How Strict Is Titan Airways With Baggage?

Titan Airways is one of the most reputable registered airlines in Europe It is driven by excellent service passion and flexibility. Titan Airways is the airline choice for VIP and corporate travel.

But what is Titan Airways baggage allowance ? And how strict is Titan Airways with baggage?

In this post we will cover everything you need to know about Titan Airways baggage rules and policies, to avoid any last minute surprises at the airport.

Let’s dive right in.

what is Titan Airways Baggage Allowance

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What Is Titan Hand Luggage Allowance?

Your titan airways suitcase must weigh no more than 5kg, with the maximum dimensions of 56x45x25 cm, including handles, side pockets and wheels, so it will be able to fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker.

Which Items Not Permitted In Hand Baggage?

Titan Airways Baggage Allowance have a list of items that are not allowed on board the airline(must be carried as hold luggage), make sure to avoid carrying any of them with your cabin bags so it will not cause a problem:

  • Gas cylinders
  • Radioactive material
  • Hoverboards
  • Flammable liquids 
  • Corrosives 
  • Poisons
  • Firearms and explosives

What Happens If Your Carry On Suitcase Is Too Large?

Airways encounter travelers with large luggage.

There are luggage rules that the traveler must put into consideration. The health and safety requirement has considered the priority of the airline to observe a maximum of 32kgs per single item of baggage.

If the item weighs more than 32kgs, the traveler will be required to repack their baggage into smaller luggage. Titan airline does not charge you for the excess baggage.

Before carrying excess baggage, available space, and the maximum weight of the aircraft carrier is put into consideration.

It is, therefore, crucial for the traveler to look into our guidelines on weight and size limitations to avoid repacking their baggage. It is also advisable for our travelers to get insurance cover for their large baggage.

What Is Titan Hand Luggage Policy For Musical Instrument?

Titan Airways baggage allowance encounters travelers carrying musical instruments, both small and large ones.

Space to be occupied by the instrument is put into consideration. Small instruments are usually carried in the aircraft’s passenger compartment.

Titan airways do not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to a travelers’ musical instrument during transportation or storage.

The airline reserves the right of refusal to transport a travelers’ musical instrument if it’s too large and weighs more than 5 kgs. The musical instrument should be in a position to be stored in the overhead bins for it to qualify as hand luggage.

What Is Titan Hand Luggage For Infants?

Travelers with infants are allowed to have one hand luggage for infants. The person traveling with the infant needs to be careful about what they put in the infants’ bag.

Since only one hand luggage is allowed per passenger, the luggage should not weigh more than 5kgs.

The hand luggage should be sizeable so that it can fit perfectly in the overhead locker or under the seat, including handles wheels and side pockets.

Titan Airways have a non-fluid policy for luggage that gets into the plane, but there is an exception to fluid medicine, drinks, or baby foods.

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What Is Titan Airways Liquid Policy ?

  • liquids must be in individual containers and no more than 100ml in capacity; and must be in one transparent resealable bag; with the size of 20cm x 20cm (8″ x 8″) and must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be fastened and closed.
  • Only one bag per passenger is allowed. The bag must be clear and re-sealable, such as ‘ziplock’ bags or bags with pressable seals.  Larger bags or bags that are not sealable, such as fold-over sandwich bags are not allowed
  • Liquids in containers of more than 100ml capacity can be packed in your hold baggage
  • Exemptions to the liquids rule apply for liquid medicine or baby milk/food ‘Need more help?’

What Is Titan Airways Excess Baggage Charges?

Titan airways take pride in not charging for excess baggage. The safety and health regulation only limits the maximum weight to 32kgs.

Even though Titan Airways does not charge you for excess baggage, your tour operator may charge you for your luggage.

This no-charge policy sets us apart from other airlines, making us the best choice for many travelers.

What Is Titan Airways Hold Luggage?

Titan Airways hold BaggageAllowance

The weight of the baggage permitted for carriage in the hold of the aircraft, is normally 20 kilos per passenger. However, this may differ with flights to certain tour operators/destinations. Please check with your tour operator for details of your specific flight.

What Is Titan Airways Hold Luggage Policy For Sports Equipment?

Travelers are advised to make inquiries with titan airways commercial department before their departure date. Small sporting equipment like a skating board can be carried in the passengers’ compartment.

Travelers are highly advised to take up insurance cover for their unique equipment. The airline does not take any responsibility for any damage that may occur to a clients’ sporting equipment during carriage or storage.

What Is Titan Airways Lost / Delayed / Damaged Baggage?

if your luggage is lost, damaged or delayed there are some actions you need to take to get back your baggage or solve the problem.

Before you leave the airport please make sure that the handling agent completes a property irregularity report. and make a copy of it.  This together with your flight tickets, baggage receipts and any other relevant documents will be needed if you have to make an insurance claim (It is a good idea to make a copy of these).

Lost or damaged baggage

If your baggage has been lost or damaged Titan airways want you to get full compensation for the event. Airline liability is governed by International Convention which imposes a very limited liability on carriers such as Titan Airways and your insurance policies will almost certainly offer a higher level of cover.

Therefore at the earliest opportunity notify your travel insurance company or Household All-Risks cover.

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