How Strict Go Air Baggage Allowance?

So how strict is Go air with baggage allowance?

To ensure that you get the most from Go Air Baggage allowance, it is important that baggage carried in the cabin or in the hold comply with a set of rules and allowances of the airline.

And in this post we are going to cover everything you need about Go Air baggage allowance and policies so you can know what to expect at the airport and abound any last minute charges.

Let’s dive right in.

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Carry-on Baggage

What is allowed in cabin baggage GoAir?

Domestic Flights
All GoAir Guests are allowed to carry the following hand luggage allowance:

  • one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 55cm + 35cm + 25cm (Total 115 cms).
  • No more than 07 Kgs in weight.

International Flights
All GoAir Guests are allowed the following carry on baggage:

  • Hand/ Cabin baggage of maximum 7 kg. (including Laptop and duty free shopping bags) having maximum overall dimensions of: 108 cms. Passengers with infants are allowed to carry an additional piece of hand baggage of maximum 7 kg., not exceeding the size dimensions, as mentioned hereinbefore.

The dimensions of the checked baggage should not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) in overall dimensions (L+W+H). GoAir does not have a limit on the number of bags; however each bag must not exceed 32 kgs as per airport baggage restriction.

Infants Baggage

If you are travelling with you little cute baby,you are allowed to carry one extra cabin baggage weighing not more than 07 kgs for baby food etc. and a fully collapsible baby wrap or a blanket.

Checked Baggage

Domestic flights

The Checked-in baggage for domestic flights should be up to 15 Kgs and not exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H).

International Flights:

The free checked baggage allowance on GoAir international flights is as follows:

SectorFree Bag AllowanceExcess Baggage Per KG
Ex India to Bangkok / Male / Phuket / Singapore20 KgsINR 525
Ex Male20 KgsUSD 9
Ex Bangkok / Phuket20 KgsTHB 315
Ex Singapore20 KgsSGD 25
Ex India to Abu Dhabi / Muscat / Dammam / Kuwait/ Dubai30 KgsINR 525
Ex Muscat30 KgsOMR 4
Ex Abu Dhabi30 KgsAED 50
Ex Kuwait30 KgsKWD 4
Ex Dammam30 KgsSAR 55
Ex Dubai30 KgsAED 60

Infants Baggage

Infants traveling with GoAir do not have any Checked baggage, However Guests traveling with infants can bring on board items weighing no more than 07 kgs for baby food etc. and a fully collapsible baby wrap or a blanket.

Excess Baggage / Overweight / Oversize Baggage

How much is extra baggage on GoAir?

If a customer wishes to carry more than the standard baggage allowance of 15 kg, they can pre-purchase the same in increments of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg & 30 kg on our website.

Domestic Flights

If you want to travel with more baggage the following excess baggage rates will apply:

SectorCurrencyPer Purchase
5 kgs
Per Purchase
10 kgs
Per Purchase
15 kgs
Per Purchase
30 kgs
Airport Rate
Per Kg

India To

Abu DhabiINR24954990748014965525

Other Destinations

Ex-Abu DhabiAED12525037580050

Lost Baggage

If you lost your baggage, it is delayed please the following steps:

  • Allow GoAir 5 business days from the date of travel to locate your misrouted baggage.
  • When your baggage is received, the airline will inform you immediately.
  • GoAir’s liability for loss of baggage is limited to ₹200/- per Kg up to a maximum of ₹ 4,000/- or whichever is lower.

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