Can You Put PS5 In Checked Luggage? 2024

You don’t want to miss out on the latest games and updates while you’re away from home, but can you put PS5 in checked luggage? And can you bring a PS5 on a plane in general?

So, the good news is that you can bring a PS5 on a plane carry-on & checked baggage, as long as it fits in your bag and meets the airline’s size requirements. But you will have to take it out from your bag at the security checkpoint for additional screening.

That’s why some gamers prefer to pack their PS5 in their checked luggage.

But is that a really better option?.

The TSA Stance On PlayStation 5

Yes, you can .

When flying domestically or from the U.S the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) have nothing against bringing a PlayStations on a plane.

According to their website, you can bring Playstations, and full sized gaming consoles on board as long as they fit within the size and weight limits of your airline.

I wanted further details, so I searched their social media platform.

This is a response from the @AskTSA customer service validates to @stefano that gaming consoles, even with liquid metal inside (Galinstan), are good to go through the security checkpoint.

The @AskTSA team didn’t mention this in their response: “ensure that you are prepared to take your PS5 out of your bag and put it in a separate bin for further screening.”

Can You Put a Ps5 In Checked Luggage?

The answer to this question is a solid yes.

While the TSA or any airline company will not stop you when packing your PS5 or PS4 in checked luggage, it is not recommended to do so, unless you don’t really have any other options.

Personally I’m against stashing a PS5 and other expensive electronics in a checked bag, because your beloved PS5 can occasionally get damaged by rough handling.

Also a PS5 is a valuable and expensive item that can catch the eye of a dishonest baggage handler, airport staff, or even a fellow passengers.

If a PS5 or any expensive item gets broken on a bumpy ride or stolen, you might not be able to claim a compensation, as they usually have limited responsibility for electronic items.

If You Do So, Bring It As a Fragile Item

Another option that you might consider is to bring your PS5 on a plane as a fragile item.

This means that you can ask the airline to handle your PS5 with extra care and attention, and to place it in a special compartment or area of the plane that is reserved for fragile items.

This can minimize the chance of damage, theft, or delay, as your PS5 will be treated with more care and priority by the airline staff.

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Can You Bring a PS5 On a Plane As a Carry-on?

Giving your PS5 a window seat view will ensure that you keep an eye on it all the time, but it needs to fit within your airline carry-on size policies.

The standard dimensions for a PS5 are (Height 15.74″ / Width 8.79/ Length 3.97″), which is less than the standard carry-on size for most major US airlines.


But if your PS5 is hard to fit in your carry-on bag or in the overhead bin of the plane. You might have to remove some of the accessories or components of your PS5, such as the stand, the power cord, or the controller, to make it more portable.

If you bring your PS5 in your hand (not inside the bag), it will be counted either as your main carry-on or as a personal item.

Can You Bring other Gaming Consoles on Planes?

Yes, you can bring other gaming consoles on planes, such as an Xbox, a PS4, a Nintendo Switch, and their accessories. 

The same rules are applies as traveling with a PS5, ensure they fit inside your bag and remove them from your bag at the security checkpoint for further screening.

Packing Matters: How To Pack Your PS5?

Whether you decide to bring your PS5 in carry-on or in checked luggage, you need to pack it properly and securely, to prevent any potential harm or damage.

The best way to pack your PS5 is to use the original box that it came in, as it is designed to fit and protect your PS5 and its accessories perfectly.

The original box has the right size, shape, and padding, to prevent your PS5 from moving or shaking inside.

If you don’t have the original box your can use another travel case or backpack then wrap your PS5 well, add some extra layers of protection and cushioning.

You can use bubble wrap, or a cloth to cover your PS5 completely and tightly, and prevent it from getting scratched, dented, or cracked.

Can You Take PS5 Controllers On a Plane?

You can put PS5 controllers in checked & carry-on luggage.

When taking them on board you will need to take out your controllers along with any accessories larger than a cell phone (like a Media Remote) and place them in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

You can also bring power cords and HDMI cables, and you don’t need to remove them from your bag.

Are There Any Restrictions On Bringing a Ps5 On International Flights?

The answer is no, most countries don’t have specific policies or restrictions on taking Playstations for personal use.

But it is better to take a moment and do a bit of research about your destination country.

Note that you might need a converter to ensure your PS5 can seamlessly connect to the power outlets in your destination country.

Alternatives To Taking Your PS5 On Checked Baggage.

If you don’t have space for your PS5 or bother yourself with the airport rules, you can always ship your PS5 to your destination or rent one when you get there.

This might not be the best option, but some gamers prefer to ship their PS5 as it can save some hassle and worry.

A practical option is to rent a PS5 at your destination instead of carrying your own.

This will save some space and weight in your luggage, while you have access to video games without the hassle of transporting your console.

But in some destinations this can also be quite difficult and inconvenient, as you have to find a reliable and affordable rental service, and adjust to a different PS5 model, account, or game library.

Final Thoughts

The verdict is clear: you can bring your PS5 on a plane. Whether you choose to stow it in your carry-on or in your checked luggage, the key is to follow TSA guidelines for security screening, stay within your airline size limits and make sure your cherished PS5 is well protected.

So, go ahead, pack that PS5 with confidence.

Happy travels.


Can I play my PS5 on a plane?

if you can’t resist the urge to press the power button, note that most airlines have a list of devices that passengers can’t use onboard, TVs, game consoles and radio frequency receivers are among these devices. so keep that game console switched off until you get to your destination.

Can I bring my PS5 on a plane for free?

You can, most of the major airlines do not charge for carry-on baggage and the first checked bag, stow your PS5 inside your bag and you are good to go.

Can I bring my PS5 on a plane without the box?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. If you bring your PS5 on a plane without its original box, ensure that you use another solid bag otherwise you are risking your PS5 to be damaged or crushed.

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