Can You Bring a Nintendo Switch On A Plane? 2023

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If you are worried about whether you are allowed to take your Nintendo Switch with you on a plane, and what are the restrictions when traveling with such items.

In this article I will unpack everything about traveling with a Nintendo Switch in both carry-on and checked luggage.

The short answer is Yes, you can take a Nintendo Switch on a plane in both carry on and checked baggage. According to the TSA, you can take any kind of electronic devices like laptops, tablets,phones and Nintendo Switches on a plane without restrictions.

Let’s dive right in.

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Nintendo Switch TSA

The TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) regulates airport security; they screen passengers’ luggage to make sure that the airplane is safe and no dangerous items are brought on board.

Here is what the TSA has to say about taking Nintendo Switch through the security checkpoint and carry-on baggage.

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The TSA grant the green light to Samantha but she has to remove her Nintendo Switch and any electronic devices larger than a cell phone and place them in a bin for X-ray screening

So prepare your Nintendo Switch prior to your flight and remove it from your carry-on bag for a separate screening.

Can I Take a Nintendo Switch In Carry-On Luggage?

You can bring any type of Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch lite in your carry-on luggage on most airlines.

You can take Nintendo Switch in the cabin as your carry-on baggage without limits.

If you are not planning to use your Nintendo switch during your flight and you want to take it inside your carry-on luggage make sure that you carefully secure your Nintendo and ensure your other electronics and cables are wrapped.

Cynthia asked the TSA if her brand new Nintendo Switch is allowed in carry on luggage.

And the TSA customer service confirmed that gaming consoles are allowed in carry-on bags.

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Can I Take a Nintendo Switch In Checked luggage?

Yes, they are allowed in checked luggage without any restrictions, however the main reason many passengers take their Nintendo Switch on flights is to play and pass time especially on long flights.

Even though it is not advised to pack your electronics in checked baggage, we recommend packing your Nintendo Switch in your carry-on even if you don’t plan to use it.

As you know things don’t always go as planned, and there’s no guarantee that your luggage will arrive on time, so don’t take the risk of losing your items.

In addition, The FAA does not recommend placing electronics in checked baggage; there are more risks on stowing electronic devices in a plane’s cargo hold.

How To Travel With Your Nintendo Switch?

Before you head to the airport check that your device is charged even if you know that your airplane will have power outlets.

Some airplanes have power outlets, and if you conduct a small research on your aircraft you can skip using a power bank.

Also make sure to use a durable carrying case bag with special pockets so it can take all your switch accessories and games.

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Can You Use Your Nintendo Switch On A Flight?

Yes, of course you can enjoy and play with your Nintendo on your flight.

Just turn on airplane mode on your Nintendo switch, here is how to do it:

  1. Press and hold the HOME Button for at least one second to access Quick Settings.
  2. From the Quick Settings screen, select Airplane Mode, then press A to activate it. To deactivate it, press A again.

You can turn on Bluetooth while you are in airplane mode to use the controllers. You can read more on the Nintendo website .

Charge Your Nintendo Switch On A Plane

Most switches can be charged using a USB cable, you can just plug the USB cable in the outlet and plug the other part of the cable in your Nintendo Switch and voila.

As mentioned above, if the airline you are traveling with does not have the possibility to charge your device, you can take a power bank. It is really helpful to always keep a power bank on your bag because most of the common ones are FAA approved. Even if you don’t need it in your flight you will need it to charge your phone, iPad, computer or any other device anytime.

Ensure that you don’t forget or leave your or your sons Nintendo Switch behind you when you leave the airplane.


Traveling With Nintendo Switch On International Flights

When traveling internationally the rules of your destination country will apply.

There are no strict rules on Switches as they are safe and easy to scan, just ensure to take out your switch for your bag or inform the security officer that you have one inside your bag.

It is better to give a quick look to your destination country airport rules.

Final Thoughts

You can take your Nintendo Switch or any kind of game console on planes in both carry-on luggage and checked baggage.

The TSA agent will ask you to remove your Nintendo Switch from your bag and place it in a separated cabin for further inspection.

If you want to spend less time at the security checkpoint ensure that you organize your bag, make electronics accessible so you can easily reach them.

We don’t recommend placing your Nintendo Switch in checked luggage unless you don’t have any choice, If you do ensure that it is well protected and secured before handling your suitcase to the airline.

And finally, remember to charge your Nintendo Switch before your flight!

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