Can you take vitamins in checked luggage?

So can you take vitamins in checked luggage? And how to pack your vitamins for your flight?

Every one of us has a daily necessity of vitamins he should take.

And when hitting the road there is more chance that it can be challenging to get enough needed energy from just the food you eat, thereby traveling with vitamins is a brilliant idea.

For example, Vitamin C has some powerful benefits that can help and protect from colds and flu, Vitamin E is known to increase energy, improve strength and reduce the levels of oxidative stress on muscles.

But traveling with vitamins and any other medicine pills comes with some rules in some cases, whether in carry on or checked baggage.

Here is a short answer before we dig in more.

According to the TSA you can bring your Vitamins in your carry on and checked baggage without any restrictions, vitamins are allowed as long as they are solid, or powders, otherwise if your vitamins which are liquids you are only allowed to take 3.4 oz 100 ml or less in a single container. Other essential medicines the TSA allows them onboard without limits even if they are liquids, gels, and aerosols in reasonable quantities for your trip, but you must declare them to TSA officers at the checkpoint for inspection.

Let’s dive right in.

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Vitamins in checked luggage

All sorts of vitamins are allowed in check baggage, without any limits.

Solid vitamins have no restrictions, and you can bring any amount you need .

This traveler wanted to know if powdered Vitamins are allowed in checked baggage, and the TSA confirmed that vitamins are permitted in checked baggage without any restrictions.

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Can you take pills and vitamins Through the TSA checkpoint

Yes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to bring pills and solid, or gummy vitamins or other types of vitamins through airport security in your carry-on baggage.According to the TSA liquid vitamins are permitted and they must be no more than 3.4 oz in a single container and packed in quart-sized bags.

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Does the TSA look in pill bottles?

When traveling with powders or other supplements, the TSA officer will ask you to remove them from your bag and place them in a separate bin for further inspections.

The same thing with pills or tablets will be subject to additional screening and the TSA officer will ask you to open your bottles.

Can you take vitamins in carry on luggage?

You can take solid vitamins in carry baggage on most airlines. Liquid products must be less than 3.4 oz for each container and must be inside a transparent quart size bag.

Solid vitamins are not required to be placed inside a transparent sealed quart size bag.

Pills or vitamins for medical use are permitted in your carry-on baggage without limits if they are screened, the TSA and most airlines recommend placing medicines inside your hand bag or personal item for easy access in case your carry-on bag is gate checked.

This passenger wants to know if it is OK to bring this face serum vitamin C in carry-on baggage, but the rules for liquids are straightforward, 3.4 oz 100ml in a single bottle placed in a well sealed and transparent quart-sized bag.

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Can you bring gummy vitamins on a plane?

Gummy vitamins are solid and you can take them in both carry-on and checked baggage without restrictions.

@Laura asked the TSA about this yummy multivitamin if it’s good to go on board, and the TSA confirmed @Laura is free to bring unlimited amounts of gummy vitamins in carry-on luggage.

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Take vitamins on international flights

You can take vitamins in your international flight if the country you are flying to permits them.

When traveling from a US airport the TSA or the airline won’t restrict your vitamins but you will need to check the regulation of your destination airport.

And usually prescription medicines or vitamins are not a big deal if you take only reasonable quantities for personal use.

The laws may change for certain reasons,so you should always find the info on the website of your destination country as some supplements or ingredients may be illegal or legal from place to place.

packing Vitamins for air travel

Most vitamins come in reasonable containers that can be packed easily in a suitcase.

The general rules for packing vitamins is either take a complete bottle or just refill travel containers and store the rest of your vitamins in a cool and dry place at home and away from light.

You can put vitamins in a Ziploc bag also, there is a plethora of zip lock bags for vitamins that are designed specifically for pills and gums, they are just good to keep your vitamins stay cool and dry during your journey.

Do vitamins have to be in original containers when flying?

There is no need to travel with your vitamins in their original package.

Sometimes the Airport security or the TSA required some items to be in their original package, but not for vitamins, and as long as you are transporting the allowed amount and you adhere to the liquid rules you are just fine.

Essential Vitamins to Take While Traveling

When traveling Vitamin C is an essential, it has many roles and has been known with its astonishing benefits; vitamin C is a boost for energy besides protecting cells.

Studies show that consuming more vitamin C will increase your body defense and vitality.

Another Vitamin that will make you feel vibrancy when traveling with is Vitamin B12 that is known for converting food into cellular energy.

Before you use any vitamins make sure that you read about it first, vitamins are really a wide ocean. You can read about any Vitamin in the manufacturer website or just read other people’s reviews.

Final Thoughts

All types of vitamins are allowed on planes, solid, powder and gummy vitamins are permitted with no limits in carry on baggage; while liquids must be in quantities of or less than 3.4 oz 100ml.

traveling with solid or liquid vitamins in checked baggage has no restrictions and you don’t need to inform the airline, so you can bring any amount of vitamins in your checked bag, the only thing you should consider is your airline luggage rules weight.

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