How Do You Check In Spirit Airlines? Step By Step

So how do you check in spirit airlines?

Check in online is always better than waiting until the airport, as it is the quickest way to print your boarding pass and seal through the airport confidently.

Furthermore, you will escape paying those hefty Spirit fees at the airport.

If you don’t know how, don’t worry this step by step guide will help you check-in for Spirit Airline in both the app and the website.

Let’s go.

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check in spirit airlines/ COURTESY OF SPIRIT AIRLINES

How Early Do You Have To Check In For Spirit Airlines?

According to Spirit airlines the best time to check in is 24 hours prior your flight and the check in ends 1 hour before departure.

Spirit Airlines check-in time begins 24 hours before departure and ends an hour prior to departure. This is also a good time to buy a seat assignment or last minute bags – it will be cheaper online than at the airport. Bags purchased within 24 hours prior to departure will be charged at the online check-in rate, so buy bags early and you will really save some serious bucks.

To ensure you have a smooth boarding process, please make sure to print your boarding pass early.

You can also avoid paying significant bucks especially if you are a frequent flyer by printing your boarding pass at home.

How To Check In On Spirit App?

You can check in on spirit airlines via variety of ways

  1. Mobile check in Spirit Airlines using the App
  2. Via the website ( almost the same steps as check in in using the app)
  3. At the Airport counter
  4. At the airport self-serve kiosk

Here is Spirit Airlines check in process:

Simple and easy.

Just like any other check in process,.

First make sure that you already booked your flight.

to check in on Spirit airline website you will need your name and confirmation code.

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Check in Spirit Airlines

After you enter your name and confirmation code click on check-in , you will be processed to confirm your check in.

View your itinerary, add a seat and purchase baggage (cheaper than the airport). 

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then you can print your boarding pass, download it or save it on your phone.

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Who Can’t Check In Spirit Airlines?

According to Spirit Airlines there are many guests that can not check in online but rather they can check in at the airport.

  • Guests traveling with pets  If you are traveling with pets
  • If you are traveling in a group of 10 or more with one reservation
  • Minors without company
  • Traveling with a lap infant
  • Traveling with a military ID instead of a passport
  • Traveling internationally
  • Passengers that are unable to complete their check-in online will need to complete the process with a ticket counter agent (in this case the fee will be waived)


How To Check In At The Airport Spirit Airlines?

You can check in at the airport easily by using the touchscreen self service kiosk.

Here is how it works.

  • Click on check in
  • Enter your six character confirmation code
  • confirm that you don’t possess any hazardous and prohibited items in either your carry on or checked baggage
  • Enter your email to get informed about your trip
  • add bags if you want to take ore (it will be more expensive than paying online)
  • Select your seat

Check In Spirit Airlines Tips

  • Make sure that you print your boarding pass correctly
  • Make sure your bag is tagged correctly, with your full name and information

Spirit Airlines Boarding Process At The Airport

If you do not have the possibility to print your boarding pass at home, you can print your boarding pass at the airport using the self -service kiosk as described above.

it will add a cost of $2 to your flight expenses, but it should be about 1 hour prior to your flight.

You can also print your boarding pass at the check in counter , but with a cost of $10.

We hope this helps

Happy travels