How Strict Is Volaris With Carry-on 2024?

So what is Volaris Airline baggage policy ? and how strict is Volaris with carry on size and weight?

Ready to kick off your flight !! but I’m not sure what is included in Volaris baggage policy?How strict is Volaris with carry-on? and what to expect at the airport?

The following information will provide all that you need to know about the Vuela low-cost airline baggage policies and rules.

Volaris airline Baggage How Strict Is Volaris With Carry On

Volaris Cabin Baggage

All Volaris passengers are entitled to bring on board one 1 personal item and one 1 standard carry-on bag FREE of charge and with the following dimensions ( sizes) and weight Baggage limits .

Volaris carry on weight and size (measurements ) Restrictions for both items:

  • Vuela plus: 1 personal item is allowed with a size not more than 14 x 18 x 8 in; plus 2 carry-on bags that measure a maximum of 22 x 16 x 10 in each and do not exceed a total weight of 22 lbs 10 kg between the two bags.
  • Vuela Classic: 1 personal item is allowed with a size of not more than 14 x 18 x 8 in; in addition of 1 carry-on bag not exceeding 22 x 16 x 10 in and weight of 22 lbs 10 kg.
  • Vuela Basic: 1 personal item is allowed with a size of no more than 14 x 18 x 8 in; If you choose to add a carry-on to your ticket , it must not weigh more than 22 lbs 10kg.

How much is a carry on bag on volaris?

Vuela Basic and Classic passengers may pay to increase their combined carry-on allowance to 44 pounds (20 kg) with the following fees:

Increasing Carry-On WeightSeasonDomestic RoutesInternational RoutesInternational Routes Between Central America
During booking (online and call center)LowMex$300$35$25
HighMex $400$40 $30
During booking (at the airport)LowMex$400$35$15
Pre-flight (online, call center, or at the airport)LowMex$400$40$30
At the airport or boarding gateLowMex$500$45$30

Infants carry on policy

  • Volaris has a Baby Combo package that includes a 22 pound (10 kg) diaper bag (9.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches (25 x 40 x 40 cm)).

Infants items policy

  • The Baby Combo package allows passengers to check a car seat and a collapsible stroller, which can be brought up to the aircraft doors, in addition to receiving priority boarding.

How strict is Volaris with carry on?

Unlike many low-cost carriers (for example, the United States’ Spirit Airlines) Volaris are not so strict with its carry-on and it is flexible with almost all its luggage allowance.

your two items can exceed slightly the 22 lbs in weight, or have a size above than 22.4″ x 15.7″ x 12.9″. however you should be careful. Volaris gate staff sometimes look at the size of carry-on bags at boarding, if your carry-on is oversized it may happen that your carry-on will be gate checked.

If you are traveling with a large bag it is better to contact the airline in advance of travel to arrange a payment at a smaller rate than what you’ll pay at the airport.

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Volaris Checked Baggage

How Strict Is Volaris With carry on weight
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Each Volaris Guest are allowed the following checked baggage:

  • Vuela Basic fare: 0 checked bags
  • Vuela Classic fare : 1 bag of 55 pound (25 kg) bag
  • Vuela Plus fare: 1 bag of 55 pound (25 kg) bag

Please note that Volaris Checked baggage must not exceed the maximum total dimensions of 62 inches (158 cm) including handles and wheels or 55 pounds (25 kg).

Volaris Excess Baggage

If your baggage exceeds Volaris baggage weight , you will be charged for excess baggage fees according to the acquired rate. Each extra pound will be charged up to 99 lbs. for each piece and it will be charged for an extra pound.

Please Note that Volaris will not accept any piece of equipment with more than 79 inches (200 cm.) and you should be at the airport 1 hour before flight departure to have enough time to document and for the article to be able to pass the different security filters.

Overweight and Oversized Baggage Fees

MomentWeightDomestic routesInternational RoutesInternational Routes Between Central America
Airport and Boarding gate57-77 pounds (26-35 kg)Low: Mex$800High: Mex$900Low: $80High: $90Low: $25High: $30
79-101 pounds (36-46 kg)Low: Mex$1,800High: Mex$1,900Low: $180High: $190Low: $50High: $55


Even though Volaris is a popular low cost airline and they may be lenient with carry-on restrictions in some situations, it is recommended to stay within their luggage limits.

Be aware because you don’t know what to expect at the airport.

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