Can You Bring a Blender (Juicer) On a Plane? 2024

So can you take a blender in your Suitcase? and how to pack your blender for a flight?

Here is a quick answer.

According to TSA Blenders are allowed on planes in both carry-on and checked baggage, but the blades need to packed in your checked baggage.

Read on to know more about traveling with blender in both carry-on and checked baggage.

Let’s dive right in.

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Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender / courtesy of Amazon

Can you take blenders through TSA checkpoints?

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) official website you are allowed to take blender through the security checkpoint and in carry on baggage but you have to remove the blade.

Sharp items are allowed only in checked baggage; however if you can’t remove the blade for your blender it is preferable to place your blender in your check baggage before heading to the airport.

As always the final decision rests with the TSA agent at the security checkpoint, However i don’t i see any reason to stop a blender if the blades are removed.

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Can you take a blender in carry on luggage?

Almost all US airlines will permit blenders in carry-on if the blades are removed and if the blades are packed properly and or placed in your carry-on bag.

However if you are traveling with a checked baggage, i recommend to protect your blender well and place it inside your checked bag.

it will be more convenient to take it on hold rather than your carry on bag, because you may need more space for your other essential items.

I always like to know what the community has to say about the topic so I went to twitter and found some questions about taking blender on airplanes, and found this answer from AskTSA.

This traveler asked about taking a portable blender to carry on .

And the TSA said it would be allowed only in checked baggage, however in the website the TSA claimed that only blades are prohibited in carry-on baggage.

So when this lady has a blender with removable blades she can easily take her blender in carry-on baggage.

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Can you take a blender in checked luggage?

If you are going to bring a blender on a plane then make sure you take it inside your checked baggage. you can place it nicely inside your suitcase especially if it is a small blender, protect it with a piece of cloth and you are good to go.

As long as it’s in checked luggage, you should be fine, just make sure that the blades are protected well and wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors.

Can i take my Vitamix Blender on a plane?

Vitamix blenders are more popular, lightweight and affordable, you can bring Vitamix blender on an airplane in both carry on and checked baggage, however the blades must be always go in your checked baggage.

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Best blenders for travel

 Portable blenders are the way to go when traveling, in addition to being cordless and lightweight they are also easy to carry and can be placed in your carry on bag.

Also you can simply charge them up and put them in your bag, and when you are ready you can make protein shakes and smoothies.

I looked around in the market for some best value personal and portable blenders that are easy to carry and cordless and found that this Hamilton Beach Personal Blender with 14 Oz is the most rated on Amazon. It is used by a wide range of travelers, and honestly it gets some really good thumbs ups.

Also this Aoozi Portable Blender, can be charged anywhere like a phone and take it wherever you go. 

Conclusion:Can you take a blender in your Suitcase?

You can take portable blenders in carry-on bags or checked bags.

Just make sure your remove the blade before you pack it in your carry on suitcase.

It makes sense to pack large blender in your checked baggage, especially if you are flying with carry-on bags only there is more chance the the TSA agent will not allow yo to take the blades on board the airplane.

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