How Strict Is Aer Lingus About Personal Item Size?

So how strict is Aer Lingus about personal item size?

Aer Lingus has two carry-on standard sizes for large aircrafts and for smaller aircrafts ( Operated by Stobart Air).

According to the flag carrier of Ireland, if you want to take all your items on board, you are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item, the carry-on bag or /or the small suitcase must be stored properly in the overhead bin, while the small item must fit under the seat in front of you.

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How strict is aer lingus about personal item

How Strict Is Aer Lingus About Personal Items?

Aer Lingus are a bit strict about its personal tem as it specifies its size limits. However, there are ways to mitigate the risk if you want to take a personal item that is a little bit bigger.

The airline will usually be strict for very busy flights, it may be the case that you also have to check in carry-on even if it’s within the allowed rules at the gate before boarding.

We recommend you pick a compliant carry on and personal item, which will fit the airline size limits and regulations.

What Is Aer Lingus’ Cabin Baggage Policy?

Aer Lingus size and weight of the Main cabin baggage policy for international flights is as follows:

Maximum weight: 10kg (22lb)

Maximum Size;

  • Height 55cm (21.5″)
  • Width 40cm (15.5″)
  • Depth 24cm (9.5″)

When flying on regional flights (operated by Stobart Air) your main bag size and weight will be as follows:

Maximum weight: 7kg (15lb)

Maximum Size;

  • Height 48cm (18.5″)
  • Width 33cm (13″)
  • Depth 20cm (8″)

You must be able to place your own carry-on baggage into the overhead locker without assistance.

Sometimes the airline will have to check your carry-on baggage into the hold due to stowage space limitations.

How Strict Is Aer Lingus About Personal Item Size And Weight?

As stated in the Aer Lingus official website , the airline allows one personal item for all passengers in addition to their carry-on bag.

the size and weight of the personal item for international flights as well as Regional flights is as follows:

Personal itemMaximum SizeWeight
Small handbag, laptop bag, baby changing bagHeight 25cm (10″)
Width 33cm (13″)
Depth 20cm (8″)
Not specified

There is no weight limit for your personal item but it must be light, however, it’s rare for airlines to examine the weight of your personal items.

As long as your personal item is easily stored underneath the seat in front of you, you shouldn’t have any issues.

how strict is aer lingus about personal item
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Aer Lingus Cabin Baggage Liquids

Aer Lingus allows Liquids in containers of 100ml or less packed in a single, transparent, resealable 1-liter plastic bag.

Medicines and special dietary products e.g. baby food are allowed in reasonable quantities.

All other liquids must be placed in your checked (hold) luggage.

You can purchase other items in the airport, but they have to be a sealed security bag; The item and the receipt must remain sealed inside the security bag provided at the time of purchase.

My Personal Item Isis Slightly Overweight, Should I Risk It?

If your cabin baggage or personal item is oversized and/or overweight, it will be checked into the hold and the relevant airport baggage fees will apply and must be paid.

This is a bit more feasible.

but it won’t happen all the time.

Besides, it’s rare for hand luggage to be weighed before you go through the gate.

There’s no guarantee your personal item will be checked for weight, but in our experience, this would happen if your baggage looks so large.

What Will Happen If I Got Caught With Oversized Or Overweight Luggage?

As described above, if you get caught you may have to pay for oversized baggage fees.

If your baggage is overweight at the airport, you will be forced to pay excess baggage fees. These fees are priced per kilo and depend on your route. Excess baggage within Europe will cost €10 per extra kilo and for transatlantic flights, will cost €75 per bag.

Best Hand Luggage For Aer Lingus Flights

The best way to avoid any hassle at the airport, or at the gate is to invest in a good suitcase or personal item that fits perfectly the airline luggage allowance.

This carry on bags on amazon they will take all your items, and they will ease and make your boarding process smooth.

Is A Backpack A Personal Item Aer Lingus?

Yes, a backpack can be a personal item if it is within the allowed size Height 25cm (10″) , Width 33cm (13″), Depth 20cm (8″), because there is limited space under the seat of the airplanes.

Takeaway: How Strict Is Aer Lingus About Personal Items?

You never know what will happen with your personal item until you show up at the airport, thus we recommend you respect the airlines carry on and personal item policy.

Sometimes it is fine, if your baggage is slightly big, but find a compatible bag or personal item that will make your flight smooth and comfortable.

However, if you want to take the risk and take more on Aer lingus, make sure to take a soft sided bag that can be padded and have more room to take all our belongings.

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