How Strict Are TUI with Hand luggage 2024?

Flying with TUI airways but not sure how strict are TUI with its hand luggage size and weight?

TUI is slightly strict about its hand luggage Size and weight, especially on busy flights. and according to the airline, you carry on and handbag must fit the sizer in the airport, so it can be accepted as carry on baggage.

In this post will explain all what you need to know about TUI hand luggage, carry on luggage and personal item before heading to the airport.

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TUI Hand Luggage Policy

According to TUI airlines, You are allowed to carry onboard one piece of hand luggage per passenger,(excluding infants) with following sizes and restrictions:

  •  55x40x20cm on a TUI Airways flight
  • items like laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your 1 piece of hand luggage.

You must be able to lift your hand luggage into the overhead storage compartments yourself. You can bring a Trunki case as hand luggage, as long as it weighs no more than 10kg.

When flying on connected flights you will be notified by email about your hand luggage or you’ll find details of your hand luggage allowance on your e-ticket .

How To Take More On TUI Flights?

To take more luggage and make the most out of your hand luggage, is to pack first your essential items.

wear some of your heavier clothes and / bulky clothing as you go through the gate.

Outfits like coats and suit may take large space on your suitcase, so make sure to wear them if possible.

What Is TUI Liquids Rules?

Just like many airlines, liquids must be transported in containers of no more than 100ml, and stored properly in resealable plastic bag up to a max of 20 x 20cm.

What If My Hand Luggage Is Oversized?

You can take a risk by taking your oversized bag, if it is slightly big one inch or more, and if the airline staff did not put your baggage on the sizer.

However, you can squeeze your bag if it is a soft bag, to fit it the sizer.

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Can I Bring a Handbag As Well As Hand Luggage On TUI Flights?

According to TUI items like laptops, handbags and items bought at the airport must fit within your 1 piece of hand luggage.

You hand bag must fit in your carry on bag, however you can take your handbag if it is small enough.

How Strict Are TUI With Hand Luggage Size?

According to TUI, the size of your hand luggage must not exceed 55x40x20cm or you’ll be penalized.

With that said, we’ve experienced a whole range of different airlines with hand luggage only (including TUI) and we’ve never had our bag checked for weight by the size, your hand luggage will be sized at the airport.

Some passengers may notice that many airline allow only one piece of hand luggage may not be so strict about hand luggage size and weight, as most of them do not enforce to size baggage or weigh it at the airport. despite, of the small airplane they operate their flights.

As long as you’re all checked-in online prior to arrival at the airport, it would take an exceptional circumstance for TUI to check your hand luggage size on the day you travel.

Still, you should try and stick within the limits if possible as you might get unlucky, and 55x40x20cm should be more than enough.

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Does Checking In Online Will Solve The Problem?

Check in online is always cheaper than the airport, not just with TU but with almost all airlines.

Sometime your hand luggage won’t be sized, or asked any questions about your hand luggage. but you may be caught at the gate with your oversized bag.

Make Sure Your Bag Is Complaint With TUI Hand Luggage Rules

The best way to avoid TUI airways hand luggage restrictions o come against you in the day of our travel is to invest in a compliant hand luggage bag.

If you are not familiar with surprised at the airport, make sure to pick the right bag that most airlines will accept also.

That way when you arrive at the airport the day of your flight, you won’t be worried about how strict are TUI with hand luggage size or weight.

Summary : How strict Are TUI With Hand Luggage?

It is always preferable to stick with the airline carry on or hand luggage rules.

That way you will not have to fear that the airline will gate check in your suitcase or pay additional charges.

We hope this helps

Happy travels