How Strict Is Air New Zealand With Carry On? 2024

So how strict is Air New Zealand with carry on? and what is Air New Zealand baggage regulations?

The flag carrier of New Zealand is slightly strict with its cabin baggage, you are limited to one carry on bag and one personal item,, and according to them your personal item need to fit under the seat infront of you, and the carry on bag need to fit in the overhead compartment.

The following guide (Air new Zealand baggage allowance) will fairly simplify all the flag carrier airline of New Zealand luggage policy; weight, fees and size limits.

Let’s dive right in.

Specifically, we’ll look at:

air new zealand carry on
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Air New Zealand Carry On

  • all Air NZ Economy class passengers are allowed to have one carry-on bag in addition of one small item that can be a handbag or laptop bag. 
  • Premium Economy guests, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold guests are allowed to carry two bags plus one small item. 

Air NZ carry on size

air new zealand carry on size
Image courtesy Air NZ

Air New Zealand carry on size is calculated by measuring the total of your bags length,width and height that can be up to 118cm (46.5 inches), (including any wheels and packed away handles)

Air NZ carry on weight

  • Economy class guests are entitled to carry on board up to 7kg (15lb). 
  • Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and Airpoints™ Gold, Elite and Star Alliance Gold members carry-on can weigh up to 14 kg (30lb) total, with one item weighing up to 10kg (22lb). 

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How strict is Air NZ with carry on?

Air NZ are lenient about its Carry on luggage, regardless if your baggage exceeds slightly the allowed weight or size; and No matter what type of seat you pick on Air New Zealand they are all have the same carry on.

you are allowed two items as carry on; One carry-on bag which can weigh up to 7kg (15lbs). that must fit in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of you, and its length, width and height must add up to 118cm (46.5″) or less.

What if my carry on is slightly oversized on Air NZ?

If your carry on is slightly oversized it won’t be an issue, however if the bag is large or are above the allowance, your bag will be subject for check in baggage rules.

Here is what Air New Zealand are saying about carry on that is above the allowance:

1. Repack some items into your checked bag
2. Buy a Prepaid Extra Bag to add another checked bag 
3. Pay excess charges at the airport. 

Air New Zealand checked baggage allowance

Air new Zealand baggage allowance,How strict is air new zealand with baggage

For domestic flight journeys seat+bag, Flexitime and Smart Saver fares include one checked-in bag; Flexidate fares include two.

Air New Zealand baggage allowance for international flights, seat and bag, the works and Economy class are allowed to check one checked-in bag, works deluxe and Premium Economy fares include two, and Business Premier™ and Business fares include three and cannot add more.

For The Works fares to Honolulu, the baggage allowance is two checked bags.

Economy class to shanghai, Singapore and Taipei, the baggage allowance is two checked bags. for Economy fares departing Australia to the USA (excluding Honolulu), South America, and Canada, the baggage allowance is two checked bags. If traveling with more than one carrier, please refer to the section when traveling on a ticket with more than one carrier.

Checked baggage weight

Each checked-in bag can weigh up to 23kg (50lb) before incurring fees. if you Need more you can Pay an excess baggage charge at the airport and check up to 32kg (70lb) if there’s space on the aircraft.

Baggage fees

lights (pricing in USD)1st Extra Bag2nd Extra Bag
Domestic New Zealand flights$30$45
Flights between New Zealand & Australia/Pacific Islands, except Perth, Honolulu and Bali$50$80
Long haul flights$80$135

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Air New Zealand excess baggage / Overweight and oversized bags

as stated above Checked baggage can weigh up to 23kg (50lb) before additional charges apply.

if your bag is more than the above weight you have the following options:

  1. Buy Extra Baggage to add another checked bag
  2. Pay excess charges at the airport for bags up to 32kg (70lb)

Got more than 32kg (70lb)? You’ll need to look at Air NZ info on unaccompanied baggage.

Taking sporting equipment or otherwise heavy or odd sized items? See more on overweight and oversized baggage.

If another airline is a part of your journey and they have a different allowance, Air NZ cover that in connecting flights policy.


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Image courtesy Air NZ

The total of a bag size is calculated by its length, width and height and adding them together,The total can be up to 158cm (62 inches) for each checked-in bag.

If your bag is bigger than this, you can often pay an oversize charge at the airport and check it in if there’s space on the aircraft. See overweight, oversized and sporting items for more.

Your other option is to have two bags that fit these dimensions, buy a Prepaid Extra Bag before your flight, and repack.

How to add Extra Baggage on Air NZ ?

If you want to carry more bags with you It’s easy to add a bag after you’ve booked, and you have a few options.

First, if you’re on a seat only fare you simply need to change your booking to a seat+bag fare. Retrieve your booking to do this now.

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Sports equipment 

Most sport equipment are considered as checked baggage on Air NZ and the standard check in baggage policy applies.

If you don’t want to pay for additional baggage, make sure to reserve enough space for your sport items, and personal gear, if not the cheapest option is to buy a Prepaid Extra Bag before you fly.

Traveling with technology

Smart baggage with lithium batteries, or other items with motors, power banks, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RFID or Wi-Fi technology can impose some danger on safety of guests and the aircraft.

Thus, Smart baggage can be checked in provided non-removable batteries contain no more than 0.3 g lithium or for lithium-ion does not exceed 2.7 Wh Removable batteries must be removed if baggage is to be checked in and the batteries carried in the cabin.

Smart baggage powered by lithium batteries can be carry on board if it complies with Air NZ carry-on size and weight policy.

please make sure to check any other airline your flight includes, See traveling with lithium batteries and other policy on traveling with technology.

Due to overhead storage limitations, Bluesmart baggage can’t be accommodated in the cabin of Air New Zealand Regional (turbo-prop) aircraft.

Air NZ Restricted baggage

Items not allowed in your checked baggage

for your safety and safety of all Air New Zealand guests, some items are restricted or prohibited under international aviation laws. To learn more see prohibited and restricted items.

While you’re here, please take note of these valuable, fragile or otherwise unsuitable items that do not belong in your checked-in baggage:

  • Computers and computer equipment
  • Items with a special value like money, jewellery, precious metals, or silverware
  • Negotiable papers, share certificates, securities or other valuable documents
  • Cameras, video cameras and related equipment
  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Fragile, delicate or perishable goods
  • Commercial goods or business documents
  • Samples
  • Passports and other travel documents
  • Items we determine are unsuitable for carriage because of their weight, size, shape or character (including items outside the permitted baggage allowance dimensions specified in clause 7 of our conditions of carriage)
  • Any item for carriage if it is insufficiently packaged to withstand the usual circumstances and effects of air travel.

Find more about items to avoid packing in your checked bag in this post.


It is always better to stay within the airline carry on and checked size limits.

That way you won’t have to worry about any surprises or luggage fees at the airport.

Ensure that you get a suitcase with a standard size 22 / 14 / 9 inches that you will use with almost any airline.

We hope this helps

Happy travels

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