How Strict Is Aer Lingus With Carry On Luggage? 2024

So what is Aer Lingus baggage allowance? And Is Aer Lingus strict with cabin baggage??

Ready to enjoy your flight with Aer Lingus? but not sure what is included on flag carrier airline of Ireland baggage?

In this detailed guide will cover all about Aer Lingus baggage policies, hand / cabin luggage and checked baggage size and weight, what you can pack and what to avoid.

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aer lingus baggage allowance
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How strict are Aer Lingus with cabin baggage size?

Aer Lingus baggage allow as carry on baggage one carry on bag and one personal item

The carry on bag must not be more than  10 kg and measuring no more than 55 x 40 x 24 cm / 21.5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches.

The carry on bag need to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat set in front of you.

Try not to pack any bulky and heavy items, and your items for your advantage. Packing cubes will help compress your clothes to create more room and maximize your Aer Lingus allowance.

How strict are Aer Lingus with cabin baggage weight?

Aer Lingus is slightly strict about its cabin baggage and the weight of the cabin baggage/ carry on baggage  as they need to not weigh more than 10 kg or your carry on will be gate checked.

However; sometimes you can go slightly above the allowed weight and the airline will not examine the weight of your hand luggage.

If the eight is not a big deal and it doesn’t excessively goes above the allowed weight, you can nicely talk with the airlines agent and will happily let you.

Use some marketing.

Most airlines do not want to lose their clients.



Carry on baggage fees

If your carry on / cabin baggage didn’t meet the Aer Lingus baggage policy sizes or weight; your bag will be checked into the hold and the relevant airport baggage fees will apply and must be paid.

Aer Lingus Checked baggage allowance

Aer Lingus include free checked baggage in all tickets except on short-haul flights (intra-Europe) low fare economy.

Checked baggage fees

Aer Lingus checked baggage depends on if your are traveling peak or off season.

Baggage fees are based per guest, per direction.


Route15kg20kg25kg40kg in 2 bags

Call Center

 15kg20kg25kg40kg in 2 bagsExtra Piece

Note: keep in mind that Aer Lingus didn’t permit to upgrade your checked baggage in the airport, excess baggage fees will be applied above any allowed size or weight.

Find more about checked baggage allowance on Seatguru.

Excess baggage fees

if your baggage exceeds the given size and weight, it will be subject for the Aer Lingus excess baggage policy, and you may need to pay an excess baggage fees; the charge are priced per kilo and depends on your flight route.

excess baggage in Europe cost €10 for an additional kilo and for transatlantic flights, will cost €75 per bag.

Aer Lingus Special Items

Aer Lingus permitted passengers to check in sporting equipment into the aircraft hold; the items that are allowed to check in are limited to one person and must not exceed 23 kg in weight, within Europe, sporting equipment can be carried with a charge of approximately €40 per item each day.

you can take your sporting equipment as part of your free checked baggage if you are flying on a transatlantic flight; but if your checked baggage exceeds Aer Lingus allowance, a fee of €75 will be charged, and this fee concerned only the customers who checked online.

Note :Paying for these items in the airport will be significantly more expensive than online

Aer Lingus musical instruments allowance

musical instruments can be hold as carry on baggage on board unless they are overweight or over-sized, in this case you can check them like sporting equipment.

Aer Lingus baggage allowance prohibited / restricted items

What can you bring on an Aer Lingus flight?

Aer Lingus airlines cares most about your safety including health property and the environment, so the airline provides a full guide of restricted and prohibited goods that are not allowed or those that may need an approval to carry during your flight with Aer Lingus.

Restricted items with Aer Lingus airlines

  • Poison
  • Matches and  Lighters
  • Permitted on person only
  • Flammable  Liquids
  • Ignitable  Gas
  • Incapacitating  Sprays
  • Bleach
  • Explosives
  • Compressed  Gas
  • Acid

Read more about what to not take in checked baggage here.

Aer Lingus delayed/Missed/ Damaged and baggage lost  

Delayed or Missed baggage

what to do if your baggage is delayed or missed

if your bags are delayed or missed please contact the staff at the information desk at your arrivals, or contact the airline using the luggage phone number.

your baggage tag is an important element when missing your bags; your tag number is available in the baggage receipt you were given.

it consist from two letters an six digits e.g TR231987 if you used the Aer Lingus express bag drop you can get your baggage tag here.

Damaged baggage

if your baggage is damaged during your flight with Aer Lingus airlines please contact the desk information at the airport when your arrive or use the baggage phone number.

if it happened you forgot to report your damaged baggage at your arrivals, you must report it to the airline Guest relations department using the post travel enquiry form within seven days of receiving your baggage. 

the airline don’t cover minor damages such as scratching, soiling, stains or dents resulting from normal wear and tear or water damage to non-water-proof luggage.

your report will be assessed by the Airline team and you will receive details for every next step.

you will also receive a property irregularity report reference number.


Before booking your flight with Aer Lingus please make sure that you read carefully the above Aer Lingus baggage allowance and rules, so you won’t be surprised at the airport with any last minute charges.

Usually the airline will perform an overall luggage check for the weight and size on busy flights.

Generally you can bring two pieces as cabin baggage on Aer Lingus, the first piece will be considered as your main carry on bag and the second bag as a personal item.

the first carry on bag need to be 21.5 in x 15.5 in x 9.5 in / 55 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm or less in dimensions and 22/lb 10 kg in weight.

The personal item need to fit under the sear infront of you.

Please note the more you stay within the airline luggage rules, the more your flight will be smooth and stress free.

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