Can You Bring Boxing Gloves On a Plane ? 2024

If you are into the boxing sport or you like to do some workouts from time to time, then you may think to bring your boxing gloves with you on a plane and wherever you go.

But are boxing gloves allowed on planes and what are the airline’s rules on taking boxing gloves on board the airplane.

Boxing gloves are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage on flights within and outside the United States, there are no restrictions on a certain type of gloves, but it is better to avoid transporting expensive gloves in checked luggage.

Keep reading because in this post we will cover everything you need to know about traveling with boxing gloves, how to pack them and 

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Can You Bring Boxing Gloves Through TSA?

The TSA stated on its website that boxing gloves are allowed through the security checkpoint without any problem.

Boxing gloves are not considered a weapon or a dangerous item that you can use as a weapon to hit someone in the head.

But as the TSA always claimed, the security officer at the airport has the final decision to decide whether an item is allowed or not.

Here is what the TSA have to say about traveling with boxing gloves:

The TSA website

Taking other boxing gear along in your carry-on luggage, you will need to ensure that your bag is within your airlines carry-on size and weight limits.

Carry-on luggage it is mostly the size that matters, ensure that your bag will be placed easily in the overhead cabin or under the seat infant of you.

Take Boxing Gloves In Checked Luggage

There are no restrictions on taking boxing gloves in checked luggage, except that you will need to abide by the airline checked luggage size and weight.

If you have a large gym bag and you are traveling with all your boxing gear, it is probably better to send it as checked luggage.

Please keep in mind that any expensive boxing gloves or items in general are at risk of being stolen or damaged, it is better to pack expensive gear, and any items that you are afraid of losing in your carry on bag if it is possible.

We have checked Twitter to find more information and some answers from the TSA and airlines.

@Ronan asked the TSA directly if it is okay to bring these beautiful EVERLAST boxing gloves on board the airplane.


The TSA customer service answered that boxing gloves are good to go in carry-on luggage, and they do not mention any restrictions or that boxing gloves need to be packed in a certain way.

Cody wanted to bring this red boxing gel vest on a United flight.


This time the AskTSA gave the red light to Cody that boxing gloves are allowed through the security checkpoint, meaning that the same rules are applied to other airlines within the US.

Traveling With Boxing Gloves On International Flights

Traveling with gloves on an international flight is almost the same as a domestic flight, as the boxing gloves are not considered a dangerous item.

If you are traveling with high value boxing gloves, it is better to contact your airline prior booking or heading to the airport.

However if you don’t contact your airline it is better to send your gym bag in as checked baggage to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

It is true that they are not considered a dangerous item or a weapon, but some airlines may have weird rules, and they will not even mention them on their website, so you don’t want to face any issues at the airport or run the risk of leaving your gloves at the airport.

Final Thoughts

It’s no problem to bring boxing gloves on a plane, you can pack them in both carry-on and checked luggage without any problem.

you don’t need to take them out at the security checkpoint, and you don’t even need to inform the airport security agent.

The same rules are applied in both domestic and International flights.

If you are traveling with a large gym bag ensure that you check your airline hand luggage size limits, otherwise you will be surprised at the airport.

Happy travels

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