How Strict Is Condor With Carry on?

Condor is a leisure airline that operate flight to more than 100 destination around the world.

But what is condor airlines baggage allowance ? How strict is condor with carry on?

In this post we will cover everything you need about Condor baggage allowance and rules, you can enjoy your flight and have a comfortable travel experience.

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Condor Airlines Carry on baggage allowance

Condor General carry on restrictions

The amount of cabin baggage that you are allowed to carry on board Condor air crafts depends on your booking ticket and destination.

If your carry on baggage exceeds the Condor weight and sizes allowance your luggage will be subject to additional excess baggage fees, please note that  charges at gate are always higher. 

Condor Airlines carry on luggage weight & size?

Condor bEconomy class guests are allowed to carry one cabin bag in addition of  one personal item with the following weight and sizes:

  •  measuring up to 21.6 x 15.7 x 7,8 in (55 x 40 x 20 cm)
  •  weighing up to 13 lb (6 kg).

 Premium Economy Class Guests are allowed 18 lb (8kg). For   Business Class guests they  are allowed to carry 2 bags into the cabin with a total weight of max 26 lb (12 kg).

Condor Airlines Checked baggage allowance

What is condor checked baggage weight & size?

Flight Destinations: all destinations excluding  U.S./Canada, San Juan and flights from Brazil

  • Class: Economy / Number of bags and weight: 1 bag free up to 44 lb (20 kg) 
  • Class: Premium Economy / Number of bags and weight 1 bag free up to 55 lb (25 kg)

Flight Destination:USA/Canada and San Juan

  • Class:Economy / number of bags and weight: 1 bag free up to 50 lb (23 kg) 
  • Class: premium economy/ number of bags and weight:1 bag free up to 70 lb (25 kg) Premium Economy
  • Class:Business class/ number of bags and weight: 2 bags free up to 70 lb (32 kg) per item

Flight :From Brazil 

  • Class: all classes/ number of bags and weight: 2 bags free up to 70 lb (32 kg)


Condor Airlines Excess baggage allowance

What is Condor excess baggage fees?

Would you like to carry more items with you? Condor Excess baggage allows that.

Excess weight and fees  allowance:

  • Destination: Short-haul flights/ fees: $13 (€10) per bag per kg
  • Destination: Medium-haul flights/ fees: $16 (€12) per kg
  • Destination: Long-haul flights/ fees: $26 (€20) per bag per kg
  • Excess  size and fees allowance (62.2 in/158 cm)
  • Destination:Short to medium-haul flights/ fees: $130 (€100) per bag per leg
  • Destination:Long-haul flights/ fees: $260 (€200) per bag per leg

Destination: For USA, Canada, San Juan / fees: 2nd bag: $98 (€64.99) per route if booked 30 days or more before departure, $98 (€75) per route if paid at the airport 3rd bag: $195 (€150) per route

Excess  size allowance: $260 (€200) per route

Excess  weight allowance: $130 (€100) per route

Excess  both size and weight allowance: $390 (€300) per route

Condor Restricted items

For your safety and the safety of all Condor Airline Guests The transportation of some items is subject to strict regulations. Here, you can obtain information about what you are allowed to carry on Condor flights and what you are not allowed as carry on baggage or checked baggage:

ItemsPermitted as carry on?Permitted as checked baggage?Needed approval?Observation
Ebook readeryesyesnoplease note that It must be switched off completely if it carried as checked baggage
E-cigarettes/E-pipesyesnonoyou can carry but, Use on board not allowed
Camera yesyesnoMust switched off completely if carried as checked baggage
Laptop/ Tabletyesyes no Between 100-160 WH an approval is required, usage onboard only in flight-mode, as checked baggage must switched off completely
MP3 playeryesyes no if carried as checked baggage must switched off completely
Power-bankyesno no Spare batteries must be protected against short circuits
Smartphone/ smartwatchesyesyes no usage on board in flight-mode only, in checked baggage must switched off completely
Watchesyesyes no
Pocket Calculatoryesyes no If carried as checked baggage ,must be switched off completely
Hearing Aidnono no
Mobility aid, spillable wet batterynoMobility aid with/ without batteryyes
Mobility aid,non-spillable wet battery no Mobility aid with/ without battery yes
Mobility aid , Lithium batteryno Mobility aid with/ without battery yes If the battery is removable, please make sure you protect against short circuits
Portable oxygennono
Radioisotopic cardiac pacemaker, heart/brainnonono


Even though Condor is a leisure airline they will be slightly strict about their luggage size and weight to ensure the safety and comfort of tiger passengers.

Therefore it is advised to take a suitcases that is within the airline size limits , that way you won’t need to worry about the airline luggage restriction.

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