Can You Bring Camera Batteries On a Plane? 2024

Taking my camera batteries on a plane was a constant source of frustration for me, but after going through the process several times, I finally figured out the ins and outs of it.

If you are traveling with lithium batteries installed inside cameras you are good too bring them in both carry-on and checked bags ( it’s recommended to carry them in your carry-on ), but spare, uninstalled lithium batteries must be packed inside your carry on only.

All batteries need to have a watt-hour rating of 100 or less, you can only bring camera (lithium ) batteries with (101–160 Wh) if the airline approve them.

In this post, I will explain the rules for flying with your camera batteries and give you some tips for safely transporting them. Let’s dive right in.

Let’s dive right in.

The TSA and FAA Battery Rules

Are camera batteries TSA approved?

When it comes to items like camera batteries, and other electronics it is the FAA job to regulate what type of batteries are safe to bring and what limits you should not exceed.

Lithium batteries are more sensitive and can cause a disaster if not packed and maintained properly.

They can catch fire if their terminals get in contact with a metal object.

The FAA wrote this on their website:

lithium-ion batteries can overheat and undergo a process called thermal runaway. The thermal runaway may occur without any warning as a result of various factors, including if the battery is damaged, overheated, exposed to water, overcharged, or improperly packed.


So what they say about taking camera batteries through the security checkpoint?

Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, including power banks and cell phone battery charging cases, must be carried in carry-on baggage only


There are some limits though, and we will discuss them next.

On the other hand the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) carry the weight at the security checkpoints at airports.

( They ensure passengers follow the above rules )

So they won’t let anything that will cause a potential risk go in both carry-on or checked baggage.

Do you have to remove camera batteries when flying?

Yes, the TSA agents will ask you to remove your camera batteries from your bag, along with any electronics larger than a cell phone and place them in a separated bin for additional inspection.

In some cases your camera batteries will be subject for a manual inspection especially if you are taking other items with them like a tripod for example.

It is important to follow the TSA guidelines to avoid any delays and inconvenience at the airport.

I checked the TSA social media to find some answers.

In the screenshot below Brandy wanted to know the TSA policy about camera batteries on a carry-on.

They replied that personal electronic devices including cameras with installed lithium-ion batteries are allowed, the FAA recommends that travelers pack these items in a carry-on bag.

take camera batteries on a plane TSA

At the TSA checkpoint, you will need to empty your bag from all personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone and place them in a bin for X-ray screening.

But what about limits?

When transporting lithium batteries in carry-on baggage, they must not exceed a watt-hour ( Wh ) rating of 100.

You can also bring two spare larger lithium ion batteries (101–160 Wh) or Lithium metal batteries (2-8 grams) if you get the approval from your airline.

Don’t panic!!

Most camera batteries already fall below the 100 watt-hour limit, so there’s no need to panic about their watt-hour rating.

Camera ModelAverage Power (Watts)Rated Voltage (V)Battery Voltage (V)
Sony FS70016 – 227.2 – 8.47.2 – 8.4
Canon 70D8 – 147.2 – 8.47.2 – 8.4
Sony F570 – 801214.4
Nikon D85010 – 207.0 – 9.07.0 – 8.4
Panasonic GH512 – 167.2 – 9.07.2 – 8.4
Fujifilm X-T46 – 127.2 – 8.47.2 – 8.4
GoPro Hero 95 – 103.7 – 4.43.85
Canon C30020 – 257.4 – 8.47.4 – 8.4
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K15 – 20127.4
DJI Phantom 4 Pro15 – 2015.215.2
This table displays the average power consumption, rated voltage, and battery voltage information for various popular camera models across different types.

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How many camera batteries can you take on a plane?

You can bring as many batteries as you want in your carry-on baggage as long as they are less than 100wh.

Can You Pack Camera Batteries In Checked Luggage?

You are not permitted to pack spare (uninstalled) camera batteries in checked baggage.

If the TSA agents find any spare lithium batteries inside your bag, they will confiscate them and leave a note inside your bag.

On the other hand, you can take batteries installed in a camera in a checked baggage.

But the TSA and the FAA do not recommend it.

They prefer if you don’t pack any type of batteries inside your checked bag.

There are other reasons that it is a bad idea to pack any electronics or cameras in your checked baggage:

  • They can get damaged
  • They can get lost
  • Most airlines will not compensate for broken camera batteries or any type of expensive electronics.

How Do You Pack A Camera Battery For A Flight?

To ensure safety, remember to cover the terminals of the batteries when transporting them alone, to prevent any contact with other metals.

You can sue tape or just wrap the battery separately in a piece of cloth.

If possible, it is recommended to transport camera batteries in their original retail packaging, as preferred by the FAA and most airlines.

Another important thing to remember is to always place the batteries in your personal item or backpack instead of a carry-on suitcase.

A carry-on suitcase might be subject to gate check-in on some airports.

If you choose to pack the batteries in a suitcase anyways, always remember to remove them before handing your suitcase to the airline.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when taking battery-powered cameras on a plane?

  1. Packing your camera in checked luggage. Lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage, so you need to keep your camera and batteries in your carry-on bag all the time .
  2. Not removing the battery from your camera. Even if your camera is turned off, the battery can still pose a fire hazard if it is not removed from the camera.
  3. Not packing your camera in a proper carrying case: You need to pack your camera in a hard-shell carrying case to protect it from damage during transport.
  4. Not removing your camera at security. If you are carrying a camera along with batteries, you must keep it close to the top so you can remove it at the security checkpoint.

Final Thoughts

The TSA and FAA recommend that you pack all your camera equipment and batteries in your carry-on, rather than checked baggage.

Even if camera batteries are allowed in checked baggage, it is not a good idea to pack any valuable items and cameras there.

Apart from the risk of fire, they are also prone to damage or theft.

We hope this helps.

Happy travels.

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