How Strict Are Blue Air With Baggage 2024?

What is blue air baggage allowance? and How strict are blue air with its baggage allowance?

Blue Air created a very simple and clear baggage policy here, we explain everything you need to know about carry-on and checked-in luggage.


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Carry On Baggage

What I Can Bring As Carry On Baggage On Blue Air?

All Blue Air Guests are allowed to carry on board one FREE carry-on bag. That must comply as follows:

  • up to 10kg
  • be 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • not include any dangerous goods

Love duty free shopping? Great! You’re welcome to bring your duty free products separately from your carry-on bag.

Does Blue Air Weigh Hand Luggage?

Your hand luggage can weight up to 10 kg, and sould not should not measure more than 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm .

What If My Luggage Is Too Big?

Please note that if your luggage does not meet cabin baggage allowance Blue Air weight and size restrictions, you may be charged an additional luggage fee per luggage per passenger per flight.

Locker space can be limited on busy and full flights, Air Blue may also have to put your bag in the cargo hold. If that happens, The Airline will take care of it for you without any further luggage charges.

Can I Carry Musical Instruments In Blue Air Cabin As Hand Luggage?

Yes, You can carry your musical instrument with you, in the cabin or as checked baggage.

To transport an instrument on board it must be smaller than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and not exceed 10kg, and placed in the overhead bin.

large musical instruments can also be transported in the cabin, but you have to buy a seat for it(if you won’t it to be mishandled ). but If you’d prefer, you can check your instrument into the hold instead of buying an extra seat.

If carried as checked baggage in the hold,musical instruments are subject to Blue Air Checked baggage policy. In addition, you will be asked to sign a Limited Release Form when you check in the instrument agreeing that the musical instrument is being carried entirely at your own risk.

What is Blue Air Pets Policy & Can I Travel With My Pet On Board Blue Air Aircrafts?

Blue Air allows you to travel with your beloved pets, but only small size cats,dogs of up to 6kg including the cage or soft sided carrier(in the cabin) and medium sized pets up to 32kg (cage + pet-> in the plane’s haul).

steps and pets policy for carrying your pets with you on board Blue Air flights:

  • your pet must have a microchip implanted under the skin
  • a health card
  • a passport issued by the vet
  • an up-to-date rabies shot

Checked Baggage

What Is Blue Air Check In Baggage Weight And Size Restrictions?

  • have 23 or 32kg/piece, depending on what your booking ticket
  • size : 100cm x 80cm x 30cm
  • not include any dangerous goods, unless permitted for carriage
  • valuable objects or electronic devices (camera, laptop, tablet etc) should be transported in the cabin bag

What Is Blue Air Check In Baggage Price?

During the booking process After the booking process At the airport check-in facilities
Item up to 23kg 10-60€ /10 $-64 $ 12-62€ / 13 $- 65$ 60€ / 65$
Item up to 32kg 15-80€ /16 $- 86 $ 18-83€ /19 $- 9$ 60€/ 65$
  • Flights between Larnaca-London and Larnaca-Birmingham: 95€
  • Flights between Bucharest-Tel Aviv, Cluj Napoca-Tel Aviv, Bucharest-Oslo, Bucharest-Majorca and Bucharest-Lisbon: 80€

Excess Baggage

What Is Blue Air Excess Baggage Fees?

If you want to carry more or your luggage does not meet Blue Air baggage allowance weight or dimensions, you will be charged an additional excess luggage fee of 30€ per checked baggage item.

As for the cabin items with excess weight, these are the prices:

  • Regular flights : 70€ /75 USD
  • Flights between Larnaca-London and Larnaca-Birmingham : 100€/ 108 USD
  • Flights between Bucharest-Tel Aviv, Cluj Napoca-Tel Aviv, Bucharest-Oslo, Bucharest-Majorca and Bucharest-Lisbon : 90€ /97 USD

Blue Air Prohibited Items

For your safety and safety of your Blue Air fellows,Please make sure you don’t include any of these items within your luggage when flying with Blue Air, or even other airlines:

  • Again, this may seem obvious. Please make sure you don’t arrive at the airport with the following:Cutthroat razors and razor-blades
  • Small/large axes
  • Arrows and darts
  • Hooks, harpoons and spears
  • Icepicks and ice-skates
  • Knives, including ceremonial knives, with blades longer than 6 cm, of metal or any other hard material capable of being used as weapons
  • Meat cleaver, hatchets, machetes
  • Sabers, swords and swordsticks
  • Ski and walking/hiking poles
  • Throwing stars (shuriken) – no ninjas!
  • Scalpels, scissors with blades longer than 6cm
  • please refer to the Blue Air restricted and prohibited items page for more information

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