What Is Allowed On Citilink Baggage Allowance?

Citilink is a low-cost airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia operating flights to more than 45 destinations.

And if you are planning to book a flight with them it is a good idea to know their luggage allowance and policies before you do so.

In this post we will cover everything you need about Citilink baggage rules and regulations, to avoid any last minute charges at the airport.

Let’s find out.

Citilink baggage allowance
image courtesy Citilink

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Citilink Carry on Baggage Allowance

Citilink allows its guests as carry-on baggage a handbag that measures 56cm x 36cm x maximum of 23cm and and 41 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm (for flights with ATR aircraft) weigh no more than 7kg. 

In addition of your carry on baggage you are also allowed the following:

  • toolbox cosmetics
  • or laptop

Please not that your luggage should be enough to put under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment


Citilink Checked Baggage Allowance

Your checked (Hold )baggage that can be included into the checked baggage as the free baggage allowance is 20 kg (Domestic)/ per guest.

And its size should not exceed the size of 81 cm (H) x 119 cm (L) x 119cm (D) and if there is excess baggage its weight can not be more than 32kg. (with excess baggage charge applicable).

Damaged Baggage

What should I do?

If you received your baggage damaged or broken please make sure to not leave the airport

first make a report to the Lost and Found Department for domestic or international to get the evidence of Goods Damage Report (PIR).

The Officers in the lost section (Lost & Found) will repair your luggage immediately if it is still in the condition that can be corrected.

If it is not able to be repaired then your luggage will be replaced with new ones. If your report is made after you leave the terminal.

Citilink officers make statements instead of PIR. However this loss report documents can not be used as evidence of liability.

Citilink Lost Baggage

For Soekarno-Hatta Airport, please call 021-55913952 for domestic departures.

For other destinations please contact Citilink Call Center at number 0804 1 08 08 08, or directly contact the Goods Lost section (Lost & Found) at the arrival terminal.

On arrival , please immediately report the loss/damage of your luggage to the Lost & Found section so the PIR (Property Irregularity report) can be made immediately to be inputted into our baggage tracing system for investigation.

Citilink reminds all its guests not to put valuable items in checked bags before the goods are entered into the check-in baggage. Because Citilink is not responsible in the case of loss of valuables stored in the baggage. (Information is provided in every check-in counter in the form of signage). 

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