How Strict Is JetBlue On Checked Baggage Size?

JetBlue is notorious for being strict when it comes to cabin baggage size. If you are even the slightest bit over the max dimensions, you can ‘enjoy’ extra fees.

So, it should come as no surprise that people start wondering ‘how strict is JetBlue on checked baggage size?’.

JetBlue is very strict when it comes to checked baggage. If you go over the limits (normally 50 lbs in weight, max total dimensions of 62”), then you’ll be charged an oversized baggage fee of $150-$300. So, you’ll want to double-check the size / weight of your bag before you turn up at the airport.

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JetBlue Checked Baggage Restrictions

Unlike many other airlines, JetBlue changes the max bag size requirements depending on where you are traveling:

  • If traveling to the US/Caribbean/Latin America, then your max bag weight can be 70lbs.
  • If traveling to the UK or the rest of Europe, then the max bag weight is 50lbs.

In both cases, the max total dimensions for your bag is 62” (add together height, weight, and width).

We recommend that you double-check the checked baggage restrictions before you travel. Everything that you need to know will be written on your booking receipt.

Remember, these requirements only apply to checked suitcases. If you have paid separately to check in sporting equipment, etc.

then different requirements will apply. If you’re unsure what they are, then reach out to JetBlue. Although, once again, all that information should be on your booking.

Can You Go Over Checked Baggage Limits? 

You can go a little over. For example, while the weight limit is 50 lbs, you can go up to 50.9 lbs. If the size limit is 62”, then you can go up to 62.9”.

If you go beyond this, then you’ll be taking a risk, especially when it comes to weight.

Because JetBlue must weigh your bag before you check it in, they’ll always know that it is overweight. They’ll only measure your bag’s dimensions if it looks oversized.

Once you go over the limits, JetBlue is notoriously tough. If you go over, you will be charged. We’ll discuss the fees in the next section. But do bear in mind that you’ll have to pay right away.

JetBlue won’t let you pay later. If you can’t pay, you’ll be told to bring your checked baggage down to the allowed limits, or you’ll be asked to leave the bag behind.

You can’t convince them otherwise. The company is strict on bag policy.

If your bag is oversized, then JetBlue may not let you travel with it. It’ll depend on the amount of space on the aircraft.

You’ll never be able to travel with bags above 99lbs in weight or 80” total dimensions.

It is important to note that this isn’t JetBlue trying to grab more cash from you. It is because baggage handlers at the airport have fees. Oversized baggage needs to be handled in a different way.

This costs JetBlue more cash, so they want to deter people from bringing more luggage than they booked.

How Much Does JetBlue Charge for Overweight and Oversized Checked Baggage?

JetBlue has a flat $150 for each ‘violation’ of their baggage rules. So, if your checked baggage is either overweight or oversized, you’ll pay $150.

If your bag is both, then you could be paying a whopping $300.

Bring an extra ‘unplanned’ bag? You’ll be paying $450.

Obviously, you really don’t want to be paying those fees for your checked luggage. So, a couple of days before you travel you should measure and weigh your bag.

If you believe the bag will go over limits, add an extra bag to your booking.

It’ll cost around $65 (depending on your class, destination, and how many bags you have already checked).

You cannot pay for extra bags after you have used online check-in!

If you’re at the airport and find that your bag is oversized/overweight, then ask to leave the check-in desk.

You can then move things between bags. Remember, there are no weight restrictions for cabin luggage, so feel free to move anything into a cabin bag (assuming you don’t go over size limits, or breach TSA guidelines).

Of course, if your checked baggage is massively overweight and you haven’t booked an extra bag, then you’ll have no choice but to pay that $150.

Final Thoughts

JetBlue is very strict when you go over max weights and dimensions for your checked luggage.

You could be paying up to $300 for every bag that is oversized.

If you know that your bag will be a bit too big, we recommend that you pay for an extra bag before your trip. It’ll cost a lot less.

It’ll save you a lot of headaches at the airport too.