14 Incredible Exotic Caribbean Islands Everyone Should Visit

So what is these exotic Caribbean islands?

Incredible, enchanting and exotic; this Caribbean islands!!

Caribbean islands are without a shadow of doubt among the top spellbinding and glamorous getaways in all over the world.

Imagine setting in front of the long blitz ocean lying in the white sunny sand while the waves are crawling steadily under your feet; Meantime, enjoying a Caribbean Rum Punch, a Mojito or a Daiquiri, and by night dancing with a mix of Caribbean summer music under the clear open sky.

You’ve probably experienced all this beaming feelings or you are looking forward to explore some of the hidden sides of these exotic Caribbean islands.

Now let us take a look at some of the best and exotic Caribbean islands that will dazzle you, and everybody should visit them.



Jamaica classified among our top Exotic Caribbean islands because of its white sandy beaches, and the intense green jungles.

Jamaica has more to offer; we still have a bunch of question to answer and exotic ideas to experience in the island.

Unique Things

A bunch of exotic things to experience in Jamaica, but this two things considered as a must do in the island:

  • Day beach from Ocho Rios: start your trip in Jamaica with this spellbinding beach excursion; in addition of travelling beside the  River Falls, going through the rain forest and trek in the top 100 foot traced waterfall.
  • Negril nightlife: most visitors tend to visit Negril because of its nightlife, the reggae music; furthermore Negril lighthouse which has a popular sound and a point of tourists attraction in the area.

2.Turks and Caicos

#Turks and Caicos

If you are a fan of stunning and breathtaking beaches, Turks and Caicos Island is your home.

The island consists of a large number of islets; many of them are just more than sand banks or tough pieces of rocks that rise above the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Unique Things

However, the number of activities that one should explore in the exotic island are infinity; but just try some of them are must do.

Experience night scuba diving in the Turks and    Caicos while everybody else is sleeping.

Night diving in the island is a stunning opportunity to experience diving in the core of   Caribbean ocean, and enjoy the light under water but it the light really depends on your dive light.  

also, Lay down  in one of the most spellbinding beach in the world, Grace Bay Beach, it is ranked number on the top of the luxury beaches in the globe.

You can experience it all in this beach; it is protected with a barrier of reef system, soft white sand and clear water.

You can’t feel the bay if your feet doesn’t touch its shores and the breeze of its harmonious waves.

3. St. Lucia

# St. Lucia

St. Lucia is among the best and mesmerizing Caribbean islands.

The island offers a variety of attractions where you can relish, Bubbling volcanic Springs, mud pools, and  national parks the island is recognized also with  its  Toothsome gastronomy and  exotic restaurants.

Unique Things

Besides the stunning beaches, snorkeling in crystal water, The island is known more with its rich wildlife; if you are a fun of national parks , walking tours and birds watching head to Saint Lucia.  

Grab your camera and head to the north of Saint Lucia, the wildlife and the ecosystem in the area are just amazing.

leopards, elephants, buffalo and water buck, all some adorable species that exists in bank of the river.



Cuba is another exotic island with a massive wide of breathtaking sceneries; In addition of the stunning nature and views, white sand beaches, turquoise waters and green palm trees, the paradise offers also a bunch of fun activities that you can enjoy such as carnivals.

Unique Things

Celebrate the most popular carnival in the island, Carnival of Santiago de Cuba with a traditional celebration, colorful explosions, drum rhythms and dancing.

What is most characterizes the festival are the congas –music groups within Cuban comparsas and the music they play that full the city with their melodic rhythms.

In addition; Parandas de Remedies is another famous festival in Cuba.

The festival is the oldest  in the city of Santa Clara; you can celebrate almost all the night of the Christmas eve with The groups of musician which are competing against each others in a traditional rivalry, with their music, sons, dance, float display and fireworks.

To get the better view for the festival it is advised to go watching on from the roof terrace of a house.

5. Antigua and Barbuda

#Antigua and Barbuda

if you are looking for a place to get lost and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, Antigua and Barbuda is the right place.

  The two separated islands nestled in the midst of the Caribbean ocean and they are the main destination of a large number of tourists all the year around.

Unique Things

there are numerous things in the island to enjoy, I addition of stunning beaches and sunny weather.

Antigua offers one of the best views in the island, which is Shirley Heights-a restored military lookout and gun battery-.

The place has a spellbinding view of Falmouth Harbors, and the ideal time to enjoy the view is during the sunset or the early morning when the English Harbor is all lit up.

The two iconic islands are not onkly known with their fabulous beachesb and stunning water.

The islands have many beachfront coffees and restaurants with a blend of local and international food.

If you are a foodie” like me ” you will find a variety of interesting plates, so you will be confused which one to start with.



Nassau the capital of Bahamas known as the paradise island; another amazing island; however, the massive throng of visitors the island receives all the year around.

Unique Things

Uncountable activities to enjoy in the island, and Among  them  is banana boat rides beside snorkeling gear, river tube floats, hobbies cats, canoeing and kayaks.

You can rent any of these activities and relish yourself.

