How Strict Royal Brunei Carry-on Baggage?

So what is Royal Brunei baggage allowance ? and how Strict Royal Brunei carry-on baggage?

Royal Brunei Airlines wants you to have a safe and comfortable flight, so the airline has a set of luggage policies and rules regarding baggage allowance, carry on or checked baggage.

Let’s dive right in.

ThI post we’ll resume the following about Royal Brunei Airlines  baggage:

  • RBA Carry-on Baggage
  • RBA Checked Baggage
  • RBA Extra Baggage
  • RBA Excess Baggage
  • RBA Sport equipment

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Royal Brunei Carry on Baggage Allowance

Royal Brunei allows its guests the following carry on baggage allowance:

Business Class

Business Class1 BriefcaseWeight of each piece should not exceed 7kg (15lbs). Combined weight of both pieces should not exceed 12kg (26lbs)22 x 15 x 8 inches
(55 x 38 x 20 cms)
Business Classplus 1 Bag22 x 15 x 8 inches
(55 x 38 x 20 cms)cc
Business Classor 1 Garment Bag 8 inches (20 cms) thick when folded
Economy Class1 BagWeight not to exceed 7kgs (15lbs). Plus duty free purchases in reasonable quantities.55 x 38 x 20 cms
(22 x 15 x 8 inches)
Economy Classplus 1 BagContaining infant’s food for consumption in-flight, toiletries and disposable items weight not to be exceed 5kgs (11lbs)55 x 38 x 20 cms
(22 x 15 x 8 inches)

Please note that Royal Brunei will allow bags with built-in wheels and retractable handles as cabin baggage provided their overall size is within 45 inches and their weight does not exceed 7kgs (15lbs). The larger overnight model of this is not permitted in the cabin.

Royal Brunei Checked Baggage Allowance

Royal Brunei Airlines economy class Guests have a 20kg checked baggage allowance, meanwhile Business class guests have a 40kg weight allowance.

You may refer to the table below or your ticket conditions for your entitled baggage allowance. Due to health and safety regulations, a single piece of baggage may not weigh more than 32kg.

RB Super Saver
RB SaverRB ValueRB FlexiBusiness SaverBusiness

Note: If you’re traveling with family or friends on the same flight you Royal Brunei allows to combine baggage, so you can pool your total weight allowance.

Royal Brunei Extra Baggage

Pre-purchased Extra Baggage Allowance rates as below:

AustraliaBrunei35kgsUSD 552
United KingdomBrunei35kgUSD 709
PhilippinesBrunei35kgUSD 205
SingaporeBrunei35kgUSD 205
United arab emiratesBrunei35kgUSD 55
VietnamBrunei35kgUSD 205
ThailanBrunei35kgUSD 756

Royal Brunei Excess Baggage

If you want your baggage to exceed Royal Brunei allowance the following rates will apply:

United KingdomBruneiUSD45/kg
United arab emiratesBruneiUSD35/kg

Royal Brunei Sport Equipment

Sport equipment are considered as checked baggage allowance and in accordance of your travel class:

  • Snow and/or water skiing equipment
  • Angling equipment
  • Surfboards and/or other surfing equipment (NOT including windsurfing)
  • Bowling balls
  • Golf equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Diving equipment
  • Cricket equipment

It is advisable to carry all sporting equipment as checked baggage as some are forbidden to be carried as hand baggage.

If you require additional allowance, you may Pre-Purchase Extra Baggage Allowance.

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