How To Travel With A Booster Seat On Airplane?

If you are flying with your little baby or toddler that is too big for a car seat , a booster seat obviously is an essential kit that needs to come with you.

The good news is with standard economy fares, most airlines allow you to take a booster seat or a car seat and a stroller per infant / child flying with you.

This is in addition to your standard baggage allowance and without additional charges.

However; you can’t use the booster seat on the airplane.

Keep reading to know more about taking booster seats on planes, and how to properly pack them for your flight.

Let’s dive right in.


How to fly with a booster seat

Are Booster Seats Allowed On Airplanes?

Flying with booster seats are allowed on airplanes; The FAA and almost any major airline have no refusal for parents who want to travel with a booster seat; they can’t be used at the airplane ;because your child will use the airplane seat built.

Getting Your Booster Seat Through Security

You will need to put your booster seat through the X-ray machine at the airport security screening checkpoint; if its foldable you will need to fold it up before it’s your turn because we all know the TSA line is stressful as it is; usually some airport have designed lines for families to eliminate some of the pressure from the process.

Traveling With A Small Booster Seat Is Better

Knowing which booster seat to carry on board the airplane can be a cautious venture for most parents.

However, if it comes to infant booster seats; it is always preferable to choose something small enough and compact that will fit your child needs and will Take very little space .

Storing Your Booster Seat On The Aircraft

You can travel with a booster seat on board the Aircraft if it is small enough and the flight isn’t full; you’ll need to store it in the overhead bin with the rest of the carry-on baggage.

This will allow you to have easy access to the booster seat and not have to wait for it after leaving the plane.

This will also reduce the chances of it getting lost in your connecting flights.


What If You Want To Check In A Booster Seat At The Airport?

please check with the airline you are flying with before your trip, to know more about the airline booster seat allowance, an if count as one of your free luggage allowance, do a research on the official website of the airline you are flying on or speak with an airline customer service representative before your flight to know more information on check-in policies of a booster seat ; print the page to present it to attendants when checking your booster set.

Can You Check A Booster Seat For Free?

All major airlines allow you to check your kid booster seat free of charge; you can check at the ticket counter when arriving at the airport; but don’t forget to pick it up on the baggage carousel at your final destination.

You can also check at the gate,by asking the gate agent about gate checking the seat.


Traveling with a booster seat is much easier and stress free (especially a foldable booster seat ) compared to a car seat.

Just ensure that you follow your airline luggage policies and the booster seat can fit in the overhead bin or under the seat info of you.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels.