Do Airlines Measure Checked Luggage?

Not long ago Passengers can take on international flights, More than two pieces of check in baggage and free of charge. Each bag can weigh more than 32 kg and without even worrying about the size of their bags.

Nowadays everything matters, luggage weight and size is a bit strict and are kept under review, and some airlines even weigh carry-on luggage at the ticket counter or the gate.

And if a passenger got large bags with a 32 kg in weight into the airplane; this could cause some serious consequences.

So do Airlines are more strict about their baggage Measurement and weight? and Do Airlines really measure luggage?

Here is the short answer: Yes the majority of airlines will measure your suitcase at the check in counter, most airports have baggage sizers to measure passengers bags, so it is recommended that you do not exceed your airline check baggage size, otherwise you will be required to pay some hefty oversized luggage charge, check the tips below to know how checked luggage is measured.

do airlines measure checked luggage?

Do airlines Measure Checked Baggage
Do airlines Measure Checked Baggage?

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How Airlines know the size and the weight allowed?

Each Airplane has a weight limit and If the total weight is above a certain amount the engines and structure of the plane might not be able to sustain flight and it could get out of track.

The total limit including the weight of the plane, weight of the passengers,supplies, food,and luggage size & weight must be stated by the airline  in order for the plane to be able to stay up in the air.

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Why Do Airlines Measure Baggage?

Space Matter!!

If all travelers want to take their large bags on an airplane,it wouldn’t all fit inside the plane.

you should know that Space inside the planes cargo is limited; and if the airplane is too heavy it won’t take off.

Heavy planes are less fuel efficient, more expensive and more damaging to the environment.

That’s why airlines have size restrictions on both carry on and checked baggage.

Sometimes you can pay extra charges because of your extra baggage, and sometimes your baggage may be transported in a cargo freight.

Do airlines really measure checked luggage?

Yes, almost All major airlines have a baggage sizer at the airport, and you will need to put your bag on it before giving it to the airline.

For carry on sometimes you will be lucky and pass through the gate without being asked to measure your luggage because your bags won’t be noticed but you’re only taking a chance with it.

However it is always preferable to check your airline baggage rules, to avoid any last minute charges.

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Do airlines Measure Checked Baggage/ SOUTHWEST

How Do airlines measure checked baggage?

As stated above most airlines have baggage sizers at the airport.

For example British Airways had a sizing box at a gate for a recent flight and made all passengers place their bags in the box, if your carry on exceeds the allowance it had to be checked. The same for other guests.

The same for American airlines .

A guests says:

In my flight with  American Airlines  leaving Phoenix, the Gate agents were telling travelers to put their carry-on in the bag sizer as they headed for the plane. Many typical, well-traveled bags didn’t fit.

How To Measure Luggage Size?

To know the size of your suitcase and whether it is compliant with the Airline checked baggage size.

Here is how to measure your suitcase in just a few and simple steps.

Use a measuring tape and measure the height of the suitcase from the top to the bottom including handles and wheels ( but don’t pull out the handle ).

Do the same for the length and the width of the suitcase.

You should come out with a measurement like this height * length * width.

If you add them together,for example the suitcase below is 31″ in height, 20″ in length and 12.75″ in width , the total size of the suitcase is 63.75″ linear inches .

do airlines measure checked baggage-01

Tips To Avoid Paying For Oversize Bags

If you measured your suitcase at home and you realized that it is a little more than the allowed luggage by your airline.

Here are some tips to avoid paying excess baggage fee:

  1. Be Polite And Smile when check in your bag – when the security check in, be polite with agents, They might be more helpful if you are polite, just smile. Being rude is a sure way to get them to inspect your bags.
  2. Avoid Hard Cases – With a soft case, you can take more items inside, but with a hard case, you have very little flexibility.
  3. Avoid Bags That Are Bulging.  It’s very hard to know a bag size or weight just by looking at it . at the gate the staff can’t measure accurately by just looking. But if your bag is so big and overstuffed you will draw attention and that will cause your bag to be measured.

Conclusion: Do Airlines Measure Checked Baggage?

Most Airlines calculate checked baggage size by combining the three outside dimensions together.

And the majority of them will not accept a suitcases if it is more than 120 inches linear (dimensions combined).

So even before purchasing your suitcase makes sure that it is not too large and it will fit with almost any airline luggage dimensions, that way we always recommend Samsonite suitcases (Amazon link).

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