Do Hotels Have Microwaves?


  • Not all hotel rooms will have microwaves.
  • According to American Hotel & Lodging Association in 2021, only less than 14% of hotels have microwaves in their rooms.
  • Luxury hotels, extended stay hotels, and those catering to families or groups are more likely to have microwaves in every room.
  • Some hotels may choose to not offer microwaves as they are a fire hazard, maintenance costs, or limited space.
  • If your hotel does not have a microwave, consider options like asking the hotel staff, bring your own, but my favorite option is to ask a local restaurant for help.
  • Be mindful when using a hotel microwave on a hotel room, don’t blew things up.

Do All Hotels Have Microwaves?

High class hotels and resorts are more likely to have microwaves in guest rooms and suites, as their guests expect high-quality amenities and personalized services.

Hotels that provide extended stay options or kitchenettes are also more likely to offer microwaves as well.

This is because guests who book for longer periods may prefer cooking for themselves or heat up meals in their rooms rather than eat in a restaurant.

Similarly, hotels that cook for families or people with dietary needs may provide microwaves in some areas, such as the lobby or breakfast room.

On the other hand, budget hotels and motels may not offer microwaves in their rooms, as they focus on providing basic and affordable accommodations.

Some hotels may not have microwaves for different reasons, like for safety concerns, limited space or just because they provide food and they want you to pay for it instead of preparing your meal or bring it outside.

Luxury hotels

Hotel NameMicrowave Availability
Residence InnYes 
The Lucerne HotelYes 
Hotel BeaconYes 
Homewood SuitesYes 
Romer Hell’s KitchenYes 
Candlewood SuitesYes 

Extended Stay Hotels

Hotel NameMicrowave Availability
Staybridge SuitesYes 
the beeman hotelYes 
TownePlace SuitesYes 
Springhill SuitesNo
Extended Stay AmericaYes 
Candlewood SuitesYes 

Suite Hotels

Hotel NameMicrowave Availability
Embassy SuitesYes 
Hilton Garden Inn SuitesYes 
Hyatt HouseYes 
Comfort Inn & SuitesNo

Budget Hotels

Hotel NameMicrowave Availability
Super 8Yes 
Motel 6Yes but sometime you will need to request it
Red Roof InnYes 
AirbnbsVaries by host

What If There Isn’t a Microwave in Your Hotel Room

If your hotel doesn’t have a microwave and you need one during your stay, here are some alternative options that you can consider:

Call the front desk

The first thing you should do is to ask the hotel staff if they have a microwave available.

But before you call the front desk, ensure that the microwave is not in a hidden spot in the room.

Here is an answer on Reddit from a housekeeper:

I’ve worked with several different brands and we always had microwaves. The place I’m at now, people often call and ask where it is, then feel dumb because the microwave is sitting just above eye level for them. The last place I actually stayed, it took me a few minutes to find it behind the fancy hidden door in the cabinet“.

Use a hot pot or a kettle 

While post and kettles are not as versatile as a microwave, but you can sue them to heat up soups, noodles, and other foods that require hot water.

Use an iron

Screenshot from X

Believe it or not, a hotel cloth iron can be used to heat up food.

Simply wrap your food in aluminum foil and place it on the ironing board, then place the hot iron on top of the foil and wait a few minutes for your food to heat up.

Ask a local restaurant 

In case your hotel does not have any microwave and you don’t want to eat cold udon, many local restaurants will be willing to help.

Simply reach out to a restaurant, make some contact with clerks working there and I’m sure someone will be delighted to heat up your udon, just don’t forget to tip if you can.

When I stay at a hotel for few hours, I never ask for a microwave. It’s not only because my charge for extra things, but also because it is an opportunity to try the local street food wherever I’m staying.


Bring your own

Another option is to bring your own microwave or warmer. This may not be practical for everyone, but you can literally pack a small microwave without any issues.

If you’re also traveling by car or have access to a rental car, you can bring a small portable microwave with you on your trip.

Things To Know Before Using Hotel Microwaves

If your hotel have a microwave, here are some tips to keep in mind before using it:

Clean the microwave 

Many hotels will ensure the microwave is clean and free from any remnants and smells before handing it to a guest, but it’s a good idea to always do some cleaning to any kitchen appliances before you use it.

Take a wet cloth or sponge, wipe the inside of the microwave and it’s clean and ready to use.

Check the microwave watts

Not all hotel microwaves are similar so they can vary in wattage, which might affect the cooking or heating time. 

So check the wattage of the microwave before using it and adjust your cooking times accordingly.

Use microwave-safe containers

Make sure to use containers that are designed for microwave use.

Avoid using metal or plastic containers that are not microwave-safe, as they can cause a fire or release harmful chemicals.

Cover your food

Make sure that you cover your food with a microwave safe lid or plastic wrap to prevent splatters and spills.

Ensure that you leave a small vent for steam to escape.

Stir your food

Stirring your food halfway through the cooking time will ensure to disperse temperature evenly.

Be careful when removing hot food

Use oven mitts or a towel to remove hot dishes from the microwave, as they can be very hot.

Clean up after you use the microwave

Be sure to clean up any spills or messes in the microwave after using it. Most hotels provide paper towels or napkins for this purpose.

The takeaway

While not all hotels provide microwaves or even a working in-room microwave.

Luxury and high end hotels are more likely to provide them in their rooms or kitchens.

If you are staying in a budget hotel, there are always ways to avid eating that frozen burrito.

You can ask the hotel staff for a microwave, pack your own appliance with you, or you can just ask a local restaurant for help.

Hope this helps 

Happy travels.

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