Can You Bring Alexa In Carry-on Or Checked Baggage? 2024

Whether you want to bring your Alexa on a holiday or as a gift you may be wondering whether you can take your Alexa with you on a plane. 

The good news is, you can absolutely take your Alexa device with you on a plane, but when transported in carry-on bags, you will need to remove any larger Alexa devices from your bag and place them in a bin for X-ray screening.

You might have other questions about traveling with your Alexa, for example, how to pack Alexa for a flight? What luggage can I put my Alexa in? Do I need to take my Alexa device out when going through security?

In this article, I’m going to answer all of the above and more.

bring alexa on a plane
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Can I take Alexa through the security checkpoint?

The Amazon device’s popularity is growing – with almost 69.7% of smart speaker users in the US reportedly using the Amazon Echo in 2020 – so it’s no wonder that many people are wondering whether they can take their trusty speaker friend with them through airports.

And even though the TSA didn’t specifically mention Alexa devices on its website, you should be able to get through airport security easily with your Alexa, as long as you keep in mind the following:

  • Place it on the tray! Amazon’s Alexa is an electronic item, which means it must be placed in a tray with other electronic items larger than a cell phone when going through security ( If you are a TSA PreCheck member you don’t need to remove your Alexa device from your bag ).
  • Make sure it’s accessible or at the top of your carry-on luggage! This means it’s easier to take it out when needed. 
  • Check with your airline for additional limitations! Every airline has different rules pertaining to electronics, so just double-check with them to make sure you can take your Alexa on board. 
bring alexa through tsa

If you follow all of the above tips, you should be able to get going and travel with your Alexa device as soon as possible. 

Can I take Alexa In Carry-on baggage?

Take amazon Alexa gift in carry on

Firstly, we’re going to take a look at where exactly you can pack your Alexa device when you’re jetting off, whether it’s on for holiday or a business trip. 

Alexa is classified as a smart speaker, which means it is allowed on carry-on baggage.

There are a few factors to remember when packing your Alexa, however:

  • Check that you have enough room or weight in your carry-on baggage to fit your Alexa. Most airlines have some form of weight and/or size restriction on carry-on baggage. If Alexa doesn’t fit or makes the bag too big or heavy, consider other options like getting a checked bag. 
  • Alexa should be put on airplane mode as soon as you’re in your seat. This is just like putting your phone on airplane mode – it ensures your device is safe and ready to fly with, and it can even help save battery, depending on usage. 

So, Alexa can definitely be taken in carry-on baggage, as long as you follow your airline’s guidance.  

Can I take Alexa in Checked baggage?

Although it is not recommended, you can take an Alexa checked baggage without any restrictions.

It is really important to be careful when packing fragile items in checked baggage.

Checked bags are not handled carefully, and the items inside them can even be stolen (Especially expensive ones).

Can I put an Echo Dot in luggage?

Traveling with an Echo Dot is super easy, as long as you do it the right way and follow the guidance below.

The most important point: yes, you can put your Echo Dot in luggage, either checked or carry-on, as detailed above. 

However, there are things to consider when deciding where to pack your Echo Dot. 

Your Amazon device may not be as secure as packing it in carry-on luggage. With carry-on luggage, you can keep the Echo Dot near you at all times, and you can secure it properly in the bag to ensure it doesn’t slip around or potentially get crushed. 

As I mentioned above when your Echo Dot is in checked luggage, you don’t have control over how it is put in the plane, meaning the chance of damage, though unlikely, is higher.

So essentially, you can put your Echo Dot in checked luggage, but it’s worth weighing up where you want it to be for security and protection from damage. 

Final Thoughts On Taking Alexa On a plane.

So, now that I’ve answered all the questions you may have about transporting your Alexa on planes, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!

Holidays are your time to switch off from the outside world, which is why taking your Alexa device is a great way of ensuring you don’t have to do all the hard work and thought to make lists and plan ahead. 

If you’re traveling for business, your Alexa is a great work assistant to take with you, helping you keep updated with emails and to-do lists on the go.

So, whatever you’re taking off for, and wherever you may be going, make sure to keep all of the above in mind when you’re traveling with your Alexa – in the airport, on the plane and in the air – and you should be good to go. 

Have Fun and Bon Voyage!

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