How Strict Is Level Airline With Baggage?

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LEVEL offers a range of fares to meet your needs, and some of the fares include free baggage.

But what is LEVEL airline baggage allowance? And how strict is Level with its baggage policy.

Find out everything you need to know before you fly with a LEVEL airline.

Let’s dive right in.


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Level Airline Carry On Baggage

What is Level Carry on weight and size ?

Level long haul flights

All Level Airline Guests ARE allowed to carry on board the aircrafts One cabin bag and one personal item, that must fit under the seat in front of you.

Due to the space limitations The cabin bag must adhere to the following dimensions:

  • 56cm( high)- 45cm (wide)- 25cm( deep) -10kg (weight)

The additional personal item must fit under the seat in front of you and may be a handbag, briefcase, camera bag or changing bag with baby food and drink.

Flights in Europe

Passengers flying with Level in Europe are allowed to carry one item of hand baggage which must not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 55cm (height) 40cm (wide) 20cm (deep) 10kg (weight)

In addition to your cabin bag You are entitled also for one personal item, such as a handbag or briefcase, that must fit under the seat in front of you.

What is Level carry on liquids policy?

Level are bit strict on carrying liquids on its aircarafts, besides the airports they use also have restrictions on carrying liquids, aerosols, gels and creams in hand baggage.

The items must be carried in airtight containers with a maximum capacity of one litre, and placed in a sealable plastic bag . The bag must be fully closed and you must take it out of your hand baggage and present it separately for inspection.

Level Airline Checked Baggage

Checked baggage for long haul flights

weight concept

Level Standard baggage allowance weight is 23kg per item. Thereafter, we’ll charge you per extra kilo up to a maximum of 32kg. We cannot accept any item of baggage that exceeds 32kg.

piece concept

Level Premium class includes 2 two pieces of checked baggage. if you You check in you will see what your ticket includes when you purchase it.
Economy class does not include checked baggage but you can purchase this as an extra, either during the purchase process or in the My Bookings section before you travel.

Please note that it is always cheaper to purchase your luggage online rather than at the airport.

checked baggage for Flights within Europe

Level Optima fare includes one piece of 25kg checked baggage per Guests. The Basic class does not include checked baggage but you can purchase this as an extra, either during the purchase process or in the My Bookings section before you travel.

Please note that it’s always cheaper to add a bag to your booking through the website rather than at the airport on the day of your flight. level cannot accept any item of baggage that exceeds 32kg.

If your baggage exceeds the permitted 25kg per item, you’ll be charged per extra kilo up to a maximum of 32kg.

Level Airline Excess Baggage

If you want to carry more with you the following excess baggage will apply:

Extra baggage when booking online

First checked bag (23kg)from €39from $44from $59
Second or third checked bag (23kg)from €70from $90from $110
First checked bag (23kg)€50$55N/A
Second or third checked bag (23kg)€150$165N/A
First checked bag (25kg)€10 – €32N/AN/A
Second or third checked bag (25kg)€25 – €90N/AN/A

Extra baggage at the airport

Surcharge on top of the website cost+€25+$29+$38
Extra kilos (per kg)€11$13$19
First checked bag€50$55
Second checked bag€150$165
Surcharge for excess baggage (over 23kg, up to a maximum of 32kg)€75$100
Airport cost€50N/AN/A
Extra kilos (per kg)€12N/AN/A

Level Airline Restricted Items

For your safety and safety of all Level Guests please make sure you don’t include any of these items withing your carry on or checked in bag when travelling with Level:

  • Explosives, munitions, fireworks, flares (including material for expeditions), safety boxes with pyrotechnic items and pyrotechnic materials in general
  • Liquefied, cooled liquefied or dissolute gasses
  • Compressed, liquefied, cooled liquefied or dissolute gasses, whether inflammable, toxic or non-inflammable and non-toxic, such as: aerosols, extinguishers, breathing apparatuses, oxygen tanks for diving, cryogenic liquids, tanks with coolant gasses and cylinders in general
  • Inflammable liquids and solids
  • Oxidizing materials and organic peroxides such as oxygen generators
  • Toxic or infectious substances, such as incapacitating devices, samples for diagnosis, vaccines, insecticides and herbicides
  • Radioactive material, such as pharmaceutical products with radioactive isotopes
  • Corrosives, such as acids, alkalines, apparatuses with mercury, electrical accumulators and apparatuses activated electrically by batteries
  • Lithium batteries, e-cigarettes* and other dangerous items such as first-aid kits, ferromagnetic material, dry ice and car batteries. *transport permitted only in the cabin

The following items are not allowed in the cabin of Level aircrafts:

  • Work tools such as hammers, drills, saws, circular saws, etc. can only be transported or carried as cargo
  • Weapons in general and stunning devices (pistols, rifles, shotguns, compressed air pistols, flare guns, toy pistols, paintball guns, crossbows, bows for arrows or harpoons-fishing guns). For transporting recreational or sports firearms, please see our guidance on special baggage.
  • Blunt instruments (bats, golf clubs, oars, skateboards, fishing rods, martial arts equipment, catapults)
  • Sharp weapons or objects or ones with edges (axes, arrows, darts, harpoons, javelins, ski or hiking poles, scissors, knives and any other sharp object)


Generally you will need to stay within the LEVEL Airlines luggage size and weight to avoid any last minute charges at the airport.

Even though most airline staff will try to be nice, they may ask you to check in your bag.

So ensure that you take a suitcase that is fully compliant with the airline carry on limits.

We hope this helps 

Happy travels 

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