12 Ways To Kill Time In An Airport?

Some people call airports small cities, while some other passengers think that there is not much to do or ways to pass time when they are stuck in an airport, and after all, there’s only shopping, eating and drinking.

But there are infinity ways to skip the boredom at any airport in the world and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

In this post we want to help make your time at any airport fly, we listed so many ways to pass time and have fun while you are waiting for your next flight, and I’m sure you won’t finish them before you leave the airport.

Let’s dive right in.

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Here Is Our Top 12 Ways To Pass Time At The Airport

  • 01. Know the airport
  • 02. Browse the internet
  • 03. Eat and shop
  • 04. Explore the place
  • 05. Exercise 
  • 06. Watch Airplanes
  • 07. Snap some pics
  • 08. Make new friends
  • 09. Play games
  • 10. Enjoy a quiet time
  • 11. Take a tour at the city
  • 12.Book a lounge

1. Know The Airport

The first thing you want to do is to investigate the airport areas, First browse the airport map and have an idea where you are.

That will assist you explore the airport easily if it is a big airport, and know its hidden spots.

2. Browse The Internet

Almost all airports have free WiFi, and if you are the one who likes to browse the internet or do little work or chit chat with your friends, before taking a walk, do it before any of the steps killing time below.

3. Eat And Shop

When you finish browsing the internet, head to a nearby restaurant and order your favorite dish or something different. or just discover new Quick bites.

When you finish, don’t wait to browse the shops around the airport, Go clothes shopping, buy a magazine to read, grab another snack and nibble or get a souvenir for your home. Plus, if you’re flying internationally, you can take advantage of the great prices at duty-free shops.

4. Explore The Place

Some airports are just iconic and they are worth exploring. If you are in one of those biggest airports in the world, take advantage of it and take a tour of it.

Some airports provide guided airport tours. These tours will take you through some of the most important areas of the airport, including the check-in desks, the baggage sorting system and show you some fantastic views of the runway and the aircraft.

5. Exercise

However not all airports have gyms, but there must be some place where you can do some stretches like fitness areas or yoga studios, find them and workout before your flight. No gym? No worries, do a few laps around the gate or climb a flight of stairs a few times.

Some Experts Say You Should Work Out Before your Flight because of the benefits of exercising.

Doing some kind of movement generally will increase blood flow to your body, burn some calories, boost metabolism, and contribute to overall total-body wellness.

6. Watch Airplanes

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Do not miss to watch those giant airplanes, you will get fascinated especially if this is your first time flying.

ask an airport agent to show you where to get the best view of the airport from the runway, and kill your time by enjoying planes when taking off and landing.

7. Snap Some Pics

You may get encountered with a mesmerizing view or the airport architecture,don’t miss it!! snap some pictures for a memory collection.

Also Kill time at the airport by taking some photos of the culture of the country that you’re flying from.

Whether it’s the stunning walls, paintings or prints that are found on the walls throughout the terminals Buildings.

8. Make New Friends

This tip may sound simple but it is not just for killing time at the airport, but this will help you make some connections and friends also.

If you find yourself next to another solo traveler who seems nice, interesting, and willing to socialize, break the ice and start a conversation.

9. Play Games

Download and play your favorite game while you are waiting for your flight.

Most guests are killing time at the airport with games, pack some cards or compact travel games to keep you amused.

If you are with friends and you’re a fan of word games like scrabble and Bananagrams, you won’t feel the time and in the meantime learning new words.

10. Enjoy A Quiet Time

Most airports have quiet rooms, and they are good for having a little bit of self reflection, whether you want to pray, meditate or just enjoy the silence for a while.

11. Take A Tour At The City

If you are on a stopover, take advantage and explore the city. Some airports offer city tours while you wait for your flight.

12. Book A Lounge

A lounge will help you to relax and have a snack and a drink, refresh, relax or catch up on emails before your departure.

The Plaza Premium lounge in Heathrow , Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club in John F. Kennedy International Airport have all the amenities (Spirits & Liquor, Beer & Wine, WiFi, Showers) you need while waiting for your flight.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately we all have to wait sometimes, whatever happened , your flight gets delayed, missed or just waiting for another one, you should always be prepared to enjoy the moment and spend it the best possible.

If you try one of the above tips there is more chance that you relish your time at the airport also killing it, if you still don’t, just go ahead and go for it.

I like to socialize more on all my trips. I like talking with people and getting to know others more. That makes me feel that I changed my surroundings and got me out of my zone.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels

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