage. If you think the damage or loss was caused by an inspection, please contact TSA at 866-289-9673 or tsa.gov.


It is better to use a bag that is compliant with the airline luggage size and weight, especilay with budget airlines.

That way you won’t need to worry about the airline gate check in your bag or to pay additional fees.

If you show up to the airport with a lathe bag you may end paying some hefty charges.

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