13 best restaurants st Lucia, With breathtaking views

Dining at one of these best restaurants in st Lucia will completely change your perspective on food.

Saint Lucia is and always has been one of the mesmerizing tropical islands and  a world’s top tourist destination; bursting with amazing beaches with gilded white sand  and serene blue sea. But It’s not only about the island beaches and sceneries, saint Lucia happen to be really good at food as well.

Of course it would be impossible to take everything the island has to offer in one visit, but if your heart yearns  to try some delectable Caribbean food or discover new delicious plates; here are some of the best restaurant in saint Lucia where you can find them.


Apsara -dinner-view

Location: 1 Anse Chastanet Road, Soufriere, St. Lucia

The hotel located in front of the sea, you can enjoy your meal while feeling the waves and humid sea air. authentic interior with an airy timeless space.

The hotel has a serene atmosphere, and a perfect choice for a fine dining experience especially for couples.

They have a wide menu to choose from, with a mix of Indian and Caribbean cuisine.

Jade Mountain Club

best restaurants st Lucia-best_restaurants_st_Lucia

Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Jade Mountain Club

place yourself in an offline mode in this resort, and get engaged with the nature. The Resort is an icon near it sister Anse chastnet resort, Jade Mountain club has a spacious rooms with extravagant living area.

There  is no television, radio, air conditioning, or clocks in the resorts, there is only pieces of nature that you can enjoy.

They serve a variety of Caribbean and seafood.

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The Pink Plantation House


Location: The Morne Fortune | Chef Harry Drive, Castries, St. Lucia

The House sets in a beautiful greenery place and one of the rated restaurants in castries st lucia, with wonderful views over the town and the harbor, surrounded by colorful flowers and trees.

They serve delicious Caribbean local food made with lovely touch. and you can having your dinner while looking at the mesmerizing gardens.

“On entering the Pink Plantation, I was truly stunned by the amazing pictures and artifacts, which accompanied the plantation. There were giants pots which were used to crush cocoa seeds and sugar cane for its extracts and weird looking trees such as the royal Palms, red Banana and unthinkable and yet unbearable coffee tree. There was French shed, which still stands to this day, and some pictures of an early African American family who at the time did not wear any shoes. The amazing thing was at the side of the plantation there was a breathtaking view of Martinique and beautiful Ocean.”

Brandon Charlemagne

Masala Bay sat Lucia

best restaurants st Lucia-Masala-Bay-sat-Lucia

Location:Marina Village at Capella Marigot Bay | Marina Village, Marigot Bay, St. LThe Jadeucia

 A restaurant with reasonable price Located at cappella resort with a beautiful waterfront.


The restaurant has a new atmosphere and still keeping his new architecture, and a place where to taste a variety of authentic Indian and Chinese dishes.

Salt Rush Cafe

Salt-Rush -Cafe
#Salt-Rush -Cafe

Location: Laborie WaterFront | 100 Yards North of The Jetty, Laborie, St. Lucia

Areal deal where to enjoy your lunch, the place combined a Restaurant and café in front of the beach.

You will enjoy the picturesque spot where the restaurant located.

They serve Caribbean, café and seafood.

The Beacon Restaurant

best restaurants st Lucia-The-Beacon-Restaurant

Location: West Coast Rd | Colombette, Soufriere, St. Lucia

If you are looking for the best restaurant in st Lucia then you must visit Beacon.

Located in the top of the mountains, which grant a breathtaking and panoramic view.

also very clean and well decorated restaurant and they offer a variety of traditional St Lucian food -chicken curry, tuna pasta, lentils, brown rice, fish, green bananas (green figs) in garlic sauce, fried plantain etc..

Big Chef Steakhouse


Location: Reduit Drive | Rodney Bay, Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Big Chef Steakhouse Is An authentic restaurant with an age of more than 20 years.

The restaurant have a reach menu with a variety of Caribbean and international food.

  fish and seafood also are among  the main menu of the cuisine.

Martha’s Tables

best restaurants st Lucia-Martha's-Tables
#Martha’s Tables

Malgretoute | Jalousie Road, Soufriere, St. Lucia

Another restaurant for having lunch; with delicious and heartwarming food.

Authentic and delicious food with  A fine expression of the best St. Lucia’s Creole cuisine.

Bamboo Restaurant


Location: Etangs Soufriere | St.Lucia, Soufriere 250, St. Lucia

The bamboo Restaurant inside Fond Doux Plantation & Resort in st Lucia offers up sumptuous Caribbean and international cuisine in beautiful, tropical environs.

Set in middle of lush green gardens, you can have your dinner while enjoying the magical tropical ambiance.

The food  is a mix of great Caribbean flavors.

Spice of India

best restaurants st Lucia-Spice-of-India

 Bay Walk Mall, Rodney Bay 01758, St. Lucia

Spice of India, Rated among the best restaurants of st Lucia; this restaurant has a very amazing and astonishing amenities.


Chef Adil makes effort to prepare some of the best and elegant Indian recipes to satisfy the palates of his patrons.

Elena’s Cafe Italiano and Pizzeria Italiana

best restaurants st Lucia-Elena's Cafe Italiano and Pizzeria Italiana
#Elena’s Cafe Italiano and Pizzeria Italiana

Location:Rodney Bay Marina, Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Want to try some descent Italian pizza and your feet near of water this restaurant is the perfect place to do it.

Elena's Cafe Italiano and Pizzeria Italiana
Elena’s Pizzeria Italiana

Elena Rastelli—the owner- developed the restaurant and stand behind making some of the best Italian food in the Island.

Positano Santa Lucia

Positano Santa Lucia
#Positano Santa Lucia

 | Location: Harbor Club, Rodney Bay LC01 101, St. Lucia

The restaurant has a breathtaking view over the marina.

Dinner in this iconic restaurant will be an amazing experience especially witnessing the sunset.

Positano Santa Lucia
Positano Santa Lucia

They serve some special fascinating fusion of delicious Italian food with pure Mediterranean quality ingredients.

Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat

Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat
#Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat

Location: Rabot Estate, Soufriere 312, St. Lucia

Boucan restaurant considered among the best and rated restaurants in the paradise island of Saint Lucia, above the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea.

The place is quiet and an outstanding place for an escape of your daily routine.

Boucan Restaurant & Bar by Hotel Chocolat
#Boucan Restaurant dish

The restaurant has an amazing and authentic local Caribbean cuisine, in addition of a set of European and international delicious recipes.

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all right, so this is our list of the 13 best restaurants in st Lucia , we hope that you enjoy them; we’ll keep updating this list every moment we discover a new restaurant or our readers suggested a new one.