Can I Prepay Baggage On Delta?

So can you prepay baggage fees on Delta Airlines ? and how to pay for baggage on Delta online?

Delta Airline is known for its world-class digital experiences that are customer-focused, innovative, easy-to-use and improve passengers journeys.

In this post I will show you how to prepay baggage fees on Delta Airline, additionally will discus some Delta baggage fees, checked baggage and extra baggage.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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How To Add Baggage To Delta Flight?

You can always pay for baggage on Delta Airlines website on the time of checking in from 24 hours before the flight departure.

When you check in online to get your boarding pass, just follow the instructions and answer correctly any question you will be given and you get a link to pay.

If you have any issues paying, do not hesitate to contact Delta help center or call the Airline customer service.

Here is How it works:

1 . Download Fly Delta APP on Google app store or in Apple store and login

2. Click on Find my trip and enter your personal information

3. Tape on check in

4. add number of bags you want to prepay for

5. get your boarding pass and add it to you wallet

People also ask:

How Much Does It Cost To Add a Bag On Delta?

In domestic flights your first checked bag under (23kg) each way will cost you 30$.

The  second standard checked bag under (23 kg), each way will cost you 40$.

If you are a  Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card Holder, your first standard checked bag is free of charge.

For international flights baggage prices will vary depending on your route and fare class.

Does Delta Give Free Checked Bag?

How many bags does Delta allow for free?

Delta allows all its passengers one free carry-on bag and 1 Personal Item.

And for Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card Members the first check in bag is free.

Can You Pay Delta Baggage Fees With Cash?

Most domestic Delta airports are considered cashless airports, so will need to use your credit card or other payment methods to pay for your luggage or other services.

If you do not use a credit card or an accepted form of payment you will need to purchase a visa gift prepaid credit payment card from a kiosk provided by a third-party vendor for a nominal fee.

How Much Is a Third Checked Bag On Delta?

A third bag on Delta airlines will cost about $150 on domestic flights if you are not a Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card Holder.

Here is an example of a flight from Las Vegas to New York Using the Delta Airline baggage calculator.

can i prepay baggage on delta-03
Delta Airlines baggage calculator / 2 bags

Adding the third bag.

can i prepay baggage on delta-03
Delta Airlines baggage calculator / 3 bags

As stated above the baggage fees raised to $220, and the estimated fees for the third bag will be $150.

Best Bags For Delta Airlines To Avoid Pay For Extra Baggage

The best way to avoid paying for luggage is to pack light.

Traveling with only a carry on bag and a personal item could save you at least $60 per round trip.

The good thing also is that you don’t have to be concerned about losing your beautiful suitcase.

You’ll have your carry-on baggage with you every step of the way and all the time.

Investing in a roomy and spacious carry-on bag really worth the deal.

A good suitcase can hold all your essential items, and also are always in front of your sight.

Can I Prepay Baggage On Delta / Takeaway

Most Airlines allow passengers to pay for luggage online to facilitate the check in process, save time and resources at the airport.

You can also prepay for baggage online using Delta website or app during the check in time.

And It is always cheaper to pay for luggage online than the airport, especially when traveling internationally, so you get very discounted rates over the offers at the airport.

We hope this helps

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