Can You Bring Dumbbells On A Plane ? 2024

Hand weights or Dumbbells come in a plenty of different shapes and weights. They are useful when you travel and there is no access to your favorite gym and equipment, but how to travel with dumbbells?

Generally you can fly with dumbbells, kettlebells or weight plates on planes, even though the TSA and most airport securities do not mention them on their list, but it is better to transport them in checked baggage due to their weight and shape that can be used to harm someone.

Keep reading if you want to know more about traveling with dumbbells and other weights on planes in both domestic and International flights.

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The TSA Dumbbells

The TSA didn’t specify anything about dumbbells on its website.

Even though they mentioned that any item that can be used as a potential weapon should be transported in checked baggage.

Taking large metal dumbbells through the security checkpoint won’t be accepted most of the time, and if the security agent sees them as a safety threat it you will be required to transfer them to your checked baggage.

On the other hand taking refillable dumbbells like these beautiful water adjustable dumbbells (Amazon Link) is accepted and you don’t need to worry about them as long as they are free from any liquids.

Here is an answer from the TSA on Twitter.

Amanda wanted to bring her 2 lbs dumbbells in her carry on bag.

The TSA recommended to send dumbbells in checked baggage, even though they are not mentioned in their listed items, the security officer has the authority to not accept them because of their weight and shape.

the TSA answer on taking dumbbells in carry on

Another thing to consider is the airline carry-on weight and size limits.

Even though most airlines do not specify a clear carry-on weight ( but usually under 22 lbs / 10 kg) if the bag is heavy it won’t be accepted as hand luggage.

Placing dumbbells and other equipment inside your bag will add some significant extra weight.

If you find out that you can’t take your dumbbells or other weights with you on your flight because of the airline restricted rules, still you can stay on shape while you are on your adventure, here is some of the exercises to try from nerd fitness.

Take Dumbbells In Checked Baggage

Dumbbells are good to bring in checked baggage.

As the TSA customer service replied Jennifer.

the TSA answer on taking dumbbells in checked baggage

Since dumbbells are allowed on airlines baggage holds, It is a good idea to pack them along with any other heavy items in checked baggage.

This applies to any large workout equipment, just ensure that they are secured and protected properly so they don’t damage your other belongings.

If the dumbbells are refillable with other granular materials it is better to empty them, to save some extra space and weight inside your bag.

Checked baggage is always larger and gives you more opportunity to bring more items but you don’t want to pay those sneaky extra fees for the airline.

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Travel With Dumbbells On International Flights

Most airlines do not bring up dumbbells on their website.

But items like Dumbbells, kettlebells and similar items are permitted on most international flights in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Yet it is preferable to transport them in checked baggage.

Dumbbells are considered somewhat dangerous items because of their shapes and the sticks.

They can also be used to knock someone in the head.

Final Thoughts

Generally dumbbells are allowed in both carry-on and checked baggage in both domestic and International flights.

But as most airlines and the TSA do not specify them on their lists it is preferable to transport them in checked baggage.

Some types of Dumbbells are often considered to be dangerous items (mainly in the US) as they can be used to hurt someone.

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