What Is Free Baggage Allowance? What Airline Has Free Baggage?

If you wonder what is Free baggage allowance? and How does Free baggage work? and you want to get free baggage allowance.

You are in the right place.

When planning a trip you need to be strategic about which airline you are flying with. And what is their baggage allowance rules, not all airlines are offering free baggage allowance.

you can use some Savvy tricks and bring some additional baggage with you, but to bring all what you need with you , from clothes, toiletries or even your partner items, you will need an airline with free baggage advantages.

Some airlines make exceptions and they include free baggage in only elite members tickets, or business class, while others have to pay for any baggage.

In this detailed guide we will demystify how free baggage works and which airlines allow its guests to have some extra bags without any charges.

We wanted to help travelers have the kind of flight they are hoping for when they traveling with any airline, so we did some research about free baggage allowance and how it works. also will have you take a close look at the airlines with free baggage allowance.

What is Free baggage allowance

What is free baggage allowance?

Free baggage allowance is the amount of baggage that you are allowed to take with any airline free of charge (fee free).

Usually it consist from Carry on baggage, checked baggage and and it varies according to the class, origin and destination.

Everything that is more than the free baggage allowance is considered extra baggage, and you will have to pay for it.

However your free baggage allowance, will be indicated in your ticket, and if your ticket shows that you have no baggage, it means that your fare are not eligible for free baggage and you will need to add it for a a fee.

If you are travelling on connecting flights(two different airlines) you will need to view all airlines luggage rules, and see if they have different rules concerning free baggage allowance.

Usually Each airline will applies its own weight policy for passengers starting their journey with them.$

Can you travel with large items for free?

The best way to save money is to avoid large items and pack less, However sometimes it not in our option, if you’re traveling with large items including sports equipment, medical equipment, or even children’s items. make sure to Check with the airline before booking your ticket and see if they charge by piece or by weight.

make your items packaging normal as possible, large and heavy big items will be weighed and inspected and that will make the airline add an extra fee for overweight or oversized baggage.

How do you get a free bag on a plane?

As most major airlines are offering one free checked bag for international flights, domestic routes are charging for even carry on baggage like frontier that charges for hand baggage.

If you are flying economy the best ways is to pack light, if the airline do not offer free checked bagggae.

However if you upgrade to business class or first class,  you will usually get free checked bags. Some airlines even allow bags to weigh more, up to 70 pounds at times.

another way to get free baggage is earning elite status on an airline. Elite status or members comes with many great benefits to make life while traveling on your favorite airline as easy and comfortable as possible.

otherways the easiest ways to ensure you can get a bag for free is by having an airline credit card. These cards usually include at least one free checked bag on domestic flights with that airline. This one card perk alone can often justify a card’s annual fee.

How many bags can I take on a plane for free?

Each airline stated its baggage allowance accordingly and most of time it depends on your destination and the fare you are booking.

Most airlines have one free carry on bag and one personal item, and one free checked baggage, that must adhere to the airline luggage policy.

when do you pay for checked baggage?

you will have to pay for checked baggage if your bags is over the airline baggage policy.

For example:

1st checked bag is free on American airlines for the following travelers:

  • Eligible AAdvantage® Aviator® and Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers (on domestic American Airlines operated itineraries)
  • AAdvantage® Gold
  • oneworld® Ruby
  • Confirmed Business customers
  • Confirmed Premium Economy customers

Any other checked baggage, will subject for additional fees.

Can I check my carry on bag for free?

I f your carry on baggage is oversized or is just above the allowed weight of the airline you are flying with, it will be gate checked.

You can only check in it for free if is within the airline checked baggage allowance, and if the airline allow free checked baggage.

What airline has free baggage?

Most airlines charge for travelers to check their baggage – and the prices can get pretty high.

only few airlines airlines will let you check a bag without paying extra fees.

US Based airlines

Cape air and Southwest are the only US airlines that have free checked baggage.

You can check in your baggage on most cape air flights for free, you’re permitted free carry-on, gate-checked and checked bags on the airline’s Cessna 402C aircrafts for domestic flights, excluding trips to the Caribbean.

you can bring Checked bags that can weigh up to 50 pounds. Once they hit 51 pounds, a $40 checked baggage fee will apply. The same fee applies for second and third bags.

While in Southwest, you can check in two bags fee free, but each bag shall weighs 50 pounds or less and doesn’t exceed a combined length, width and height of 62 inches. If one of your bags is bigger or heavier than those sizes , you’ll will have to pay a fee of $75 per oversized bag.

US based Airlines Baggage fees

  • Alaska Airlines: Your first checked bag with alaska airlines will be checked for $25. third and additional bags are $75 each, as are oversized bags.
  • American Airlines: Baggage fees with American depend on where you’re going and whether you participate in a loyalty program with the airline. if you’re not part of a loyalty program and you’re traveling domestically, you can expect to pay $25 for your first checked bag, $35 for your second, $150 for your third and $200 for your fourth and each additional bag after that.
  • Delta Airlines: travelers flying economy within Canada or the United States on Delta must pay $25 to check their first bag and $35 to check their second.
  • Frontier Airlines: If you’re traveling in economy with Frontier, you’ll have to pay $45 to check your first bag. A second bag would cost $50 to check.
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Domestic flights with Hawaiian Airlines have a $25 fee for travelers flying in economy to check their first bag, and $35 for the second bag. If you’re flying outside of the United States or in First Class, you can check two bags for free.
  • JetBlue: Pricing for checked bags varies depending on whether you are a loyalty program member, but for most travelers , it will costs around $25 to check your first bag, $35 for your second and $100 for your third and each additional bag thereafter.
  • Porter: If you’re flying Porter, you can expect to pay between $27.50 and $31.62 for your first checked bag, between $37.50 and $43.13 for your second and between $92.50 and $106.38 for your third.
  • Silver Airways: silver airways apply a fee of $25 to check your first bag on a domestic flight, or $30 if the flight is international. For the second bag, it would cost $35 for domestic and $40 for international flights.
  • Spirit Airlines:  Spirit airlines charges for carry on baggage and checked baggage.

Airlines First checked Bag

  • British Airways: 1st Checked Bag, Free.
  • Korean Air : 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Asiana Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Emirates Airline: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Air India: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Turkish Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Qatar Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Japan Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Volaris: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Lufthansa: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Copa Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Singapore Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Aer Lingus: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Interjet: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Caribbean Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Philippine Airlines: 1st Checked Bag, Free
  • Icelandair: 1st Checked Bag, Free

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