Can You Bring Parachute On a Plane ? 2024

As skydiving has been a popular and fun thing to do, it is not surprising that you may want to do skydiving in different spots, but are you even allowed to bring your parachute or parasails on a plane.

The TSA (The Transportation Security Administration ) stated that you can bring parachutes on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage but it should be done safely and correctly to ensure that the parachute didn’t get damaged.

The TSA and the airport securities in general recommend arriving at the airport 30 minutes before the airline recommended time so you can assist with the screening and packing of your parachute and gain some time. 

To fully comprehend the rules when traveling with parachutes keep reading because in this post we will cover everything you need to know before heading to the airport.

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Can You Bring a Parachute In Carry-On?

The simple answer to this question is yes, the TSA stated on its website that parachutes are allowed through the security checkpoint and in both carry-on and checked luggage.

Here is what the TSA has to say about traveling with parachutes.

TSA rules on taking parachutes
TSA rules on taking parachutes

And as the TSA always stated,”the final decision rests with the security officer at the airport to decide whether an item is allowed or not on board the airplane.

Since a parachute is not classified as a dangerous item you can bring it as carry-on luggage on most airlines, the only thing you need to consider is your airline carry-on size.

Ensure that your parachute bag is not too large so it can fit under the seat in front of you, Otherwise you will be required to send it in checked baggage.

Rayan and his friends had a debate about taking a packed parachute in carry-on baggage, and asked the TSA to settle the debate by answering his inquiry.

The TSA customer service replied the same answer ” parachutes are good to go in carry-on luggage with or without the automatic activation system , but even though the parachutes are generally allowed they may be subject to additional screening. or the TSA officer may not allow them onboard the airplane if they have a safety concern .”

The TSA answer on taking parachute in carry on
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Charlie wanted to know if he can bring his own personal parachute through the security checkpoint and on board the airplane, just in case something happens.

The TSA answer on taking parachute through the security checkpoint
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The TSA writes that he can bring his personal parachute on board the airplane without any problem.

Even though taking a parachute on a commercial flight for safety reasons is not practical even if you are an experienced skydiver, due to the high speed of the airplane, and the freezing temperatures at that high altitude.

Take Parachute In Checked Luggage

Most airlines advise to send bulk items like parachutes or other sport equipment in checked luggage, because most of the time they won’t fit as carry-on luggage. 

But the TSA also stated that if the parachute needs further inspection before going in checked luggage, they will need you to be present.

If you are not around they will call your name using the airport intercom system, so you can witness the inspection of your parachute and pack it back to its original state.

There are some downsides when traveling with a parachute in checked baggage, which is the hefty charges, and the risk that your parachute could be lost. Some baggage handlers (not all of them )do not handle the items carefully which could lead your parachute to being damaged.

Whenever you receive your parachute at the arrivals, ensure that it is still intact and there is no damage before you leave the airport.


Jacob asked the TSA customer service on twitter if he can bring hIs parachute in checked luggage.

The TSA answer on taking parachute in checked baggage
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The AskTSA customer service replied that Parachutes with or without Automatic Activation Devices are permitted in checked bags. but they may be subject for additional screening or they may not be allowed if they triggered the  alarm during the screening process.

Taking Parachutes On International Flights

If you are traveling from another country or departing from the US then the TSA rules apply.

However; if you are flying from another country then the airport security rules from your departure country will apply also.

Most countries around the world permit parachutes in hand luggage or checked baggage.

Even though parachutes are not common items that many people are taking all the time, still most airlines do allow them, especially as checked baggage.

Final Thoughts

The TSA stated that you can bring a parachute on a plane, but there are restrictions on where you can place your parachute depending on the airline and the size of your parachute.

It is advisable to arrive at the airport early, at least 30 minutes before the recommended time, so you can make all the necessary arrangements for your parachute even before other fellow passengers arrive.

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