Can You Take A Sewing Machine On A Plane ? 2023

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So can you take a sewing machine on a plane?

With more travelers traveling with sewing equipment, it is important to know the regulations for traveling with sewing machines and which airlines are allowing them on their airplanes.

Some airports and airlines may tell you that some items are not allowed in the security checkpoint or in carry-on or checked baggage,but what about sewing machines, and are they allowed on planes?

Here is a quick answer:

According to the TSA sewing machines are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage, as long as they fit in the overhead bin or underneath the seat, and according to the TSA. These rules apply to the US, other countries may have other rules.

And to help a bit with the smoothness of your flight we have compiled this detailed guide on regulations about traveling with sewing machines, Afterward will give you some of the best tips on how to prepare your sewing machines for your flight.

Let’s dig right in.

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Brother CS7000X / Courtesy of Amazon

Take Sewing machine through TSA security checkpoint

According to TSA Sewing machines are allowed in the security checkpoint without any restrictions, the TSA added in its website that before you head to the airport with your sewing machine you will need to to make sure that your item is compliant with the Airline luggage regulations.

And as always the TSA officer has the right to decide what is not and what items are allowed on airplanes.

It is much better to just be kind with the TSA officer or the airport security in general, that way you will never have any problem.

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Laura asked the TSA on twitter if her sewing machine is allowed in the airplane, However she didn’t specify if she wanted to take it on board or in checked baggage ,the size or if the machine has sharp objects.

But the TSA confirmed to her that a sewing machine is allowed without restrictions in the security checkpoint, meaning in carry on or checked baggage.

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Take a sewing machine in carry on baggage

You can bring your sewing machine on most Airlines if it is within the airline carry on size and weight.

Also it is important to remove the needle and any other sharp tools if you’re going to bring it as carry-on luggage.

Since the TSA does not have any restrictions on taking sewing machines on flights, the only thing that you should consider is the size of your item. Some types of sewing machines may have large sizes, and they may be a bit large for carry-on baggage on some airlines.

Don’t check in your sewing machine if it is small, You should take it in carry on if it’s within the size of the airline you are traveling


As usual I want to know what answers passengers get from the TSA or airlines about traveling with sewing machines.

Phoebe wanted to bring her lovely sewing machine on board the airplane, and the TSA confirmed that machines are good to go in carry on baggage.

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Here is an example:

American airlines carry on size is 22 Height x 14 length x 9 width ( 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters ).

If your sewing machine has the same size or under the mentioned size, you are good to go otherwise if your sewing machine case exceeds the size you will be required to check in your machine.

If you are traveling with the sewing machine in the image above (Brother CS7000X ) it has this size 16.26 x 6.65 x 12.21 inches, you are just fine because the machines are small and under the AA carry-on dimensions.

Can I take a sewing machine in checked baggage?

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Photo by cottonbro on

In the last few years when the security measures weren’t as strict as they are now, you can take your items in carry-on baggage even if they are slightly over the measurement.

but nowadays most passengers traveling with large sewing machines prefer transporting them in checked baggage to avoid any inconvenience and airline regulations.

However, It doesn’t matter to the airline if you are checking your sewing machine if it is inside your bag, but if your sewing machine is large and exceeds the airline checked baggage size and weight the airline may apply oversize or overweight luggage fees.

How do you pack a sewing machine for a flight?

Before traveling with your Sewing machine, it is critical to prepare it for your flight.

Packing your items properly will enhance and make your flight more easy and comfortable.

Here is some tips on how do you pack a sewing machine for a flight:

  • If you have many machines it is preferable to take the lightest one. A portable machine which is lightweight, user-friendly that with its accessories is great when traveling
  • If you still own your machine original box that will be more secured, if not you can use a box that will fit your machine
  • if you are planning to take your items on board you may be required to take out your machine in the security checkpoint
  • Surround your machine presser foot on a small box, or wrap it in a soft fabric.
  • Finding a good hard case will protect your sewing machine, in addition you won’t need to place your sewing accessories in different places.

Best portable sewing machine for travel

Portable sewing machines are a good idea when traveling is a smart choice.

a small and lightweight machine will slide into your backpack or carry bag easily, also ready to use anywhere, it can be powered with battery or the power cord.

I looked for some of the best portable sewing machines in the market , and found that Brother machines are at the top of users’ preferences.

many users recommend this Brother CS5055 because its small size and lower price and Best described as perfect, strong and basic, However there is nothing wrong with the machine, but i prefer this Brother CS7000X because it is much bigger, robust easy to use, and can be transported in almost all airlines cabin baggage as many buyers described, it is a game changer.

Also here is another choice that is good for sewing on the go. Janome 001BUBBLE Sewing Machine it is more less expensive than Brother CS7000X and it is just perfect with a total weight of 7 pounds, this machine can be placed in your carry on bag without even noticing the weight of it.

The only thing that the machine didn’t have is the fancy features, it is limited if it comes to some options you can check more about it here.

Conclusion: Can you take a sewing machine on a plane?

You can bring your sewing machine on most airlines in both carry-on and checked baggage as long as it is within the airline size and weight.

I don’t see any reason to ban sewing machines on planes, However to avoid any inconvenience at the airport make sure to place any sharp items you take along with your machine in your check bag.

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