Can You Use Bluetooth On a Plane? 2024

So can you use Bluetooth on a plane? and is it safe to use Bluetooth on flights?

Early on, placing your wireless headphones on top of your head and proceeding to the airport; you don’t have to think twice about it.

But, with the raising of the new technologies, Bluetooth is integrated on almost everything, Airpods, keyboards and other top notch wireless headphones, so airlines and the FAA have to modify their approach and allow all kinds of Bluetooth devices on their flights.

Here is a quick answer: yes, you can use Bluetooth on a plane, however, you will need to follow your airline instructions, for example during take off and landing you will need to put your device in the airplane mode (especially phones ).

And some airlines will not allow using Bluetooth and other electronics until the aircraft reaches a certain height and mostly above 10,000 feet.

Keep reading for more details about using bluetooth on planes, how to use Bluetooth on flight mode and how to connect your wireless headphones to the setback screen.

Lest’s dive right in.

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Can You Use Wireless Bluetooth Headphones on Planes?

You can use your Bluetooth or wireless headphones without any problem.

The FAA ( The Federal Aviation Administration is the largest transportation agency of the U.S ) allows airlines to expand the use of personal electronics but with the airplane mode activated so passengers won’t make or receive any calls during their flights ” no signal bars displayed ” the FAA added.

The FAA also allows the use of short-range Bluetooth accessories, like wireless keyboards, headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

What Is The Rules on Using Bluetooth on Airplanes?

Most Airlines have some restrictions on using electronic devices and Bluetooth on their flights.

You have to turn the airplane mode on your device and do not use your device during the takeoff and landing.

However; the FAA regulates the use of electronic devices on planes, the FAA added that the airlines have the final decision about allowing Bluetooth devices on their flights.

For example United Airlines does not have any problem taking any kind of Bluetooth devices on any of its airplanes, on the other hand, Air Canada does not allow the use of Bluetooth devices on planes with no WiFi installed.

How to Use Bluetooth with Airplane Mode on iPhone?

To activate your android phone iPhone, iPad, or iPod Bluetooth while you are in airplane mode is easy.

  1. Simply go to the setting in the home screen
  2. Activate airplane mode
  3. Enable the Bluetooth and then your device will pop up and then tape to connect.

Is Bluetooth allowed on flights?

Here is what major airlines are saying about using Bluetooth on their airplanes.

American Airlines

This passenger asked AA if his wireless / Bluetooth earbuds are allowed on flights?

American Air replied ” Absolutely! We suggest downloading our app before boarding to get access to our entertainment library on board”.

United Airlines

Winfred wants to take Bluetooth headphones on a United Airlines flight.

United Airlines has no problem using Bluetooth headphones on board.

The good news is United airline announced that you can connect your Bluetooth headphones or airpods to the setback screens and enjoy an inflight entertainment program.


Matt asked Delta if Bluetooth headphones are permitted during any of their flights.

Delta confirmed Bluetooth headphones are permitted on board.


Jetblue says that you can use Bluetooth headphones during your flight.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines do not have any restrictions on using Bluetooth devices on their flights.

Southwest Airlines

Just like Alaska Airlines, Southwest replied to this passenger that using Bluetooth headphones are allowed on board, and he shouldn’t have any issues.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines customer service replied “Bluetooth headphones would be perfectly fine”.

Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air has no issue on using any Bluetooth devices on their flights.

Air Canada

Air Canada allows Bluetooth only on flights that have WiFi.

Here is what Air Canada answers Mitch about using Bluetooth Headphones on board.

“On all aircraft with WiFi connectivity, use of Bluetooth is permitted. Aircrafts without WiFi, usage is not permitted as this device can interfere with navigational and/or communication equipment

Meaning you have to check first if the airplane you are flying first has WiFi or not.

British Airways

British Airways allow use of Bluetooth devices, keyboard or headphones on their flights, however; they must be switched off during the take off and landing.

What Electronic Devices Can I Use Onboard Your Aircraft And Does Bluetooth Work On a Plane?

Yes Bluetooth works on almost any airplanes.

You can use almost any electronic device on board as long as the airline permit using Bluetooth on board and if the cellular data is off.

Connect Wireless Headphones with Seat-back screen With No Bluetooth Options

If a seat-back screen does not have WiFi options there are different ways to connect your headphone. And if you’re looking for a suggestion, you can use wireless Transmitters you can find one in a local shop, or buy one on Amazon. 

The AirFly Pro for Wireless Headphones is the trick most passengers use, instead of keeping a set of wired headphones in your carry on; you can always keep this and use it anytime.

Final Thoughts

Most airlines are working hard to provide the latest technology for their customers.

So you can use Bluetooth on a plane and any Bluetooth device on most airlines without any problem.

Most passengers want to use their Bluetooth headphones, keyboard or other small devices which are considered short range Bluetooth devices and most airlines do not have any issue on using them.

For intentional flight, as we stated above some airlines may not allow using Bluetooth and certain devices until the aircraft reaches a particular height and mostly above 10,000 feet, and the flight attendant will inform you when you can use your personal devices.

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