What Is The Baggage Allowance For Air Mauritius?

Air Mauritius has one of the best baggage allowance policies in the world.

Even though it is important to know Air Mauritius baggage rules before you book your flight with them.

In this post we will find out how strict are Air Mauritius on cabin baggage ? and provide all that you need to know about Air Mauritius baggage allowance and policies .

Let’s dive right in.

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What Is Air Mauritius Hand Baggage Allowance?

Air Mauritius Guests are allowed the following carry on baggage allowance:

  • Economy class: 1 piece of hand baggage weighing up to a maximum of 7 kgs and with thefollowing dimensions: 55 cm HEIGHT * 35 cm LENGTH * 25 cm WIDTH
  • Business class: 2 pieces of hand baggage weighing up to a maximum of 7 kgs each.

In addition to  your allowed luggage allowance you are allowed also the bring: 

personal items such as an overcoat, wrap, blanket, umbrella, walking stick, laptop, camera, binoculars.

For infants carrying baskets and baby food to be consumed in-flight, as well as a reasonable quantity of duty-free purchases.

Please know that all cabin baggage must be stored either under the seat in front of you or in one of the overhead lockers. To ensure your safety and that of fellow passengers, baggage may not be placed behind your legs, in the aisles or in front of emergency exit.

Excess baggage

Economy class:

  • Additional excess up to 5 kgs will be allowed for a surcharge.
  • However, the maximum weight allowed per piece of hand carry luggage is limited to 7  kgs.

Business class:

  • Additional excess up to 10 kgs will be allowed for a surcharge.
  • However, the maximum weight allowed per piece of hand carry luggage is limited to 7 kgs.

Some airports have more restrictive conditions regarding the number and weight of hand baggage and may require that hand baggage be tagged by airline staff at check-in, before passengers go through security checkpoints

What is Air Mauritius Checked luggage allowance?

Checked Baggage Dimensions

As a general rule, the maximum weight for any piece of checked baggage is 32 kg and the dimensions (length + width + height) should not exceed 158 cm.

Please note that for dimensions exceeding 158 cm up to a maximum of 300 cm, a surcharge will apply.

Finally, if your baggage dimensions exceed 300 cm, we request you to make prior arrangements for the baggage to be carried as cargo. Please call us on +230 207 7575 for more information.

Piece and Weight Concepts

There are two standard checked baggage allowance concepts:

Weight concept: Measured by the total weight of checked baggage (shown as weight amount on ticket in kilos).

Piece concept: Measured by the number of pieces of checked baggage (shown as number of pieces on ticket, with a maximum weight allowed per piece).Checked baggage allowance based on origin:

Based on the piece and weight concept, the baggage allowances for each sector of travel with Air Mauritius are shown in the section below.

Note that the baggage allowance is per passenger, whether an adult or a child as from 2 years of age.

Other conditions affecting checked baggage allowance:

  • Infants are allowed one piece of 23 kg, except on the Mauritius-Rodrigues leg, or vice-versa, where the allowance is one piece of 5 kg.
  • If the itinerary involves flying over the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean to America, the baggage policy of the transatlantic/transpacific airline will prevail. 
  • If another airline is involved in the itinerary, the other airline’s baggage policy may prevail, depending on the itinerary.

What is Air Mauritius Additional luggage allowance?

Extra baggage / Heavy or Oversize baggage / Sport Equipment

Transporting your precious items, especially those from a memorable trip can not be avoidable; and AIr Mauritius put that in mind For an extra charge, so that you can travel with all you need on your flight.

However, if your baggage dimensions (length + width + height) exceed 300cm, you will need to make prior arrangements for the baggage to be carried as cargo.

How to Purchase Air Mauritius extra baggage?

You can pre-purchase excess baggage online while making your booking or, if you have already booked your tickets, you can add these services through the Manage Booking section. Alternatively you can pay for your excess baggage charges at one of Air Mauritius ticket offices or through the Contact Centre (+230 207 7575). 

Oversized Baggage

Is your bag bigger than 158 cm but within 300 cm? At Air Mauritius, they can fit oversized baggage in the hold, albeit at an extra charge, so you can travel with flexibility.  

You can transport baggage with dimensions exceeding 158 cm (height + width + length > 158 cm), as long as the dimensions do not exceed 300 cm.

You must pay a fee for oversized baggage at the airport. This fee varies depending on your itinerary.

Sports Equipment
Surf boards 

Want To enjoy island hub playing host to beautiful beaches that tempt surfers, your surfboards are welcome on Air Mauritius flights!

Be it Surf, Kitesurf, Bodysurf, Windsurf or Longboards, all such surfing equipment is considered to be a part of your baggage and no charge is applicable if it is part of your normal baggage allowance and if:

  • The dimensions (length + width + height) of equipment are less than or equal to 200 cm*, and
  • The weight is 23 kg for Economy Class or 32 kg for Business Class

*On flights to/from Rodrigues/Reunion which are operated by ATR aircraft, the length of the surfboard should not exceed 180 cm.

The excess rates below will apply if the baggage allowance on the ticket is exceeded or if the dimensions exceed 200 cm up to 300 cm.

Please note that charges for excess weight and excess pieces cannot be cumulated.

Golf equipment 

Coming to Mauritius with plenty of time to practice your golf shots? At Air Mauritius, we would like to give you all the space to carry your golf bag too!

We are happy to carry a golf bag containing only golf equipment free of charge, provided that the bag does not exceed the maximum weight of 20 kg per passenger

Additional bags are charged at the rate per piece below. 

Other sports equipment

It’s not surfing or golf that gets you going but another sport instead? Air Mauritius endeavours to help you bring along the sports equipment of your choice, so you can enjoy your island experience to the fullest.  

All other sports equipment, excepting oddly shaped equipment such as diving bottles and hunting trophies as well as categories such as surf boards and golf bags already factored in above, are included in the baggage allowance provided that they:

  • Do not exceed 200 cm in dimensions (length + width + height)
  • Do not weigh more than 23 kg for Economy class, and 32 kg for Business class

The excess rates below are applicable if the total number of pieces including the sports equipment exceeds the free baggage allowance.

Disclosure: All information is pulled from The airline websites as a resource. Airline websites are the authority and can change at any time. For the latest information please visit the Airline website :    www.airmauritius.com