Can You Bring A Taser On A Plane? 2024

Tasers or stun guns are part of officers’ uniforms and they may not be legal in some states or countries, as they are considered dangerous items.

But some travelers choose to include them in their travel packing list as part of their self-defense, while others are still confused if they can take a taser on a plane.

And here is a short answer.

According to the TSA the Transportation Security Administration tasers are not allowed in carry-on baggage, but you can take them in checked baggage if they are packed properly because most tasers operate with lithium batteries. but first check with your airline and the local laws and regulations of your destination.

Let’s go deep and see more regulations on traveling with tasers or stun guns.

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Can You Take a Taser Through The Security Checkpoint?

According to the TSA any item or object that can be used as a weapon or has a weapon shape will not be allowed in carry-on baggage.

Tasers are considered dangerous items and you are not permitted to take them through the security checkpoint or inside your carry-on on board the airplane.

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Can You Carry A Taser In Your Carry-On Baggage?

The TSA are straightforward about such items, as they considered it a threat for the safety of the passengers and the airplane.

This passenger asked The TSA on twitter if a taser is allowed through the security checkpoint and carry on.

The TSA replied that tasers must be packed in checked baggage.

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If you are traveling with a similar item, The TSA agent may mistake it as a taser, but most of the time you won’t have any problem taking your item on board.

This passenger already experienced the same with her Zoom microphone as shown in the photo.


Can You Carry A Taser In Your Checked Baggage?

You are good to bring a taser in your checked luggage, just make sure that your taser is well protected and wrapped to avoid any accidents at the airport.

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However tasers are good to go in checked baggage, but there may still be some restrictions that you need to know,like the local laws of the state or country you are traveling to because they may consider them as dangerous weapons.

Asia asked AA if she can bring a taser and pepper spray in checked baggage and the airlines replied that they are not allowed in both carry on or checked baggage.

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Airlines Regulations

As many Airlines do not mention traveling with tasers or stun guns on their websites here are what some airlines have to say, we recommend first to check your state local law about possessing a taser and DM your airline to make sure that they allow tasers in checked baggage .

United AirlinesThe TSA allows stun guns only in checked bags if the power source is removed.
American AirlinesSince some devices use lithium ion batteries, you cannot travel with them in your checked bags. You can travel with them in your carry-on, but you’re not allowed to use them on board any flight.
Delta Airlines All battery-operated electronic devices intended for carry-on must be operational; any device that cannot be powered on upon screening will not be permitted onboard.
Hawaiian AirlinesStun guns are not allowed in Hawaii, Tasers and other electroshock weapons are prohibited, unless carried onboard the aircraft by law enforcement personnel who have met the requirements.

Final Thoughts

Although Stun guns are legal in most states you will need a real reason to carry one, and however it is not considered a firearm, which means it is not subject to the same laws, but most states or countries do not allow them.

The TSA and most airlines will not allow any kind of dangerous items in both carry-on or checked baggage. You may say that I just need my taser for self defense and I want to use it on the airplane.

Before you take your taser or stun gun, check first if it is allowed in your destination and if the airline you are traveling with allows them in checked baggage.

We hope this helps

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