What Is Fiji Airways Baggage Allowance? 2024

So What is Fiji airways baggage Allowance? And how strict is Fiji Airways with carry-on baggage?

Before booking your flight with Fiji Airways it is crucial to know their luggage allowance and regulations for a stress free flight and avoid any last minute charges at the airport.

In this post we will help you understand all that you need to know about Fiji Airways luggage allowance and regulations.

Let’s dive right in.

Fiji airways baggage allowance

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Fiji Airways International Cabin Baggage Allowance

What is the baggage allowance for Fiji Airways?

Adult & Child (Aircraft Type ATR)Economy7 kg (15lbs) (Maximum 1 piece)
Business7 kg (15lbs) (Maximum 1 piece)
Adult & Child(Aircraft Type B737/A330)Economy7 kg (15lbs) (Maximum 1 piece)
Business7 kg (15lbs) (Maximum 2 pieces) or 14 kg (30lbs) (Maximum 1 piece)
Infants (<2 Years)All ClassesAdditional 3kg (7lbs) for accompanying adult

Carry on dimensions

Fiji Economy Class baggage dimensions must not exceed 118cm(46″) with maximum dimension of 55cm X 40cm X 23cm (including handles and wheels).

Fiji Business Class baggage dimensions must not exceed 126cm (50”) with maximum dimension of 56cm X 45cm X 25cm (including handles and wheels)

passengers are allowed to carry one small personal item such as a laptop or a hand bag in addition of their cabin baggage.

What if My Fiji Airlines Carry On Is Overweight or Over-sized?

if your bag or item exceeds the standard carry on dimensions or size of the Airline, it will be subject to the hold luggage, and some additional fees will be applied.

Fiji Airlines Carry On Allowance For Infants

  • Fiji Airlines passengers travelling with children under two (2) years are allowed to carry 3 kg in cabin baggage allowance free of charge,which can include baby articles and food for consumption during the flight
  • Infants less than (2) two years traveling with their parents can have one collapsible stroller per infant not exceeding the standard allowance dimensions of 148cm

(Length 100cm+Width 25cm + Depth 23cm ) is permitted, it can be carried by the accompanied parent in addition of his baggage, however the stroller must be hold stowed

Other Carry on Free Of Charge

  • One small personal item such as a laptop/bag or purse or a handbag
  • A pocket book or purse, which is appropriate to normal travel dress and is not being used as a container for the transportation of articles which would otherwise be regarded as baggage
  • An overcoat, wrap or blanket
  • An umbrella or walking stick(subject to security approval as these can be considered dangerous article in some member states)
  • A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars
  • A reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight
  • A pair of crutches, and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the customers use, provided that the customer is dependent upon them
  • A Wedding Dress / Gown
  • 114x60x11(185cm) Garment Bag
  • A Duty Free Bag purchased at the airport prior to boarding

Fiji Airlines Carry on and Musical Instruments

Passengers may bring musical instruments on board as part of their standard carry on. If the instrument exceeds the standard carry-on allowance, an extra seat must be purchased for it. The instrument must be secured in or against a window seat.

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Fiji Airlines flight cabin baggage restrictions

some items that maybe used as a weapon or considered as a dangerous item are not allowed as carry on such as:  knives of any size, metallic objects, spare parts, umbrella, curves with sharp edges,

fiji airways carry on liquids

Liquids, aerosols and gels that are over 100 ml or more than 3.4 fl oz should not be carried as cabin baggage or as hand luggage and should be placed in your checked baggage. LAGs that are less than 100mls can be carried as cabin baggage provided in a sealable clear plastic bag.

No LAGs are permitted through transit points at any airport. LAGs bought at the airport can be carried on board the aircraft between your port of departure and your first arrival port.

Domestic Cabin Baggage Allowance

Adult & ChildrenEconomy7 kg (15lbs)
Infant(<2 Yrs)All ClassesN/A

Fiji Airways Check In Baggage

Fiji-airways-checked-baggage (image)

International checked baggage

The total dimensions of one piece must not exceed 158 cm (62 in).

