Can I Take A Mirror On A Plane ? 2024

As the TSA reported on its website there are no restrictions on taking mirrors in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Any type of mirror is permitted on board as long as it fits the airline luggage limits and it doesn’t have any sharp objects ( example: a mirror with a sharp handle that can be used as a weapon).

So you are definitely allowed to bring any type of mirrors on planes as long as it is within the airline size and weight limits.

But mirror are fragile and more prone to be broken, you will need to take some precautions.

Keep reading because in this post we will cover everything you need to know about traveling with mirrors the right way in both domestic and international flights.

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Take Mirrors Through The Security Checkpoint

Whether it is a regular or makeup mirror you are good to take it through the security checkpoint and in hand luggage.

The TSA permitted mirrors and they don’t have any special restrictions on them.

But as the TSA and any airport security will always claim, the final decision rests for the security officer to decide wether an item is allowed or not.

Here is what the TSA stated on its website.

the TSA approve mirrors in carry on and checked bags

Concerning airlines different luggage regulations, a large mirror ( like a large bathroom mirror ), most of the time will have hard time taking it on board if it does not fit inside your bag or under the seat in front of you on certain airlines, and you will probably need to send on hold ( checked ) bag.

Large mirrors will need to fit under the seat in-front of you or in the overhead bin, you will need to make sure if your mirror will be counted as part of your carry on.

So it is better to check your airline luggage rules.

I would recommend placing a small mirror in the middle of your bag ( even when traveling with several pieces), completely surrounded by clothing and other items ( be aware that your suitcase could be dropped even on board the airplane), rather than taking it separately, it will help you avoid the security officer questions and the hassle of the airport.

Karina asked if she could bring her small mirror in carry-on bags.

AskTSA reply on taking a mirror in carry on bags

Even LED and rechargeable mirrors are OK to bring.

Take A Mirror In Checked Baggage

It is better to avoid taking mirrors, glass and fragile items in general in checked baggage as much as possible.

Even though if you do you will need to do some hard work.

I don’t think your mirror will make it to its final destination unless you did some really advanced packaging and cushion.

Most of the time , the airport and luggage handle will not handle your bag carefully so it is better to keep your mirror in your carry-on as you have direct control of it.

Final Thoughts

Generally you can bring any type of mirrors on a plane as long as it is within your airline size limits.

Small mirrors like makeup or bathroom mirrors do not have any safety issues on board the airplane.

It is better to avoid taking them in checked baggage especially if it is a special gift or a high value mirror.

We hope this helps.

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