Can You Take Pistachios On a Plane? TSA Rules 2024

If you have a strong admiration for those crunchy pistachios, or you just want to bring a bag of pistachios as a gift. In this post, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about flying with pistachios, from carry-on to checked baggage, and share some tips and dips for making the most of your pistachio-packed trip. 

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Can You Bring Pistachios in Carry-On ? (TSA Rules)

The TSA didn’t specifically mention pistachios on its website, but they have a section about nuts.

And according to the TSA website, nuts are considered solid food so they are good to go in carry-on bags without any restrictions.

Here is the AskTSA customer service on X confirming to Giuliana that pistachios are good to go on board the airplanes.

The TSA team responded:

“On flights within or departing the U.S., solid foods, including pistachios, are allowed in carry-on bags with no quantity limitations. Generally, scales are allowed in carry-on bags….”

@AskTSA on X

They continued:

“….Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening if it triggers an alarm during the screening process or poses other security concerns based on size or weight.”

@AskTSA on X

This means that the final decision will rest with the TSA checkpoint officer searching your bag.

Don’t worry, the TSA guys are nice and are there to ensure that you travel safely.

it’s unlikely that they will confiscate any item unless it is a threat to the security of the airplane and passengers.

So to avoid any inconvenience with the TSA clerks, here are some things you need to keep in mind when bringing pistachios in your carry-on bag. 

First, you need to keep your pistachios in its original packaging or use a clear, resealable plastic bag or container, so that the TSA officers can easily see what you have. 

Second, you need to be prepared to separate your pistachios from your other items, such as liquids, powders, or electronics, when going through the security checkpoint. 

This is because pistachios and other foods can clutter your bag and obstruct the X-ray machine, making it harder for the TSA officers to screen your bag.

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Pistachios Carry-on Baggage Size Requirements

One of the main drawbacks of bringing large quantities of pistachios in your carry-on bag is that they will take up space and add weight in your suitcase. 

This means that you might have less room for other items, such as clothes, shoes, or souvenirs. It also means that you might have to pay extra fees if your suitcase exceeds the size or weight limit of your airline. 

To avoid this, you should check the baggage policy of your airline before you fly (luggage calculator link), and make sure that your suitcase meets their size requirements.

If your suitcase is too heavy or too large, you might have to remove some of your pistachios or other items, or pay a hefty fee and your carry-on will be gate checked.

Can You Bring Pistachio Spread On Plane?

You can bring pistachio spread and paste on a plane, packed in both your carry on and checked bags. But if packed in your carry-on, your pistachio spread must not exceed 3.4oz/100ml for each container. 

This is because of the 3-1-1 rule that prohibits passengers from packing any liquids, gels, creams and pasts in their carry-on that exceed 3.4oz/100ml.

Your pistachio spread must also be packed in a clear, resealable quart sized bag.

Can You Bring Pistachios in Your Checked Bag?

If you want to take more pistachios than you can fit in your carry-on bag, you can always put them in your checked bag. 

The TSA rules for bringing pistachios in your checked baggage are much more relaxed than the ones for carry-on. 

You can bring as many pistachios as you want, in any size or shape of container, and you don’t have to worry about the security checkpoint.

If you have some expensive type of pistachios and want to pack them in your checked bag, just  give it another thought as they might get damaged or lost during the flight. 

Packing Pistachios in Checked Baggage

Packing pistachios is not a complicated thing.

But there are a few basic rules you should know because your suitcase sometimes will go through some rough handling, tossing, and bumping, which could cause your pistachios to crack, crumble, or spill.

Place your pistachios in the middle of your suitcase, surrounded by other items, such as clothes, shoes, or books. This will create a safe zone and prevent your pistachios from moving around or getting crushed by other items.

Can You Take Pistachios on International Flights?

If you’re flying internationally, you will need to double check the customs regulations of your destination country. 

Some countries have strict rules about bringing food items, especially nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and vegetables, into their territory. 

This is because they want to prevent importing pests, diseases, or invasive species that could harm their agriculture or environment, and these rules can change also.

If you attempt to bring pistachios into a country that prohibits or restricts them, you might cause yourself some fines, penalties, or confiscation of your pistachios. 

To avoid this, you will need to check the website of your destination country before you fly,  or just contact your airline beforehand to provide you with the correct information.

Final Thoughts

On domestic flights you can bring any brand of pistachios whether it is Rostaa, Happilo or Nutty Gritties on a plane carry-on and checked bags.

But when traveling internationally you can bring pistachios and consume them on board the airplane. However; if you are planning to enter the country with them it is better to verify whether your destination country allows those pistachios on their territories.

This will help avoid your pistachios being confiscated or wasted.

Hope this helps 

Happy travels

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