How Strict Is JetSmart With Baggage?

So what is JetSmart baggage allowance? And How strict is JetSmart with carry on size?.

If you are planning to fly with the Chilean low-cost airline it is better to have an idea about their luggage allowance and policies to avoid some whopping luggage charges at the airport.

In this post we will cover everything you need to know about JetSmart baggage allowance and regulations.

Let’s dive right in.

JetSmart baggage allowance (image)

JetSmart Carry on Baggage

JetSmart guests are allowed the following carry on baggage allowance:

  • carry on baggage must not exceed 10 Kg in weight.
  • the dimensions: 45cm x 35cm x 25cm (length, width, height), including wheels, handles and pockets. It can be a wallet, briefcase, small backpack, or any personal item that complies with the dimensions.

Jetsmart Carry on Baggage Charges

Baggage TypeDuring bookingPost bookingAt the airport counterAt the Boarding Gate
Hand BaggageIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Large Cabin BaggageStarting at $20USDStarting at $24USDStarting at $50USDStarting at $50USD

JetSmart Checked Baggage

Your checked baggage cannot exceed 158 linear cms and must weigh up to 23Kg. You can carry up to a maximum of 5 checked baggage items.

The allowed dimensions, weight and pieces for checked baggage is as follows :

  • Max size. 158 linear cm
  • Maximum weight 23 kg.
  • Max. 5 per passenger

If you want to carry your checked baggage, JetSmart recommends that you pay for it online at the time of purchasing your ticket.

It will be more expensive at the airport. If you pay your checked baggage online, hand it in at no additional cost on the counter on the day of your flight.

JetSmart Checked Baggage Charges

Baggage TypeDuring bookingPost bookingAt the airport counterAt the Boarding Gate
Checked Baggage (in the hold of the plane)Starting at $20USDStarting at $24USDStarting at $50USDStarting at $50USD

Excess Baggage

If your baggage is oversized and weighs more than 23Kg up to 32Kg Jetsmart will charge you a fixed 35 USD baggage over 32Kg is not allowed under any circumstances.

OptionalFlights in ChileFlights in ArgentinaInternational Flights
Excess luggage$22.000 CLP$1.350 ARS$35 USD

For flights from Argentina, prices do not include DNT (7% additional)

Special / Oversized / Overweight Baggage

If you want to travel with your large bags, sport equipment or musical instruments the following luggage policy applies:

The maximum weight is 23Kg and dimensions greater than 158cm linear but smaller than 230cm linear.with the exception of surfboards that can measure up to 300 cm linear.

Examples of oversized luggage are: bicycles, surfboards, golf club bags, fishing equipment, etc. You can carry up to a maximum of 3 checked bags.

As stated above it is always cheaper to pay for your baggage online rather than the airport, the airport is always a bit expensive because of the time consuming and resources the process takes.

When paying online you do not need any additional fees in the airport.

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