Can You Bring Plants On A Plane? (2023)

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Bringing plants on a plane in both domestic and international flights can be a tricky subject, as regulations vary depending on the airline and type of plant.

It’s important to know these regulations in order to ensure a smooth travel experience for you and your plant.

Some airlines and the TSA may have regulations on the types of plants that can be brought on board, while others may have specific guidelines for how plants should be packaged and labeled.

Before taking your lovely succulent make sure to read the following post, we will answer all related questions about traveling with plants, including the TSA rules, and additional tips on how to bring your potted plant on a plane .

Here is the short answer

Plants in general are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage without restrictions if they meet the size and weight rules of the airline, but plants can not be in water during the security screening process because of the TSA liquid rules.

Without further ado let’s take a look at flying with Plants. 

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Can you bring plants through the TSA checkpoint?

According to the TSA you are permitted to bring plants through the security checkpoint as carry on luggage. However plants cannot be in water when going through the security checkpoint because of the TSA liquids rule.

It is a good idea to wrap your plants in a cloth and in a solid pot so they withstand any handling during the transportation .

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Larger plants such as trees may not be allowed on planes due to their size even if the TSA doesn’t prohibit them. 

So It is best to check with the specific airline for their policies on transporting larger plants before attempting to bring one on your flight.

I checked social media to find some more answers.

Mike wanted to bring his 2.5″ x 2.5″ potted plant on a domestic flight in his hands because he had no packaging to secure the plant.

And the TSA agent confirmed that plants are good to go through the security checkpoint without any problem.

can you bring plants on a plane

This passenger asked Southwest if plants are allowed in either carry on and checked baggage, and the Southwest agent replied with a positive YES.

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Do Plants Count As A Carry-On Or A Personal Item ?

If your plant dimensions is above the airline personal item size (of the airline you are flying with), it will be count as a carry on, however if the plant dimensions is under the carry on size and can be placed perfectly under the seat in front of you, it will be count as an underseat baggage or a personal item.

It is better that you pack your plant wisely so it can fit under the seat in front of you, that way you can keep an eye on it during the flight.

Make sure also to Take care of the plant in a way that will keep soil, water and plant matter contained. The easiest method is to place the entire plant inside a plastic garbage bag. Let some air into the bag and tie it closed

Can You Bring Plants On A Plane Internationally?

Yes, most airlines allow traveling with plants on international flights, and they are threatened just like your normal carry-on or checked bag.

However, carrying plants in international flights may require an advanced knowledge of the country regulations you are flying to.

For example

The UK has some restrictions on the kind of plants you can bring to the country, and you will be required to present phytosanitary certificates for some kinds of plants.

Traveling with plants on a plane to Europe will require you to present a phytosanitary (plant health), a certificate attesting that the plant is healthy and is free from certain specific pests.

So before you head to the airport take a look at the country you’re traveling to and see what they say about bringing plants, some countries may have strict rules while others are mostly lenient about any kind of plants.

How Do You Pack Plants For A Flight?

Once you are sure that your plant is allowed by the airline, it is time to pack it and so it will stay healthy and alive during the flight.

Find a garbage bag and place it inside, make sure that the bag has no holes on it to avoid a mess containing any loose soil.

make some small holes on top of the bag, so the plant can breathe.

Another way to travel with plants is to take them out from the pot and clean the soil around the roots, rinse the roots and when still wet wrap it in a plastic bag, secure it with tape on a piece of paper.

Best Plant Pots For Travel

Taking plants in a solid container can save you the hassle or the possibility of your plant getting damaged during the transportation and will help your plants make a successful move.

I checked Amazon for some of the best pots to help you with your plant moving, and I found this solid Mueller Austria Plant. What is good about these pots is that they keep water in the bottom, so you don’t need to add water constantly.

Alternatives To Bringing Plants On A Plane

If you have a large plant that you need to take to our destination and you don’t want to bother yourself with the airlines and the TSA rules there are other options to consider.

  • Ship your plant ahead: there are several shipping coma nap ie that can take care of your plane until you get to your destination, you can either use specialized shipping company with will handle the packaging and the shipping and ensure that your plant get to its destination in good conditions, or you can use a traditional delivery service like FedEx or UPS, these companies offer express deliveries but they will be a bit costly.
  • Sometimes paying for airline fees or shipping companies will be more expensive that acquiring a new plant, so another alternative to consider ( if you can) is to find a local store or a botanical garden at your destination and purchase a new plant, you can find a wide variety of plants at your destination that suit to the local climate.

It’s always a good idea to check the plant for any pests or diseases before bringing them into your home or garden.


Conclusion: Can You Take Plants On A Plane?

With the right preparation, it is possible to safely travel with your plants and enjoy them in your new location.

In case you have a long flight and you want to bring some water you should keep up with the TSA rules about bringing liquids.

you can fill up a bottle of water after you clear the security checkpoint.

And If you nicely ask the flight attendant they will happily help you with your plant whether with water or just an extra piece of paper or bag.

As long as you reach your destination, put your plant in its original pot and water it. If your plant has some side effects from transportation just give it a few days and it will surely recover.

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