Can You Wear Sandals & Flip Flops On a Plane?

While summertime is on the corner, it is easy to slip on your sandals or flip flops and run to the airport; or you just feel relaxed traveling with your sandals to avoid the security nagging, but can you wear sandals and flip flops on a plane? or it’s best to leave them in your carry on or check baggage?

Generally you can wear sandals and flip-flops on planes, and through the security checkpoint without any issues.

Let’s look into it in more details.

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Are Flip-Flops Allowed On Airplanes?

Yes Flip Flops and sandals are allowed on airplanes, in fact some travelers prefer to wear Flip-Flops through the security checkpoint so they don’t have to take off their shoes.

Sandals or flip flops are easy to remove. That is the big reason why some travelers wear them when traveling.

Though, it may sound like a good idea.

But it may not in some cases, because it is not recommended wearing flip flops or sandals on flights especially on long flights in case of an emergency , but if you decided  wearing them anyways, make certain to take a backup shoe in your carry-on luggage, airplanes temperature sometimes is low and you may change your mind, slip on sneakers are just perfect and practical on flights.

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Also in case you are late, flip flops may not be the most convenient when catching your last minute flight.

So, to assist you be more informed of what to wear on a plane, and if flip flops and sandals are OK to wear in planes, we put together this article  responding to all your questions about traveling with sandals.

Do You Have To Take Your Sandals Off At The Airport?

Yes, you will have to take off your shoes if you’re asked. Sometimes you will be asked to remove shoes in order for your shoe to be X-rayed.

If you are traveling within the US, the TSA will ask you to remove your shoes or sandals when going through the screening machine.

If you are a TSA PreCheck member, you will not be required to remove your sandals or shoes during the screening process, also your belt and light jacket.

Also passengers 75 and older do not remove their shoes or sandals until there is an alarm.

Is It Weird To Wear Flip-Flops Or Sandals On A Plane?

No, it is not bad to wear flip flops on a plane you can wear anything you want, flip flops are not weird, it’s just some experts do not recommend them when traveling, it is better to wear shoes or sandals or something that cover your feet, the airplane cabin can be cold or in case of an emergency flip flops won’t help move quickly or as you want.

On the other hand, sandals are associated with holiday fashion, they are lightweight, practical and extremely comfortable.

So as long as you are comfortable with your sandals, slides, open toed shoes, or flip flops you can wear them on any plane.

Wearing sandals or flip flops on a plane is largely a matter of a personal preference.

What Kind Of Shoes Should I Wear On A Plane?

You don’t want your feet to freeze or to hurt because you don’t bring the suitable shoes on your flight, and according to a flight attendant you need to wear something that’s comfortable inside but at the same time light, and if you choose to wear your flip tops at the airport, ensure to take a pair of shoes inside your carry on luggage.

Here are our picks (From Amazon) on the best shoes to wear on a plane.

  • Slip-on Shoe : slip-on as we mentioned above are the best choice when you are looking for something comfortable, slip-on shoes are flexible and easy to wear and remove. Plus, you can wear them with almost any outfit.
  • Loafers: Stylish more than casual slip on. They’re also practical – easy to slip to wear and remove also if you want your feet to rest , in addition they won’t fly on your feet when you are in a rush.
  • Women’s Flats: Nothing beats women’s flats they are considered the best kind of shoes to wear on a plane especially in summer time. They are light, easy to wear and comfy, you can wear them on long flights easy to remove at the security checkpoint, additionally they come in a wide range f of models and colors you can choose from.

Features To Look For When Choosing Your Shoes

If you are looking for some key features to look for when selecting a shoe to wear during your upcoming flight here is what to look at.

  • Comfortable: the most important is that you want to have a comfortable flight, pick shoes that are comfortable in your fit, wearing a tight shoe can make your feet uncomfortable. injure your toes and pain produces in the heel .
  • Prevents Sweaty: I don’t like sweaty shoes, especially if they are so tight, breathable shoes will give adaptability for your toes to move and breathe especially if you have a long flight.
  • Choose the right socks: socks have some skin in the game when choosing your travel shoe.Your socks should feel comfortable also, and you don’t want them to be so tight that they’re putting more stress on your toes. check out this post on trip savvy on how to choose the right socks.

Can I Take My Shoes Off On a Plane?

You should keep your shoes on during takeoff and landing.

It’s OK to take off your shoes during your flight if you don’t feel comfortable, in fact it is better to take them off for a while especially on a long flight, otherwise if you have a pair of flip flops or sandals you can put them on until the airplane is ready to land.

But if you know your shoes will have a smell it is better to do a prior preparation by choosing a comfortable shoe, so you don’t bother your fellow passengers.

Final Thoughts On Flying With Sandals.

There are no rules against wearing sandals or flip-flops on airplanes, it is just a personal choice but mostly it is not recommended.

Many pro travelers do not advise to wear lip-flops for safety reasons, in case of an emergency or you need to leave the plane as soon as possible.

We hope this helps

Happy travels