Besides the waters sports, white sand beaches, nightlife, hotels, restaurants etc… the island has also some historic sites that attracts people from different areas.

Adelaide has a big part of the story with a small community and quietly narrow streets in the southern of the New Providence.

 The heritage is a remnant of an era when the residents build   huts out of limestone or wood with thatched roofs from palmetto leaves.

7.Montego Bay

#Montego Bay

A resort and exotic Island located in the shores of Jamaica; however we mention Jamaica but this island has its unique beauty and some of the best beaches in the world.

Unique Things

 If you are planning to visit the island in the summer, you are making a great decision, a bunch of fun things to enjoy during summer in the iconic island.

Water sports as you know are necessary things to do in Caribbean island.

From sailing to snorkeling to scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and much more.

“Go big or go home “

Go for a big sailing in the spellbinding North Coast of Jamaica tracking the blue marin, white marlin, Sailfish, wahoo, king fish, dolphins or yellow Fin tuna.

subsequently; Swim also with dolphins near of the negril city, live the thrilling experience and get to know more about these lovely mammals.



Guadalupe is among the islands that has unbounded abundance , from the sandy beaches, spellbinding waterfalls and nebulous mountains; the island is an active destination for those who are seeking placidity.

Unique Things

There are a plethora things to see in the islands in addition of the astonishing beaches and clear water such as the colonial building, or shop at Marché Saint-Antoine, discover the story of the city by visiting St-Piére and St-Paul Cathedral, the Saint John Perse museum.

 Explore also the traditional music and dance  of the island known as “Gwoka”.



Grenada is an astonishing country consisted from plus than other six small islands.

The island known with its unspoilt landscapes, beaches and romantic spots.

Unique Things

You can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Grand Anse beach, trekking through the rain forest of Seven sisters waterfalls.

Chocolate festival is also an annual event-between May 31 st and 7th June – which the island known for.

The island celebrates all the sweet, savory and satisfying things that the chocolate have.

  The festival activities includes: tours and explore the cocoa farms to know more about cocoa and be a farmer for a day learning how the chocolate are molded.



Tobago located just about 35 kilometers northeast of the mainland of Trinidad and southern of Grenada.

The island known with its turquoise waters, gorgeous sunsets and vibrant wildlife.

The island is an active escape for those who are seeking serenity and rejoice.

  Many spots deserve to be visited such as Bon accord Lagoon, surrounded with lifelike mangrove, which serves as the home of a large variety of species of birds.

Meanwhile the lagoon has a hand in keeping the wildlife flourish, Including fishes, conch snails, crabs and oysters.

11.St Vincent and the Grenadines

 St Vincent and the Grenadines
#St Vincent and the Grenadines

SAINT Vincent and the Grenadines also Known as Saint Vincent, an attractive group of islands located in the southern of Windward Islands.

It consist from about 32 small islands and cays; nine of them are inhabited.

Just the name of the Island evokes that there are exotic and a plethora activities to enjoy.

Unique Things

Spend a week sailing in the amazing Caribbean sea, cruise through the beautiful ocean of  Tobago Cays and aboard of some of  some stunning and luxury boats of the island.

Enjoy a spellbinding and extensive water sport activities in the exotic island such as snorkeling with colorful and beautiful species of fishes.

12.Saint Kitts and Nevis

#Saint Kitts and Nevis

     Saint Kitts and Nevis another spellbinding Caribbean island, Saint Kitts is small enough to see in a day and big enough to explore for a lifetime.

Unique Things

   A bunch of things to enjoy in the mesmerize island Saint Kitts some of the best beaches in the world, each with its unique beauty and allure.

The spellbinding beaches of south frigate and South Friars bay offering some of thrilling water sports that you can adore

BANANA BAY, DIEPPE BAY BEACH, COCKLESHELL BAY are among the spectacular beaches that you will enjoy to the fullest.

You can lounge under the swaying coconut trees and live the placidity of the exotic island.

 Alternatively, take a brisk swim in addition of some exhilarating water sports such as body surfing.



Belize is a curious place with small isles and abundance nature that really deserve s to explore.

 If your heart yearns for some serenity and live for few days in a quiet atmosphere; this island is yours.

Unique Things

The island has them all, from luxury hotels spellbinding beaches, and water sports.

Scuba diving is the most popular activity in the exotic Caribbean island; the Blue hole of Belize a site, which attracts scuba divers from the whole world.

The extraordinary sinkhole is a vibrant place landed up over 300 meters in the Caribbean ocean.

If you choose to go further, try caving in the island, it ranged from easy walks to challenging hiking.

The caves are home of extensive and sorts of stalactite and stalagmite in addition of pottery shards.

14. Punta Cana

#Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a blessing island where the Atlantic meets with the Caribbean.

An amazing isle for relaxation near the beach sides, especially for couples and families who desire to escape from the regular hustle and bustle of the city.

Unique Things

The island has much to offer, you can golf in one of the most extensive courses (Cabeza De Toro Golf Club) and (Corales Golf Club) in the island besides having an escape in the luxurious marinas and fine dining.