Can I take a Computer Keyboard On a Plane? 2024

So can you take a computer keyboard on a plane?

If you are planning to bring a mechanical or a computer keyboard, wireless keyboard, gaming keyboard or any other type of keyboard, you should have no problems getting through airport security.

However traveling with electronics can be tricky, you will need to be aware of some rules especially wireless electronics that use lithium batteries.

Wireless keyboards have batteries which makes them electronics in the eyes of the TSA.

So what are the regulations when taking your computer keyboard with you when you fly?

This article will explore everything about taking keyboards, a hand or checked luggage. I will shed some light on airline’s rules and regulations, you’ll also get to see some tips on how to protect your keyboard if you decide to transport it in your checked luggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I take a Computer Keyboard On a Plane?

TSA rules

The short and simple answer: YES.

According to the TSA you can bring both wired and wireless computer keyboards through the security checkpoint without any problem.

This passenger asked the TSA if a computer keyboard and mouse were in carry-on baggage, and the TSA replied that keyboards are allowed in carry-on baggage without any problem.

However, the final decision rests with the TSA officer at the airport , but they have no reason to stop you bringing your keyboard on your flight.

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Do I have to take my keyboard out at TSA?

The TSA officer will not ask you to remove your keyboard or any electronics in general larger than a phone from your bag for additional screening, Laptops and tablets will be required to remove them from the bag and placed in a separate tray.

However the TSA agent is always the final decision when it comes to requiring additional screening for such items.

Micheal wanted to know if he had to take out his wireless keyboard and mouse at the security checkpoint and the TSA confirmed ” You can leave your keyboard and mouse in your carry-on bag for x-ray screening.”

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Can You Fly With a Computer Keyboard In Carry-On Luggage?

As stated above the TSA and most of the airlines allowed keyboards to carry on luggage without restrictions.

Whether you are traveling with a small keyboard or a large one, make sure that your accessories are well organized and protected. Also they’re easily accessible in case you need to use them on board and you may have to remove them from your bag when you go through the airport security checkpoint.

Forgetting to organize your electronics may cause some unnecessary inconvenience or even some delays.

TIP: Packing electronics in carry-on luggage is a good idea to easily have access to them and minimize the chance of your belongings getting delayed since you don’t need to wait for your baggage once you reach your destination airport. This might seem obvious, but so many travelers are not aware of it and they still send their electronics in checked baggage, that is why their electronics get damaged. If you don’t have a choice and you should check some of your electronics, always make sure to keep your most fragile and essential items with you.

Can You Pack a Computer Keyboard In Checked Luggage?

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You can pack both wireless or wired keyboards in checked luggage on most airlines without any problem, however; it is not the best approach unless you don’t have other choice.

Checked luggage will sometimes be delayed or damaged. even lost or stolen, so it is better to avoid risking any electronics or other expensive items inside your checked baggage.

If you decide to take your keyboard in checked baggage just make sure that it is well protected and is covered correctly, sometimes electronics and fragile items get some serious damage during transit.

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Can We Carry a Computer Keyboard In International Flight?

Traveling with a computer keyboard or electronics in general internationally differ from one country to another also will require individual airline permits.

But most keyboards are good to bring on international flights with almost any airline, just make sure that your keyboard does not exceed the carry-on size of your airlines.

But, if you find it challenging to meet carry-on luggage limits of your airline you can contact the airline on Twitter and they will answer your question, or just find out the airline luggage size and weight limits.

The Best Way To Travel With Electronics

When traveling with your keyboard you can simply place it inside your bag and secure it with your clothes or any soft cloth. However regular luggage bags don’t offer enough safety for keyboards, or other electronics. That’s why travel cases will help you carry your keyboard smartly.

You can use a keyboard case (Amazon link), and what is really different about these cases is that they will protect your keyboard when traveling scratches.

Pack Your Keyboard Neatly

To keep your computer keyboard in a good shape all the time when traveling it is recommended to protect it properly even when you are using a case.

Also it will be better to place all of your electronic gadgets such as laptops and other equipment in a hard-sided carry-on or cabin bag.

Traveling with a hard-sided suitcase will keep everything protected and will reduce the chances that electronics or keyboard get damaged.

TIP: Check out this Samsonite Freeform Hardside carry-on bag on Amazon, it is great not just for traveling but for serving as a protector to your items. Samsonite bags are ridiculously lightweight, solid and spacious – the carry-on can fit them in almost any airline carry-on baggage size.


Computer keyboards are allowed through the security checkpoint and in both carry-on and checked baggage without any problem.

If you are traveling with a small airline make sure to review the airline luggage allowance, you can also contact the airline and ask them if you can pack your computer keyboard into your carry-on luggage or into the travel bags as checked luggage.

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