  • Fiji airline Economy class passengers flying to all destinations (except to/from US and Canada) are allowed to carry up to 23 kg (50 lbs).
  • Fiji Economy L,H,B,Y class passengers have an allowance of 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Fiji Business class passengers are allowed to check up to 40 kg (88 lbs)
  • Infant traveling with their parents from All Classes have and allowance of 10 kg (22 lbs) + Stroller


Adult & ChildrenEconomy
Economy L,H,B,Y
23 kg (50 lbs)
30 kg (66 lbs)
30 kg (66 lbs)
1 Piece
1 Piece
1 Piece
Infant(<2 Yrs)All Classes10 kg (22 lbs) + Stroller1 Piece


Adult & ChildrenEconomy
Economy L,H,B,Y
23 kg (50 lbs)
30 kg(66 lbs)
30 kg (66 lbs)
1 Piece
1 Piece
3 Pieces
Infant(<2 Yrs)All Classes10 kg (22 lbs) + Stroller1 Piece

Fiji Domestic Checked Baggage Allowance

Adult & ChildrenEconomy15 kg (33 lbs)
Infant(<2 Yrs)All Classes1 Stroller

Fiji Airways Overweight Baggage

Fiji airways accepts excess baggage if the space is only available; and fees may be collected in at the airport if they accept your excess baggage/overweight baggage; your baggage may not be carried in the same flight you are travelling on, but the airline will put the effort to transport it in the next available flight.

The airline cannot guarantee that your additional baggage/weight will be carried. Tit is subject to the aircraft loads.

Please note: Pre-purchase of additional baggage allowance is not available on flights to Pacific Islands Countries due to operational requirements and load restrictions.

As an alternative to paying excess baggage charges you may wish to consider sending any clothes or personal items as unaccompanied baggage.

source :Fijiairways.com

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Domestic Flights

  • Fiji Link charges FJD100.00 per item for bulky items which may include surf boards and golf clubs. This fee is in addition to any excess baggage fees that may apply. This fee is separate from FJ international bulky item charge.
  • Bulky items consist of any ‘one’ piece exceeding 158cm (62in) but not exceeding 277cm (109in) in total dimensions [length + width + height], (maximum weight of 23kg (50lbs)), which may include surfboards, golf bags and other equipment.
  • Any bulky item in excess of 23kg (50lbs) will be charged per the excess baggage weight in addition to the bulky item charge
  • Please note that acceptance of excess baggage is subject to any applicable weight and/or aircraft payload restrictions and cannot be guaranteed.
  • Any items exceeding the allocated size that is carried on a Fiji Link (domestic) and Fiji Airways (International) flight will incur additional charges on both the Fiji Link and Fiji Airways flights.

Fiji Airways Dangerous Goods

fiji airways alcohol allowance

Intoxicated passengers or drunken passengers displaying aggressive behaviour or who smell excessively of alcohol will be refused boarding until fully sober. No third party check in is allowed, all passengers intending to travel must be available at the check in counter in person to check in.

All transiting passengers with their cabin or checked baggage who leave the aircraft or the sterile areas whilst the aircraft is in transit will be subject to screening or search before re-boarding the aircraft.

Firearm and Weapons

It is a mandatory requirement that all firearms or weapons of any sort that is intended for carriage on all Fiji Airways aircraft must be formally declared. Please note that (i) Firearms may be eligible to travel as checked baggage however Ammunitions must travel as freight, (ii) a valid Police Permit is required and (iii) CAAFI approval required 7 days prior to travel.

fiji airways lithium batteries

Passengers are permitted in or as checked baggage any portable electronic devices (PED) containing lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries. These devices include consumer electronics such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and power tanks, when carried by passengers or crew for personal use.

This does not include Lithium Battery-Powered Vehicles which are not permitted as stated below. The batteries which are in these portable electronic devices must not exceed 2g for lithium metal batteries and 100wh for lithium ion batteries.