Can You Bring Guinea Pigs On a Plane? 2024

So can you bring Guinea pigs on a plane? And how to transport guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are exceptionally lovely and little cute creatures, and they deserve to feel comfortable and happy and when traveling they should be kept safe and travel in a smooth way.

However , Guinea pigs are considered pets on most airlines , some guinea pigs owners are still confused about traveling with their guinea pigs on a plane, and what conditions they should provide for traveling with a guinea pig.

In this post we have done a deep research about traveling with guinea pigs on planes, and gathered a lot of info, from the TSA official website, airlines regulations and so many other references to make your trip with your guinea pig smooth and comfortable.

Here is a short answer.

The TSA does not restrict small pets or guinea pigs through the security checkpoint so you can bring them without any restrictions, However most Airlines do not allow Guinea pigs in the cabin.

Let’s dive right in.

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Can I bring a Guinea pig on a plane?

Yes, guinea pigs are allowed on planes on most airlines but in checked baggage, Guinea pigs will note take larger space on airplanes however most airlines do not allow them on board.

American airlines, United and Delta and Southwest airlines Do not allow them on board, but rather in check baggage.

Make your flight more comfortable by checking your destination state requirement for traveling with pets or guinea pigs, some states will require a health certificate while others not.

Take Guinea pig through the security checkpoint

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) you are allowed to bring your Guinea pig without any problem. At the checkpoint, you will need to take your pet out of their carrier and place the case in the X ray machine for further screening.

If you are afraid that your Guinea pig will run away or will be stressed you can ask for a physical inspection

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How to travel with a Guinea pig by plane?

Take Guinea pigs in carry on baggage

When flying with your guinea pig it is preferable to take it on board with you and avoid to tress out your lovely creature.

But most Airlines do not allow exotic animals or guinea pigs on board their airplanes, However you can transport your guinea pig as cargo in checked baggage which i don’t recommend if it is not necessary, and will require to contact your airline and make sure they will take care of your little friend.

Airlines CabinCargo
American airlinesNot AllowedAllowed
United Airlines Not Allowed Allowed
Delta airlines Not Allowed Allowed
Southwest airlines Not Allowed Allowed
Frontier Airlines Allowed -flights within the United States. Allowed

Brittany asked American Airlines if she can take her Guinea pig in her pocket on board, but unfortunately AA does not allow taking guinea pigs as carry-on baggage.

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United Airlines does not allow guinea pigs on board its airplanes.

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Delta Airlines also do not allow guinea pigs on board its airplanes.

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Southwest airlines do not allow guinea pigs to carry on baggage.

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Frontier airlines allows Guinea pigs on most of its flights.

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Take Guinea pigs in checked baggage

Most airlines do not have any problem taking guinea pigs in checked baggage, but it will be a wise idea to contact your airlines before taking your little one with you to the airport.

Call your airline and confirm with your Guinea pig reservation.

While it isn’t advised to transport your pet unless necessary, it is very important that your furry friend enjoys his journey also, and the best way to do so is to transport him in a comfortable environment.

A good and Light with Hard Material Carrier will definitely help your guinea pig secure enough and to stay in for a period during the transportation.

How much does it cost to bring a guinea pig on a plane?

Taking your lovely friend in checked baggage will require an applicable fee which varies between airlines and will be confirmed at time of booking and sometimes can be excessive.

For Example frontier will apply a one-way, directional charge of $99 that can be paid in advance during booking. If you do not pay in advance, you’ll need to pay when you check-in your guinea pig.

Can you feed your guinea pig before traveling?

Yes, it is a good idea to give food to your guinea pig before heading to the airport.

While the guinea pig is on his flight, it can be unwilling to eat even if you load his cage with its favorite food.

So feed it a decent amount of fresh greens before leaving home. This will also help to keep it hydrated and possibly help it to take a nap during the flight.

What is the best Guinea pig carrier for travel

Your Guinea pig will likely want to hide when traveling, if you get a carrier make sure to add some covers inside the carrier, like a small cave, that will make him more comfortable and won’t feel anxious.

Selecting a good carrier for your guinea pig is important for their safety and ensuring they don’t get stressed.

A hard-sided travel carrier is the best and safe for your guinea pig as they’re durable and solid. 

Conclusion: Can you bring Guinea pigs on a plane?

However the TSA allows Guinea pigs in the security checkpoint, most airlines do not allow them onboard, however you can take your lovely creature in checked baggage.

Personally I don’t recommend taking your Guinea pig in checked baggage, there is too much risk for him to take.

I’m sure you already know that if you own a guinea pig, they are very sensitive to noises and temperature changes.

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